“Invading another country… you said? But there are humans in that country, you know?”


[Invasion] was originally a word that was only used between monsters and humans.

Monsters broke inside the barrier and invaded the land humans lived in.

Humans expanded the barrier using a magician’s magic and invaded the habitat of monsters.

Humans invading other humans’ land (country)… That idea itself is unthinkable.


Carlos was greatly perplexed when he heard Joshua’s mutters.


“It’s inevitable, isn’t it? Humans are also animals.
Attacking another group so one’s own people can survive is not an impossible thing.
It’s just that it has never happened before because the distance between each group was too far apart…”


Joshua replied without hesitation with a grim face he would never show to Emma.


“Aren’t the countries still far apart even now? Even though countries have lived by supporting each other without any dispute for hundreds of years… why would they decide to do such a thing… so suddenly…”


‘The Kingdom women are beautiful, the Empire’s women are charming, Balitunese women are gentle… Every country is different, but each is wonderfully distinct in its own way.

For a fight between countries to happen…’ The spy Carlos had been a member of the Rothschild Company for many years, so he knew better than anyone else how outstanding Joshua was.
If such a resourceful Joshua envisioned a hellish future, that hell would happen in reality.
Still, Carlos found it hard to believe that a frightening future awaited them.


“The countries are far apart from each other, but ironically, the remarkable development of shipbuilding technology has reduced that distance.
We can now travel back and forth between countries at an unprecedented speed.
As bigger ships were made, the cargo capacity also increased significantly.”


Ships became able to transport enough soldiers and weapons to invade a country. 

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