ng tone .

“Raul will be the next king.
Regulus I will have to ask you to assist Raul.”

 “Okay, got it.”

 “I understand”

……so easy?

Is that okay?

Well, I don't have any interest in the throne to begin with, but I wonder if it's okay to finish something like this with such a casual declaration. 

“I plan to give Sirius the title of Duke once he becomes and adult.
Is it okay?”

“Yes, no problem.”

 “I don’t think it’s necessary, but just in case, he will have to go to school.”

Well, I don't have much to learn…

Apart from that, I can still gather the knowledge necessary to become the head of a noble family myself, so I don't really have a reason to go to school…

“Then, I'll go to the magic department with Philia.”

 “Hmm? Can Miss Philia use magic?”

 “Yes, it looks promising.”

In the aristocratic department, there are many people who don't like Philia, so even if it is a meritocracy, Philia will feel more at ease in the magic department.

By the way, Philia seems to have an aptitude for water and wind magic.

“Oh, is that so? Well that might be better.
If there's someone who looks promising, we should just scout them on our side.”

 Even in this world, magicians are quite valuable, so there are a lot of jobs opportunities for them .

So it is always good to scout for someone who could be useful. 

Come to think of it, that girl had a unique appearance, but she doesn't seem to be inherited from her parents.”

“It's inherited from her grandparents.”

“If I remember correctly, the wife of the former count Astarte was from the village of Edel.”

The village of Edel is a small village in the snowy land north of this country, and the residents there are said to have otherworldly appearances.

Well, it's just a rumor, but does it explain Philia's angelic appearance?

Or rather, as expected of Regulus-niisama.

You're knowledgeable.

 “Well, Sirius might be better off with Miss Philia than with a poor aristocrat daughter.
They are not in a bad condition.”

I didn't specifically aim for that area, but…
well, I guess this result is okay?

If a girl with a beautiful heart like Philia was by her side, I  would surely be able to live in peace.

“Ah, that's right.
I was thinking of giving this to Sirius.”

As he remembered,  Brother Regulus received something from a servant, and  gave it to me.

Two silver rings with simple decorations , but it doesn't seem to be just any ring.

“Is this…
a magical equipment?”

 “Yeah, it has a built-in recognition inhibition function.”

The difference between magic tools and magical equipment is whether or not they have a power source.

A magic tool moves with something called a magic stone that can be taken from a monster.

Magical equipment, without the use of magic stones, exert their effects according to the spells carved into them when the user passes magic power through them.

And this time, the one that Regulus-niisama handed over to me was the latter, a magical equipment.

 “Since it’s Sirius, you will likely tried  escape the castle alone sooner or later, so I’ll give you this in advance.
When you grow up, you should go on a date with Miss Philia.”

What a beautiful line.

I would like Brother Raul, who eats deep-fried food, to learn from him.

Well Raul-niisama also has his good side so I shouldn't complain. 

That's how  I got a convenient item that was just right to use with my teleportation magic.

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