Present day

Blaze Kingdom

”Hello, my name is Alex and Im sixteen years old! My father is a Blaze kingdom guardsman, while my mother stays at home. My ambition is to become the most powerful King! ” Alexs words shook the entire class.

He did this every year and knew what was going to happen next: ”Youll never be king, you dirty commoner! ” Of course, it was Zayden. Instead of focusing on the fact that he was the only one without firepower, Alex was astonished that he dubbed him a commoner this time.

The classs teacher instructed everyone to share their ambitions and plans for achieving those dreams.

Alex is a student at Blaze Kings School, where any Royal blood and commoner may attend as a student and study about improving themselves, and after they pass all the hurdles, the eligible student will be picked for the Kings Army and will be selected by the King himself.

King Reiden will select where they will serve the Kingdom.

The King established this school in order to give commoners children the same education as royal children.

After hearing about Alexs ambition, everyone is laughing at him.

”Everyone, please stop laughing. ” The class was ordered by the teacher.

Alex responded, ”I will become the strongest king one day, and you will accept me as your ruler. ”

”Let me remind you commoner that your father works under my father and is also just a weak guard who never gets promoted, ” Zayden said

Alex said, ”My father is a hero to me since he served his kingdom for 15 years and is still performing his work proudly. ”

”Enough, Zayden!! ” Zayden was stopped by teacher Ray

”Alex, please go sit on your bench. ” Alex was commanded by teacher Ray.

”All right, sir. ” Alex didn say anything, but smiled at Zayden and sir and sat down on his bench.

”All right, classmates, lets go conduct some fire training. ” Ray, the teacher, told the kids

Alex became enraged and declared, ”Ron, today I will get my firepower, you will see. ”

Alexs only genuine buddy at school is Ron.

”Yes, Alex, I have complete trust in you; lets leave because everyone has already left, ” Ron remarked.

”OK, ” Alex said.

”Alex arrives at the training area, where the teacher instructs everyone to make a fireball with their hands and throw it at the targets. ”

Why!!! Why!! Why can I do it? Why am I this way? Everyone has powers, including my mother and father, so why can I do it? Alex becomes frustrated and has these thoughts.

”Alex, what happened? ” Can do it, I previously told you youd never obtain powers since you
e a failure and the worst person in our kingdom. ” Zayden harassed Alex in front of everyone again.

”Thats enough Zayden, hes doing his best, its not his fault he doesn have any powers, and hes not a failure, ” Ron says in defense of Alex.

”Thats it for today, kids; the class is ended; lets get together tomorrow and do some more training. ” Teacher Ray concludes the lesson and prevents Alex from being bullied.

”Are you all OK, buddy? ” Ron inquired of Alex.

”Yeah, I do OK; not worry, Ill never give up until I reach my dream. ” Alex gave Ron a motivational smile and stated

”You are a wonderful child with a good heart, Alex, so why are you like this? ” Is it your responsibility that you can utilize power, or is it my fault that I couldn provide you with the necessary training? ” Teacher Ray questioned himself and had these thoughts after witnessing Alex in this state.

”All right, Alex, lets get home; your parents must be waiting, ” Ron remarked.

”All right, lets go, ” Alex said.

”All right, Alex, lets meet tomorrow, ” Ron said as he approached his house.

Then Alex arrived at his house.

His house is in town, and everything appears quite light in town; everyone is performing their jobs, and everyone in the Blaze Kingdom is extremely cheery.

”Mother, I am home, ” Alex says as he enters the house.

” Alex. How was your school today? ” ”Did you learn anything new? ” Alice inquired of Alex.

”Nah!! ”Its been the same all day, I can wake up my firepower, and everyone is laughing at me again, ” Alex responded.

”Don lose heart, my son; you will succeed one day, and that day will come quickly, I can assure you. ” Alice was optimistic. Alex

”I know mother, Ill never lose it, and youll see tomorrow Ill awaken my strength, ” Alex said with determination.

Alex used to say these phrases to his mother after he got home from school.

”Your Mother is speaking the truth, my son; you said youd be King one day, and I want to be there to see it. ” Gary placed his hand on Alexs shoulder and hugged him fatherly.

”Did you get everything I told you to get Gary? ” Gary caught Alices attention with wide eyes.

”Did you get everything I told you to get Gary? ” Alices eyes were wide open.

”Huh! Of course, darling, oh sh*t, I left the bag at the shop, Alex, go retrieve the bag, please, wait for dear, let me tell Alex the name of the shop, ” Gary said quietly as he led Alex out of the house.

”Alex laughed because he knew Gary had forgotten to acquire the items. ”

But, as Gary brought Alex outside, he became aware of something.

”What happened, father, and why did you come to a halt? ” Gary was questioned by Alex.

”Something is wrong. ” Ive never felt anything like this before; its terrible, and its heading our way. ” Gary trembled with terror.

”Father, everyone is staring at the sky, ” Alex remarked to Gary. ”Then they glanced up and saw a man with a sword flying in the air. ”

”Look, Father, a man is floating in the air, ” Alex speaks to his father

”This is not possible. ” Garys eyes were wide open, and he couldn believe what he was seeing; he shuddered with terror. ”

”Everyone has been quiet, and no one is able to talk because the aura of that mans strength is limitless, and he is literally starring at the Blaze Kingdom with his black eyes. ”

Lets get started, shall we

”Suddenly, he vanished from the air and appeared on the ground in front of a guy, grabbing his throat, and then vanished and reappeared in the sky, where he is still hovering ”

Everyone was afraid after that, and everyone was astounded by his quickness.

”Please let me leave; I have a family and we are very poor; after me, they will have no one to care for them; ” The apprehended guy pleading for his life

”Don worry; Ill get them to you. ” The man with dark eyes stated

”Then he strangled his throat and slashed it in half with the force of his hand. ”

”That mans blood is in his hand. ”

”Huh! He died far too readily, and I had assumed that the Blaze Kingdom included extremely powerful fire users, but it appears that they are useless. ” The Blaze Kingdom was insulted by the black-eyed guy.

”One man tried to hit him with his fire, but he effortlessly blocked it. ”

”Is this your most effective attack? Let me show you mine. ” The man with black eyes stated

”Begone, Blaze Kingdom, now face my Black Meteor, ” he shouted, raising his hand.

”After that, no one moves; they are simply terrified because what they are witnessing is surreal. ”

”A large meteor the size of a city is falling from the sky, and there is nowhere to flee. ”

”Father, we must flee!! ”Who is he, Father? ” Alex shouted in terror at Gary and inquired,

”He is Octavious, the son of Evil King Jon, and the King of Mistral Kingdom, ” Gary said to Alex.

Stay tuned for chapter two

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