Gigolo [Part 3]


“But what should we do then… We don’t stand a chance against the Empire, you know?” Carlos fell in despair.
As a spy stationed in the Empire, he knew well the disparity in power between the two countries.


A country with many magicians and a country with zero magicians… You didn’t need to think hard to tell there would be a 100-200 years gap in technology.
The Kingdom, which didn’t have forces called magicians, was just like a group of cavemen in the eyes of the Empire people.

The Empire people always felt some kind of pride that they were the center of the world.
It might sound arrogant from an outsider’s perspective, but for minor countries, that way of thinking wasn’t necessarily wrong.


The Empire had robbed small countries of their magicians under the pretext of hiring them in exchange for providing food and technology.
Not only that, the Empire had also interfered in their politics.
Even the Kingdom, the second-greatest power after the Empire, couldn’t afford to mess around with the Empire because it needed a regular cotton supply.

Even if the Kingdom really got invaded, it couldn’t do anything to defend itself.


“By the way, is the company doing alright? I only return to the Kingdom once in a while, but it’s my first time seeing the store this empty.
No customers have come since earlier.”


Carlos suddenly regretted asking Joshua about the Kingdom’s future.
Although Joshua had superior capabilities, he was still young after all.

Even if Joshua’s prediction came true, there was nothing a merchant could do.
This was a problem the Royal Family, Knight Order, and high-ranking nobles should handle.
Merchants only had to do what a merchant ought to do.


“…Well, it’s the side effect of not buying cotton from the Empire this year.
Even when we say we can’t sell what we don’t have, many persistent nobles still refuse to believe us.
The store in the commoner district is doing well, while here, as you can see…”


As there was no cotton in the store, the commoners accepted that fact readily and switched to buying hemp underwear instead.
Even Emma’s popularity among the commoners remained unbudged.
The sales in the commoner district didn’t differ much from the average.

However, the business in this shopping district branch store was in a slump.
Because they didn’t have cotton underwear on the counters, unreasonable and annoying complainers surged into the store every day, causing other customers to stay away.
Even if they put all the silk underwear, the replacement for cotton, on display, no one was willing to buy them.

Also, Emma’s declining popularity at the academy, the school all noble children attended, added another sore spot.

This store might end up in the red for the first time since it was entrusted to Joshua by his father.


“It’s strange, isn’t it~? None of the aristocratic ladies in the Empire wear cotton underwear.
Are the Kingdom people more religious?”


“Huh? Carlos.
Tell me more about what you said just now.”


Carlos started talking about idle gossip to lighten the grave atmosphere.
However, instead of relaxing, Joshua’s eyes glinted sharply upon hearing what he said.


“Oh? I see.
Young Master, too, is already of that age, after all.
The Empire’s women are quite aggressive, you know? If you ask them out over a few drinks, the chance of winning them over successfully will increase…”


“Not that.
I mean about underwear.”


Joshua glared at Carlos irritatedly.


Young Master is still young, eh? That actually makes me feel relieved.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
There’s no way a healthy teenage boy can resist the talk about undies.”


Even if he talks about nothing but work and the country’s future, he is still a boy, after all. Carlos suddenly had a vulgar smile on his face.





Readers’ Corner:

Reader A’s comment

I laughed imagining the Empire’s state after losing to the insects.

They’re too dangerous lmao


Author’s reply

A volume about returning to their homeland.

Tailless Whip Scorpion A: Our home is originally in the Empire.

Tailless Whip Scorpion B: I heard you didn’t have many good memories there.

Tailless Whip Scorpion C: Artillery? Is that stronger than Over?

The insects are ready to go at it.

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