Ice cream and space magic 

Sister Lesia's wedding was gorgeous, and Sister Lesia the bride was even mor beautiful.

 Philia, who attended with me, was also fascinated by her girlish wedding dress.

In such a way, Sister Lesia married into the marquis house, and around the time when the busy days showed a little calmness, I was pouring my passion into the development of a certain sweets.

Well, it's a sweet that melts if you just p heat it a little.

A sweets that solidified once chilled and that a girl will surely like .

With that, I headed to the Count  Astarte household where Philia was.

Astarte territory is relatively close to the royal capital, but even so, it takes quite a while to get around even with a carriage.

If it's for Philia, I don't care about that amount of time, but I have a special magic, so there's no reason not to use it.

Yes, it's transfer magic.

 To be precise, it's a  space magic, but what is space magic in the first place?

It starts with teleportation, and for example, it is a magic that controls space, such as make two distant place closer with a gate , or swapping your position with your opponent.

Well, I rarely used it in combat.

I more often use transfer magic and magic that put things in another space.


 Or should I  say a subspace?

In that subspace, time stops working, food does not rot, and cold things can be preserved as they are.

 Well, I rarely used it in combat.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the capacity, even if you put multiple things in it, you can take them out immediately,Also, it's a very convenient magic that can take out only a  specified thing or take it out to ta specified place.

Well, in the past, when this magic transfer was exposed, I did  spent my days working like a slave…
but now it very convenient since can always go to Philia's place with it .

Well, as expected, it was impossible to hide this and go there frequently, so I decided to explain it to my family and the people of the Earl Astarte family, but…
everyone is kind, and promised to keep it secret. 

However, becaouse of that, I often have to take my mother to the royal capital incognito to pass  time…I wondered if it was okay for her as  the queen, and I also visited the royal capital more often.

This time, I  plans to invite Philia to go on a date with him .

 A date…
it might be the first date in my life.

In my first life, I didn't even have a family let alone a girlfriend, and in my second life, I had almost no contact with girl because of that princess who is hard to remember. 

Yes, Philia is my redemption.

Goddess and Philia are my only redemption.

For that  reason, I use teleportation magic to move to a room in Philia's house.

That room has been reserved to some extent for me, since I'm basically supposed to teleporte straight to this room, there's no need to worry about people seeing it.

When I exited the room, the servants greeted me.

While returningthe greetings, I knock on Philia's door.


 “Filia, are you okay now?”

 “S-Sirius-sama! Yes!”

Even we are small, I'm going to enter the lady's room, so I'll check it properly.

We'll be husband and wife, but even so, there's courtesy even in a close relationship.

Then, when I entered the room, the soothing smell of Philia put my mind at ease.

“Welcome Sirius-sama.”

Philia is attractive as always with her  beautiful silver hair and clear odd eyes of orange and blue colors.

yeah, cute.

“I came to see you because I made something.
And I wanted Philia to taste … are you free right now ?”

 “Yes, I've finished studying”

The diligent Philia seems to been learning a lot  in order to marry me.

It may be hard, but each time I come to visit, she had to take a break, so I come often, but the true is that I just want to see Philia. 

“Then let's sit down and eat.”


Philia sat down with a cute slime on her face, and I used space magic to take out the candy from subspace and placed it in front of Philia with a spoon.

“Sirius-sama, is this…?  ”

Philia's question is not about space magic, but about the sweets in front of her .

I told my family and the Astarte family about the transfer, but I exposedthe subspace only to Philia.

And in front of Philia, is he food that I have brought out of my subspace .

It's white, round, and slightly cool, it's everyone's favorite candy, yes–

“It's ice cream.”

 “ice cream ?”

It took a lot of time to make vanilla ice cream, but it turned out to be a good product.

After all, the number the best has to be eaten by someone you like.

 “For the time being, try eating it.”


With her small mouth, she  elegantly eat a mouthful of ice cream.

Then Philia opened her eyes wide, smiled and said.

Wow…it's delicious…”


It made me want to take a victory pose , but I endured it and watched with a smile.

Philia seemes to like ice cream very much, so I'll be bringing various kinds after this, but I will0 need to be careful not to upset her stomach.


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