There was no one else in the car except for Wen Wen, the assistant who was driving.

The rest of the team was seated in the larger car behind them.
Lu Dan had some business to attend to, so she would meet them directly at the airport.

Wen Wen was young, and as she listened to the conversation between Wen Li and Song Yan, she couldn't help but feel that something was off between the couple.

Wen Li had a naturally spoiled personality, and even after Song Yan took a step back, she still tilted her noble head and remained silent.

The traffic on the way to the airport was heavy.
The car was stuck on the overpass, crawling along for half an hour without making much progress.
Wen Li played a couple of games, but the car hadn't even moved fifty meters forward, so she reluctantly continued playing.

Song Yan was also looking down at his phone.

The parties involved might not have noticed anything, but Wen Wen couldn't bear it any longer.

She cleared her throat, “Sister.”

Wen Li didn't look up, “En?”

“Sister Dan told me that President Zhang wants you to ask Teacher Song to be a guest on next week's talent show.
Did you talk to Teacher Song about it?”

Wen Li only just remembered this matter.
She had been so focused on recording the show [In This World with You] these days that she had forgotten entirely about other arrangements.

“The recording is next week?”


Whether Song Yan wanted to go or not, President Zhang's request had to be fulfilled.
She had to ask him at least.

Wen Li looked ahead, “Teacher Song.”

Song Yan: “En?”

“Did you hear what my assistant just said? Are you free?”

Song Yan remained silent for a while, making Wen Li think he was considering whether he had the time or not.
She thought he was just like her, forgetting about arrangements, so she reminded him, “If you don't remember, you can ask your manager—”

“I didn't hear it,” he said.

Wen Li: “?”

Wen Wen's grip on the steering wheel tightened.

Wen Li couldn't hold back any longer and turned her head to stare at him, “You didn't hear Wen Wen speaking so loudly just now?”

Song Yan remained as still as a mountain, “En.”

“Then how come you can hear me when I speak? Do you have a filter in your ears?”

“I don't have one.”

He dared to say he didn't have a filter! Couldn't he sense her sarcasm?

Wen Li's fist clenched, and she reached out to pinch his ear, “Fine, let me see if you have a filter or not!”

Just as her hand touched his thin earlobe, Song Yan suddenly grabbed her wrist from behind.
Wen Li struggled a couple of times but couldn't free herself.
Just as she was about to get angry, he pulled her wrist forward.
If it weren't for the seatbelt restraining her, she probably would have fallen onto him by now.

The two of them faced each other, and at such a close distance, Wen Li could see the distinct edges of Song Yan's face—the thick eyebrows, handsome features, straight nose, and thin lips.
Over the years, she had worked with many handsome male artists, but Song Yan was undoubtedly among the top tier of exquisite faces.

Beautiful people can also be amazed by other beautiful people.

Song Yan frowned, his throat tightened.
Today, he noticed that the makeup artist had given her a different style, softening the aggressive makeup she usually wore.
The vibrant intensity was reduced, replaced with a bright and gentle look.
But he shifted his gaze from her lips and fell into her clear eyes.

“Is it necessary for someone else to speak on behalf of you and make demands to me?” He took a step back, his tone paused for a moment, then countered, “Who exactly is my wife?”

Why was he emphasizing “wife” so much today? Did it carry over from their variety show filming?

Wen Li didn't want to listen to his ambiguous words and asked with lowered eyelids, “So, do you have time or not?”

Instead of answering whether he had the time or not, Song Yan's response showed determination, “Tell me which episode it is, I'll have my manager contact them.”

That meant he would definitely go, regardless of whether he had the time or not.

Wen Li hummed inwardly and nodded with a cold demeanor, “Oh.”

“But I have a request.”

“You can talk to the producer about it when the time comes.
They will definitely agree.”

“It's not related to the show,” Song Yan extended his index finger and tapped the furrow on her forehead, “I agreed to everything you asked for.
Can you give me a smile?”

“Tch.” Wen Li crossed her arms and smirked at him, “Hehe.”

Seemingly finding her smile fake, Song Yan tugged at his lips and averted his gaze.

The car fell into silence once again.

It wasn't until the constant honking and piercing horn sounds from the car behind them that Wen Li spoke up, “Wen Wen, drive! Why are you daydreaming?”

Wen Wen snapped out of it, feeling her cheeks burning and her heart pounding.

It seemed like her sister and Teacher Song had only exchanged a few words, but for some reason, she blushed and felt her heart flutter.
She almost wanted to press their heads together and shout: Why are you two babbling about nonsense? Just kiss already!

Realizing the impulsive thought deep inside her, Wen Wen shook her head, quickly dispelling such distractions, and focused on driving.


As the car reached the airport, there were already many fans holding banners and waiting at the entrance.

For work-related trips like recording variety shows, there was no need for secrecy.
Even without official announcements, there were channels that could obtain the artists' schedules.

Their schedule had already been leaked on social media a week ago.

「3.22: Song Yan, Wen Li, Yan City International Airport, Yancheng City to Star City.
Recording for the variety show [In This World with You].」

However, most of the fans who came today were from organized fan groups.
There were also staff members maintaining order, so although it was crowded, there were no pushing incidents.

With so many people around, Song Yan and Wen Li had to separate to disperse the fans.
Camera flashes continuously blinked, and there was a cacophony of noise.
Wen Li wore sunglasses and a mask, silently walking behind her assistant.
She was accustomed to such scenes, so she didn't feel impatient and remained silent throughout.

Surrounded by the crowd, they walked until they finally reached the registration counter, where the fans stood outside the safety line, giving them some space.

Song Yan, with his long legs, walked faster than Wen Li and stood ahead of her.
She noticed that there were several cartoon stickers on his arms, depicting his Q-version image, most likely stuck by fans.

Compared to male artists, female artists usually do not encourage such behavior from fans.
A few years ago, Wen Li had her arms touched by male fans who managed to slip into the fan group unnoticed.
Later, the fan support team established regulations that even if fans organized to greet or see off their idol, they were no longer allowed to have close physical contact.

The two of them were now standing in line for registration, wearing sunglasses and masks.
They stood one after the other, playing with their phones.
They were both meticulously styled, tall and slender, attracting attention in the queue.

Dressed exquisitely at the airport but covering their faces, they were clearly recognized as celebrities by passersby.
The passengers in front of and behind them all turned their heads to glance at them.

As they say, fans follow the main lead — Song Yan has always been relatively indifferent.
His fans were obediently standing outside the waiting line, tacitly taking photos of him.

But Wen Li's fans were a bit more boisterous.


In the fan group, a loud voice rang out.

Wen Li looked up and looked towards the fan group, “Huh?”

As soon as the fans saw that she responded, they immediately excitedly screamed, “Ah ah ah, Mom loves you!”

These young girls really loved taking advantage.
Looking at their appearances, they seemed to be around sixteen or seventeen years old.
Why did they like to call themselves “mom” so much?

Wen Li gestured a heart sign with her finger towards the fan group and said, “Love you! Did your school have a day off today?”

“I'm in university! No classes today!”

Wen Li nodded, “What about the others?”

The fans all responded in unison, “We're all in university!”

Wen Li didn't believe it.
There must be some high school students skipping class among them, but she didn't expose them and instead said, “Children who have classes should hurry back and study.
If I find out that you're delaying your studies, I'll revoke your fan membership.”

The fans all laughed, and some of them hurriedly explained their rankings in the last exam, claiming that they definitely didn't delay their studies.


This time, it was a loud male fan's voice that overshadowed all the female fans' voices, penetrating the eardrums with its volume.

Wen Li asked, “Huh?”

“Show more affection with your husband on the show! Share more sweet moments! Got it?”

Wow, this was a CP fan.

Wen Li didn't know how to respond, so she could only force a couple of awkward laughs.

After completing the registration procedures, Wen Li and Song Yan prepared to go through security checks one after the other, and they had to remove their sunglasses and masks.

“Beauty! Song Yan!”

This time, they called out Song Yan's name.

Song Yan instinctively turned his head.

“Our Sanli is a tsundere! Don't dislike her! Just forcefully pursue her like a tyrant!”

The crowd immediately burst into laughter.

Wen Li immediately exclaimed, “Hey!”

Song Yan was first stunned, then couldn't help but laugh.

Even the security personnel at the checkpoint couldn't help but laugh along.
Wen Li was so embarrassed that she covered her forehead.
Then she heard the security personnel say, “Miss, please open your hands.”

Finally, when they boarded the plane, Wen Li breathed a sigh of relief.

Before turning off her phone, she checked Weibo, and sure enough, a marketing account had already posted a short video of their boarding today.

The voice of that male CP fan in the video was even louder, like a cannon blast.
Even in such a noisy airport, his voice could be heard clearly without the need for subtitles.

「Hahaha, I'm dying of laughter.」

「Sanli: I was so scared at that moment.」

「I know this guy.
He's been a longtime fan of Sanli.
When Sanli announced her marriage, he went to a KTV with friends, claiming he was heartbroken over a lost love.
But in less than half a year, he became a fan of their CP.」

「Powerful Lung Bro1: Being a solo fan is not as fun as being a CP fan.」

Wen Li: “…”


At four o'clock in the afternoon, the plane arrived in Star City.

The group of people directly boarded the car arranged by the program team.
The traffic in Star City was also congested, but much better than in Yancheng City.

There were already cameramen waiting in the car.
Wen Li, because she hadn't slept well on the plane, fell asleep again in the car.

Star City had been gloomy and rainy lately.
By the afternoon, the sunlight was already very weak, making it damp and gloomy.
When Wen Li was awakened, she almost thought she had slept until the early morning of the next day.

Arriving at the grand broadcasting building, there were only two or three staff members waiting outside to greet them.
They said that due to the late hour today, the formal recording of the program would be postponed to tomorrow morning.
For now, they were arranged to go to the lounge for a simple interview, and then they could go back to the hotel to rest.

Wen Li was still a little dazed, covering her mouth as she yawned and followed the staff into the building.

The staff took them to the elevator, then after turning around some bends, they were finally led into a lounge.

“The interviewer will be here shortly.
Please wait a moment, both of you.”

Then the staff mentioned that there was something to discuss between themselves and left the lounge.

The door closed, and Wen Li, who had participated in many variety shows, instinctively went to look for the cameras.

“What are you looking for?”

Song Yan watched her look around everywhere.

“You don't understand.
There must be cameras here.
They are deliberately letting us wait for so long just to see what we would do in the lounge.”

The camera crew member in front of the monitor: “…”

Wow, she's quite smart.

Wen Li searched in circles but couldn't find anything.
Bored, she walked around the square room, then raised her hand and tapped the wall.
Suddenly, she realized that one side of the wall was very soft, like it was made of cardboard and wood frames.
She immediately understood that this was a temporary makeshift lounge, and most likely, the next pair of guests were in the next room.

She leaned her ear against the wall and indeed heard voices from the next room.

“Why hasn't the interview started yet?”

An annoying voice.

Wen Li immediately recognized it as Zheng Xue's voice.

She immediately waved to Song Yan, signaling him to come and listen.
Song Yan didn't know what she was up to, but he still got up and walked over.

“Listen, Lu Ming and Zheng Xue are in the room next to ours.”

Song Yan listened closely and confirmed it.

The two people in the next room first had a conversation, then Zheng Xue said she was tired, and Lu Ming suggested she rest for a while.
After that, there was the sound of Lu Ming's helpless laughter.

“Don't mess around.
What are you doing?”

“No, I want to mess around.”

Afraid that there were cameras around, Wen Li didn't dare to be too obvious.
She pressed her face against the wall and silently made a disgusted expression.

Song Yan: “…”

Then she patted her chest in relief.
Then she gave Song Yan a look that said: Look how clever I am.

She leaned close to Song Yan's ear, “Good thing I know the tricks of the production team,” 

“Since you know their tricks, you should also know what they want to capture,” Song Yan laughed and leaned close to her ear, whispering, “Silly.”

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