Before she could indulge in her self-appreciation, the music started playing the next second.

She clenched her fists, praying that it would be a song she had practiced in the dance studio.

In recent years, the idol culture had developed rapidly, and many trainees had a mandatory course, which involved covering or dancing to the songs of their senior idols.
In the random music selection, most of the songs were popular hits from these senior idols' early years.

As soon as the highly energetic rhythm of the song with a popping beat in the intro started, the trainees couldn't help but move their shoulders along with it.

Coincidentally, this was a song that Wen Li had learned before.
When she was an overseas trainee, there would be monthly assessments, and one of the assessment topics for a month was this song.

Her muscle memory kicked in, and before she could react, her body instinctively followed the rhythm.

Most boy group dances were more intense than girl group dances, attributed to the difference in physical stamina between males and females.
However, many female idols could seamlessly perform boy group dances without looking out of place.
They were both beautiful and cool, with precise timing, standard moves, and a touch of femininity in their style.

Even though she hadn't danced to this song in years, Wen Li still remembered all the moves.
It wasn't because of her exceptional memory but rather her muscles remembering the choreography.
Most people who had danced since childhood had this skill.

For the final move, a cool squatting action, Wen Li simplified it by using finger hearts instead since it wasn't convenient to do with a skirt on.


After a brief silence, all that remained were exclamations.


“Teacher Wen is awesome!”

“Teacher Wen! Teacher Wen!”

All the microphones in the studio echoed.

To be fair, she hadn't danced to this song in years, and some of her moves weren't textbook perfect.
In terms of strength, she had automatically simplified some leg movements due to wearing a skirt.
Except for some non-professional trainees who were forced to participate by their companies, most of the others had several years of experience in training and could easily tell whether the person on stage could dance or not.

She hit all the key points, had smooth transitions, and maintained balance.
In the eyes of most people, Wen Li was an actress, but they didn't expect her to be able to dance to pop songs.

Several mentors also applauded.

Wen Li returned to her seat, thinking that it was a good thing that no one knew she could dance.
Everyone had underestimated her abilities, which is why they were so amazed.
If everyone had known from the beginning about her experience as an overseas trainee, her improvisation wouldn't have been so shocking.

From the reactions of the participants, she could tell that [For You To Debut] had started off on a great note.

Inviting her was the right decision.

When the first episode airs, the audience's reaction wouldn't be much different from that of the participants.

And Xu Xingyue, who suggested this, had become a hero instead.

Xu Xingyue's small expressions weren't too good, but she still had a smile on her face.
Wen Li didn't waste time on her and whispered softly, “Junior Sister, you're amazing.
You said the script could be changed and it was changed.”

“I just made a suggestion to the director.”

Taking advantage of the next group of participants facing some issues during the preparation stage and the crew adjusting the camera angles, Wen Li decisively went to find the director.

She wasn't without a temper.
If it weren't for her turning things around, she could have easily embarrassed herself today.
Even if the show could be edited, with so many eyes watching the live performance, there was a chance someone might leak it.

With so many relatives, they would surely pounce on any opportunity to ridicule and belittle her.

The director didn't expect Wen Li to directly ask him why he agreed to let Xu Xingyue change the script.

“Even if you wanted a better show effect, you could have told me in advance so I could prepare.
Saying that there was no need to prepare and then pulling this at the recording site,” Wen Li raised her head, her tone calm, “Director Li, what's going on?”

Director Li could only respond with an indescribable expression, “Teacher Wen, I'm truly sorry.
I didn't intend to make things difficult for you.
It's just…
I can't afford to offend Xu Xingyue.”


“She has influential backing,” Director Li stopped there, “Teacher Wen, we are all people in the industry.
I hope you can understand and not blame me.”

Wen Li understood.

Who would choose to take the long route when they could ascend to the top with connections?

She didn't know who was supporting Xu Xingyue from behind, but most likely it was someone she had met and established a connection with during her rise to fame last year.

With the camera adjusted and the crew signaling to continue recording, Wen Li returned to her seat.
This time, she didn't look towards Xu Xingyue's direction, not even a glance.

“Okay, next group of trainees,” Wen Li held the microphone and looked at the information, her tone suddenly becoming somewhat strange, “Wang Yiyuan, Xu Li…”

It was truly a strange coincidence.
They hadn't even greeted each other.
Wen Li didn't know Xu Li would be participating in this show, and Xu Li didn't know she would be the chief judge of this show.
If they had known, neither of them would have come.

Xu Li had already been shocked, so now that he stood on the stage and faced the complex gaze from Wen Li, he remained calm without any ripples in his heart.

Wen Li used her eyes to ask him, “Why are you here?”

Xu Li gave her a casual glance, as if to say, “None of your business.”

Wen Li resembled her father more in appearance, with a touch of elegance in her features.
Xu Li, on the other hand, resembled his mother, Wen Wei, with delicate facial features.
He was tall but slender, possessing a typical tall and thin teenage body type.

“Xu Li,” Mentor Yan Jun looked at him and nodded approvingly, “You have a good appearance.”

Xu Li calmly nodded, “Thank you, Mentor.”

“You also give off a mature vibe,” Qi Sihan agreed.

Wen Li sneered inwardly.
This brat was quite hot-headed, but he could put on an act in front of the camera.

Xu Li and another trainee named Wang Yiyuan performed a self-composed guitar song together.
The song had a typical folk style and their harmonization was in sync.
Although there was no dance performance, their vocal performance was quite good.

Since they were honest and admitted they couldn't dance, there was no need for an additional audition, considering they had zero experience.

“It's okay.
Practice hard in the coming months,” Yan Jun said considerately.

The program had been recording for several hours, and after all hundred trainees performed, both the people on stage and in the audience were exhausted.

Wen Li professionally explained the recording process, as well as the first assessment after the division into classes.
Based on the final assessment scores, there would be a second round of division, followed by the selection of the first performance program based on the assessment scores.

After finishing the recording, she first retrieved her phone from the staff and quickly called Wen Wen to come and pick her up to go home.
As she watched the contestants walk in groups towards the collective dormitory, Wen Li originally intended to catch up with Xu Li.
However, standing among a group of tall boys, they all looked at her with innocent and bright eyes, hoping she was coming to find them.

Wen Li took a few steps back, feeling awkward, “You've all worked hard.
Well done.”

“Teacher Wen, you've worked hard too.”

“Thank you, Teacher Wen.”

“Teacher Wen, you're really kind, especially coming over to tell us 'well done'.”

Wen Li signed a few more autographs for a few trainees and only left when the contestants had dispersed, feeling utterly exhausted.

Her phone rang, indicating a WeChat message.
She thought it was from Song Yan, but when she checked, she was greatly disappointed.

Little Bunny: 「Where are you?」

The last conversation before this message was from half a year ago.

Litchi: 「Have you run out of living expenses?」

Little Bunny: 「?」

Litchi: 「Dad's bank card has some issues, so he asked me to transfer this month's living expenses to you.」

Little Bunny: 「Then go ahead and transfer it.」

Litchi: 「Ask Dad.」

Little Bunny: 「Middle finger.jpg」

After that, the conversation ended.
Later, Xu Li persisted for nearly half a month until Xu Shimao's bank card could once again transfer money internationally, and he received his living expenses.

Wen Li sent him the location of Wen Wen's parking spot, indicating for him to come and find her.

The underground parking lot wasn't crowded, and after Wen Wen repeatedly checked for any paparazzi following them, Xu Li confidently boarded the car wearing a baseball cap.

Closing the door, Xu Li leaned back against the seat like a little gangster, hands in his pockets, chewing gum in his mouth, with an arrogant look.
One would think he was someone of great importance.

“Why didn't you tell me that you were coming on this show?”

Wen Li sneered, “Tell you? Who are you? When a little brat like you talks to me, show a better attitude, or else I'll make your hair turn into the Mediterranean Sea.”


Wen Wen sitting in the front couldn't help but think, they truly were siblings, their way of speaking was exactly the same.

Truly strong genetic inheritance.

Wen Li retorted, “Aren't you supposed to be studying classical guitar? What are you doing on this show?”

Xu Li showed impatience on his face and replied irritably, “The company said there's no money to be made from releasing a purely instrumental music album.
They suggested I come here and gain some fans first.”

So that was the reason.

“Why didn't you tell me in advance?” Wen Li's tone was displeased, “Do you look down on my connections or something?”

Xu Li lazily waved his hand and said, “Forget it, you always attract trouble.
I don't want to have any relationship with you.”

Wen Li raised her arm as if to hit him.

“And besides, if you can make it on your own, so can I,” Xu Li casually remarked, “Otherwise, I would have gone to find Brother Bai Sen and Teacher Song long ago.”

Hearing this, Wen Li became even more displeased.
“What do you mean? I'm also in the industry.
We both came from the same mother's womb, but you don't think of finding me and instead want to find those two guys?”

“Dad told me about it.
You've been having some trouble lately,” Xu Li rolled his eyes, “I don't need you to worry about me.
Take care of yourself.”

Wen Li crossed her arms, sounding confident, “Tsk, with just a little trouble like that, I can solve it in minutes.
You, a pure rookie with no debut experience, think I can't handle it?”

Wen Wen in the front row once again marveled at the power of genetics.

These siblings, aside from their different appearances, were practically identical in all other aspects.

Xu Li couldn't stay in the car for too long.
He didn't say much and wanted to get off the car.
Before leaving, he was stopped by Wen Li.

“Younger brother.”


Wen Li teased, “Do well in the recording, don't bring back a male sister-in-law from those ninety-nine trainees.”


Xu Li gestured a middle finger to Wen Li and walked away without looking back.

Wen Li never made jokes about someone's sexual orientation, including Song Yan.
Generally, straight men disliked being teased like that.
However, Wen Li's favorite pastime was repeatedly testing Xu Li's boundaries.
On the way back home, she hummed a cheerful tune.

By the time they arrived home, it was already late, but Song Yan hadn't returned yet.
Wen Li glanced at the still-on cameras without caring and tidied herself up before going to the bedroom.

Playing with the phone before sleeping was a necessary routine.
Wen Li searched herself online, checking if there were any news about today's recording of the show.

There was none.

She then searched for [For You To Debut].

Still nothing.
This time, Wen Li searched using only her initials, and she finally found something.

「[Gossip] WNCT, Chief Judge is WL」

「?? Wow, I just made a wild guess before, but I didn't expect it to be really her.」

「Isn't she an actress? Is she just sitting on the show as a vase?」

「Well, she has popularity.
Singers act as mentors, actors act as mentors for singing.
With popularity, anyone can be a mentor.」

「I heard from her fans that she used to be a trainee.
She should know how to dance, right?」

It was a meaningless argument, so Wen Li decided to close Weibo.

Later, she kept wondering why Song Yan hadn't replied to her WeChat messages.
Could it be because the selfie she chose wasn't good-looking?

She zoomed in and looked at it closely.
It was pretty good.
Could it be because the original camera didn't have a beauty filter?

After pondering for a while, she could only blame it on Song Yan, thinking that he had no taste.

She decided to play a few rounds of mobile games.
It wasn't the kind of popular competitive game, but rather an old-fashioned large-scale online game that was going to release a mobile version.
They approached her for an endorsement and proposed to have her and Song Yan as the dual endorsers.
Song Yan was the previous endorser for the PC version of the game, but his contract ended a year ago, and he hadn't responded yet.
Wen Li didn't easily agree and wanted to try the beta version herself to see if it was fun.

Wen Li wasn't short of money.
She just liked this ancient-style game because the clothes and decorations were beautiful.
She hadn't figured out how to play the game yet, but she quickly bought several sets of clothes from the in-game store and tried them on her game character one by one.

Time passed by as she played the game.
Wen Li didn't know how long she had been playing when Song Yan finally came back.

As soon as Song Yan came back, he went into the bedroom and saw Wen Li still awake, playing on her phone with her eyes wide open.

“Why aren't you asleep yet?”

“Almost,” Wen Li asked, “Why did you only come back now?”

“I went out for drinks with Bai Sen,” Song Yan glanced at the camera on the ceiling, “Is the camera off?”

Ever since the incident last time, Song Yan was particularly sensitive to the cameras in the bedroom.

“It's off.”

“Really off?”

Wen Li clicked her tongue, “You don't trust me?”

Song Yan didn't say anything and indirectly admitted that he didn't trust her.
He checked again himself.

After confirming that the camera was off, Song Yan walked to the wardrobe to change his clothes.
Taking advantage of him taking off his shirt, Wen Li got up from the bed and snatched the phone he had placed aside.

Was it because the place where they drank had a bad network, so he didn't receive the photos?

In the instant the screen lit up, Wen Li suddenly realized that the phone was locked, and she couldn't access his phone.

But she didn't need to access his phone.

Because the lock screen displayed the selfie she had sent to Song Yan at the recording site today.


Song Yan finished putting on his clothes and noticed that she was holding his phone, lost in thought, with a glimmer in her eyes.
Before he could say anything, Wen Li suddenly snapped back to reality and exposed him loudly, “Oh, so you don't reply to my WeChat messages but secretly use my selfie as your wallpaper!”

Song Yan: “…”

Now he was caught red-handed.

Wen Li immediately smiled triumphantly, raising an eyebrow at him, “Do I look so good in this makeup? So good that even your eternal default wallpaper has been replaced by my photo.
It's fine, you don't have to deny it.
I won't blame you for violating my portrait rights.
Use it as you please, hahaha.”

Then she had a look of “What should I do? I'm so good-looking” and started admiring her own photo again.

Song Yan was somewhat speechless.

Her observation skills were good, but her reasoning abilities were poor.

While she was enjoying the wallpaper, Song Yan's phone received a WeChat message.

She handed the phone back to him and Song Yan unlocked it to open WeChat.
His finger movements were slightly hesitant.

Wen Li leaned over, “Who is it? Who's sending you a message so late at night?”

As she leaned over, she saw a familiar profile picture and ID.

The profile picture was a golden star, and the ID was [Star Rabbit].

A year ago, when Xu Xingyue wasn't famous yet, she was still a fairly innocent junior.
Wen Li had a good relationship with her back then, so they exchanged WeChat contacts.

It was a friend request from Xu Xingyue sent to Song Yan.

「Hello, Senior.
I obtained your personal contact information from someone else.
I am Xu Xingyue from Garry Entertainment.
I am Wen Li's junior.」

She even specifically mentioned that she was Wen Li's junior.
Why would a junior add her senior's husband on WeChat?

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