The Tale Of The Worst One

Chapter 4: The Myth

”Don simply stand there, use your weaponry to halt that invasion or our town would fall in no time, and please notify our King about it, ” Gary yelled

However, because the meteor was the size of a moon, everyone was traumatized.

”Father, no one is moving because they
e afraid of Octavious; what should we do? ” Alex said

”Alex, stand behind me; Im going to halt that attack because its my job to protect the Kingdom, ” Gary said.

Then Gary uses his Fire Shield power to create a large shield to intercept the meteor.

”Huh! Do you honestly believe that feeble barrier can withstand my attack? ”Please don make me laugh. ” Octavious making fun of Gary

”He is not alone, you bastard; whenever the Blaze Kingdom was attacked, we did everything we could to protect it; this kingdom is our home, and we cannot let you ruin it; everyone helps Gary and lends Gary a hand to fight this demon. ” A man inspired everyone.

Then everyone comes to their senses and utilizes their firepower to assist Gary in growing a stronger shield.

Everyone, including Gary, is utilizing more firepower than they can create; they are pushing their limits.

”Father!!! ”Alex sobbing on his fathers shoulder

Don weep, Alex; well put a stop to him. ” Gary informed Alex

”What bravery!! Thats great; I like courage, but in my case, courage is a word that doesn apply to me since I have the capacity to destroy the world. ” Declared Octavious

The Meteor collided with the shield.

After the Meteor crashes, everyone holding their fire to the barrier feels the pressure of black magic and falls into darkness, except Gary, who is still holding his fire and does not fall into darkness.

”Please hear me, it is attempting to engulf us into darkness; do your best to remain calm and stop him, ” Gary yelled at everyone.

But that Meteor is quite powerful, and they can hold it for much longer until it smashes the shield.

Gary swiftly formed a barrier around Alex using all of his might.

The Meteor eventually crashed and blew out the entire town, the houses, the temples, everything in the town was crushed by the impact of the Meteor.

”Alex, are you all right? ” Alex? Alex? ” Gary attempting to rouse Alex

Alex opened his eyes and couldn believe his eyes because the entire town had been crushed and nothing was left in there many people were lying dead and suddenly he saw his father and he broke down because his father is covered in blood, the blood is coming from his mouth and his one hand was cut in the blast and with his other hand he is holding a fire barrier that protects Alex until now

”Its a comfort to see you
e okay, okay look at me, you have to escape towards home, and if your mother is still alive, you both have to abandon this kingdom, ” Gary stated.

Alex can stop sobbing and held his father because he can watch his father like this, Gary said.

”I can lose you like this father, you have to be alive to watch me grow stronger one day, I can lose you like this, please rise up and escape with me, ” Alex cried.

”Listen to me, Son, hes approaching the ground, you have to flee Alex because you have to stay alive, you are special, I did everything to protect you and now it is your turn to be strong and save our world from him, I didn have much time, so please listen to me and go, please I am begging you and promise me that one day you will become the strongest King and you will save our Kingdom ” Gary remarked

”I can even protect you father, how am I going to defend everyone, don go farther, I need you, ” Alex sobs.

”No, my son, I have to depart, my duty is done; don worry, I have complete trust in you, and you will succeed eventually, ” Gary remarked.

”Has your father-son conversation concluded? ” Octavious appears from nowhere.

”His presence frightens Gary and Alex.

”Im astonished you sacrificed yourself to save your son because you know my father once wanted to murder me and, in fact, I killed him, ” Octavious stated, laughing

”Huh!! ”By burning this town, I believe I have already taken half of the Blaze Kingdom, ” Octavious said.

”You obtained nothing; when our King learns about this, he will come to stop you, ” Gary mentioned

”Is that true? Huh!! ” Octavious making fun of Gary

”Yes, you did ruin half of my Kingdom, and you think Ill forgive you? ” King Reiden comes and declares

Gary and Alex were overjoyed when they spotted their King.

”Hes going to help us, Alex; hes our King Reiden, and I work for him; don be afraid, okay? ” Gary informed Alex

Alex feels upbeat because he believes his father will survive.

But then he can believe what hes seeing.

”King Reiden killed Gary with his sword and threw his head into Alexs hand, Gary died. ”

”Alex has been quiet, and he is devastated by seeing his fathers head in his lap, and he can believe in his eyes that his father was murdered by King Reiden, whom Gary most liked. ”

Reiden!! ”I got him; why are you interfering? ” Octavious said

”Because I told you I wouldn arrive until everyone was dead, and you let a simple guard survive with his filthy son, who also knows Im with you. ” Reiden said

”Don worry, well murder him as well; its not a huge thing. ” Octavious stated

To be continued…

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