“Song, Song Yan? How, how did you come back? Weren't you at–“

Wen Wen thought to herself, when will she ever get rid of this embarrassing habit of speaking on behalf of others? Her sister, Wen Li, should be the one asking this.
Why was she blushing in front of Song Yan and unable to complete a sentence?

Song Yan pursed his lips and gently touched his forehead.
He couldn't make any expression in front of this assistant.

His mind was filled with the moment just after he stepped out of the elevator, with Wen Li's sweet and triumphant voice.

“—Contractual my ass.
Our family's Teacher Song speaks less but is skilled in action.
I don't know if Lu Ming is skilled in action or not, but he certainly can't compare to our Song Yan.
I can't leave the bed for three days after one night with him.”

He could only lower his eyes, his ears burning, as a few deep laughs escaped his throat.

“Well, thank you for your hard work.
I'll take care of her from now on.”

The sound of a door opening suddenly came from the end of the corridor and a housekeeping staff member walked out from inside.

Although Zheng Xue was angry, she quickly calmed down and gave Wen Li a fierce glare before leaving.

Wen Li said softly and considerately, “Don't make any more intense expressions.
Those fillers in your face will be squeezed out by you.”

Zheng Xue quickly grabbed Lu Ming's arm and swiftly used her card to return to her own suite.
Lu Ming glanced back at Wen Li, his expression complicated, expressing that his pride had been wounded by Wen Li's words.

The corridor quieted down. 

A housekeeping staff member pushing a trolley approached.
She found Wen Li in front of her familiar somehow.

It seemed like she had seen her on TV.

But the woman in front of her was wearing a pair of completely black sunglasses, covering almost half of her face.
The housekeeping auntie wasn't quite sure.

Wen Li lowered her eyes and smiled at the auntie.
The auntie felt her face getting hot and realized that staring at someone like this wasn't appropriate.
She quickly pushed her trolley away.

When she reached the area near the elevator, she encountered another person, and oh boy, he looked even more familiar.

His name was on the tip of her tongue, but she just couldn't spit it out.

The hotel often had celebrities staying there, but the auntie wasn't familiar with many young stars.
She just thought they were a group of good-looking kids.
But today, she encountered two of them in a row, each one more familiar than the last.

Even though she didn't watch TV often and wasn't a fan, the auntie immediately realized that these two were definitely big celebrities.
Otherwise, she wouldn't have such a strong impression of them.


After the auntie left, Wen Li tidied her hair and reviewed her confrontation with Zheng Xue just now.

If she didn't come out on top in the argument, she would feel uncomfortable and regret her poor performance.
But if she argued well and gained the upper hand, she would instantly feel relieved from head to toe.

Feeling refreshed all over, Wen Li crossed her arms, shook her head, and let out a contented sigh.
“One word: excellent.”

She decided to reward herself with a bubble bath in her room.

The suite arranged for her and Song Yan by the production team was next to Zheng Xue's.
Wen Li casually walked to the door and intended to swipe her room card when she suddenly remembered that her card was in her bag, and her bag was with Wen Wen.

Where was Wen Wen?

Just as she was about to turn around to look for Wen Wen, a room card was handed to her.

Wen Li took the card in a good mood and grumbled while swiping the door, “Where did you hide? I was actually thinking of asking you to record a video for me.
I could watch when I'm feeling down.”

A crisp magnetic swipe sound followed, accompanied by a teasing remark from the person beside her with a playful tone, “I'll definitely help you record next time.”

Wen Li suddenly turned her head.
Through the sunglasses, her vision was slightly dim.
She was afraid she might be mistaken, so she lowered her sunglasses slightly.

A pair of eyes that had been hidden behind the sunglasses were now exposed under the dim yellow light of the corridor.
They were round and big, staring straight at the man in front of her.
They continued to stare until the eyelids couldn't hold on any longer, blinked twice, and fluttered like a fan.

Before she could come to her senses, Wen Wen appeared out of nowhere and whispered softly, “Sister, here's your bag.
I'm going to find Sister Dan.”

Then she dashed away.

Watching Wen Wen's fleeing figure, Wen Li's reflection arc, stretched to an infinitely long length due to embarrassment, finally recoiled.
She realized that she had said some bold words under the influence of alcohol, and now, within a short two seconds, under the gaze of the man, her ears turned bright red.
She fiercely bit her lower lip and wished she could bite her tongue to death on the spot.

She quickly rushed into the room and was about to close the door.

Song Yan used his hand to hold the door and called out helplessly, “Teacher Wen.”

Ignoring whatever he said, Wen Li forcefully pushed the door with her hand while shouting, “Song Yan, you despicable man! How much did you hear just now? I was being bullied by those two, and you, instead of helping me argue, were hiding on the side eavesdropping! I look down on you!”

Even though she was the one who had been bullying the other two.

“Someone's coming,” Song Yan said, “Let me in quickly.”

Wen Li's instinctive force on the door lightened, and at that moment, the man outside the door found an opportunity, pushed the door open, and walked straight in.
Wen Li took a step back as Song Yan closed the door.

She realized she had fallen into a trap.

She turned her head and, because she was still wearing sunglasses, she had a veil of modesty, so she didn't feel ashamed to the point of being speechless.
She gritted her teeth and asked him, “When did you come back to the hotel?”

“A few minutes ago.”

A few minutes ago? That means it's possible he didn't hear what she said?

Wen Li turned her head slightly and probed, “So, did you hear anything?”

“Hear what?”

Wen Li took a deep breath.
“Did you hear the content of my argument with Zheng Xue?”

Song Yan seemed to think for a moment, and just as Wen Li held her breath, eagerly awaiting his response, he suddenly ignited a fire that engulfed Wen Li from head to toe.

“I heard it.”

He heard it, so what took him so long to answer?!

Wen Li angrily pushed him away and sat down on the sofa, crossing her arms and feeling frustrated.

Song Yan walked over and sat next to her.
Wen Li immediately thought of getting up and walking away, but her arm was grabbed, forcing her to sit back down.

She was furious, “What are you doing?”

Wen Li kept her profile facing Song Yan, with her chin held high, but her ears seemed unusually soft, not as arrogant as her current posture.
They turned bright red as she faced the man's gaze.

Even though she was wearing sunglasses, why couldn't she dare to look at him?

Song Yan raised an eyebrow and reached out to take off her sunglasses.

Unexpectedly, Wen Li became nervous and shook slightly, quickly pushing his hand away, “What are you doing? Don't touch my sunglasses.”

“Take off the sunglasses and talk to me.”

“I don't need my eyes to talk.
What's your problem with the sunglasses?”

She knew very well what the problem was.
Song Yan knew that this woman was always stubborn, so without saying a word, he tried to remove them.
She raised her arm to block, but he firmly grasped both her wrists, using one hand to hold her arms behind her back, completely restraining her movements.

Wen Li became alarmed and leaned backward, but the man took the opportunity to press her onto the sofa.
With his free hand, he effortlessly took off her glasses.

Her eyes were watery, her eyelashes fluttering incessantly, fanning the air.
Without her glasses, she had nowhere to hide her gaze.
Wen Li immediately turned her head, trying to avoid Song Yan's inquisitive eyes.

In the end, she lost, closed her eyes in despair, and muttered softly, “Are you even a man? You have no sense of chivalry.
Even if you heard it, you should have pretended not to.”

After complaining, she sniffed forcefully.

That was her specialty.

Even if she was not actually at fault, she didn't care.
Whether it was being unreasonable or angry, she had a way of making others feel sorry for her, thinking that she was the one in the wrong, the eternal sinner.

He admitted defeat, “I surrender to you.”

Song Yan let go of her wrists.
Wen Li immediately raised her arm to shield her eyes, her chest heaving.

“I brought some crayfish for you.
Get up and eat.”

As soon as Wen Li heard about the crayfish, she immediately sat up and saw Song Yan holding the takeout crayfish, preparing to set the table in the dining area.

She bit her lip and walked over slowly.

Seeing her approach, Song Yan handed her a box of medicine, “Your manager said you had a few bottles of alcohol.
I bought some hangover pills for you.
Go pour a glass of water and take one to sober up.”

Wen Li wanted to say that she wasn't drunk, but in the end, she just nodded obediently.


The crayfish that Song Yan brought for her as takeout was specifically ordered, not as spicy as the ones in the restaurant.
The chili oil didn't look as intimidating, and with each bite, she could enjoy the tender texture of the crayfish and the rich flavor of the seasoning.
Wen Li could handle this level of spice, so she didn't have to worry about getting diarrhea the next day.

The whole portion was for her.
Song Yan just sat across from her, looking at his phone.

Wen Li silently peeled several crayfish and quietly placed them in a bowl.
When she had peeled quite a few, she pushed the bottom of the bowl with her hand and pushed it in front of Song Yan.

“…Do you want to eat?”

Song Yan looked at the bowl of crayfish and remained silent for a while.

Wen Li clicked her tongue, thinking that he didn't want to eat, and quickly said, “I'm full.
I don't want to waste it if I don't finish it.
If you don't want to eat, then forget it.”

Song Yan shifted his gaze to her face, looking at her with interest.

Wen Li touched her own face, “Is there something on my face?”

“No.” He picked up a piece of crayfish meat with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth, “I just wanted to see what your mouth is made of, why it's so stubborn.”

Wen Li replied, “Made of iron!”

Song Yan smiled and continued, “Just now, with those two people…”

Wen Li's mind exploded, thinking that he was teasing her again, and quickly covered her ears, “Shut up, I can't hear you.”

“Teacher Wen.”

“I can't hear you!”


“I can't hear you!”

Actually, she could hear him, but in order to prevent him from saying things she didn't want to hear, she took the initiative and pretended not to hear anything he said.

The man seemed to give up and remained silent for a while.

Wen Li slowly lowered her hands from her ears.

Song Yan's clear and deep voice sounded again, “Do you realize how adorable you are?”


She turned her head to look at him, and Song Yan smiled.
Knowing the answer, he asked, “Did you hear me this time?”

Wen Li's heart pounded, feeling like she couldn't stay in this place any longer and needed to leave quickly.

“Tch, say what you want.”

Then she coldly got up and went to the luggage compartment to get her clothes, preparing to take a cold shower in the bathroom to calm herself down.


After Wen Li finished washing, Song Yan also went in to take a shower.

They had work in the morning, so they needed to sleep early tonight; otherwise, their complexion wouldn't look good the next day, and they would have to use a thick foundation to cover it up.

She was already half asleep when suddenly the mattress beside her sank down a bit.
Thinking that Song Yan had finished showering, she didn't pay much attention and continued to sleep.

It was not until the scent of the shower gel, the same one they were using, wafted over that Wen Li grabbed the hand he had resting on her waist.
Unexpectedly, that hand held hers in return, and their ten fingers entwined under the blanket.

Song Yan hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to experience what it feels like to spend three days without leaving the bed?”

It was a very ambiguous and straightforward hint, causing Wen Li's ears to turn red.
Half of her face buried in the soft goose feather pillow, she disdainfully replied, “Tch, I only said that to annoy Zheng Xue.
Do you really think you're that impressive?”

Song Yan was quite honest and chuckled, “Three days might be too much, but one day is still doable.”

Wen Li pursed her lips and squirmed in his arms, “Get lost.”

His laughter didn't stop, and he gently stroked the back of her head, giving it a rub.

“I was worried that you would be upset seeing the two of them together,” Song Yan said, “I underestimated you.”

Wen Li turned around and looked at him with a puzzled expression, “Why would I be upset about that?”

Song Yan raised an eyebrow, “Don't you like Lu Ming?”

“I like Lu Ming?” Wen Li widened her eyes, sounding confused, “Who did you hear that rumor from? I'll have Lu Dan send him a lawyer's letter tomorrow!”

Song Yan fell silent for a moment and asked softly, “If you don't like him, why were you crying in the dressing room two years ago?”

Pushing everyone away, you were alone, crying on the table, tears streaming down your face, looking pitiful and heartbroken.

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