Over 500 years ago the four ancestors Aiden(Related to Fire), Mira(Related to Water), Aeolus(Related to Wind), and Adam(Related to Earth) Created these four beautiful Kingdoms called Blaze Kingdom, Aqua kingdom, Mistral Kingdom and Sphere Kingdom.

Blaze Kingdom refers to Fire, Aqua Kingdom is refer to Water, Mistral Kingdom is referred to wind, and Sphere Kingdom is referred to Earth. These four elementary powers are created by the four great ancestors of this world and they created these powers because they were born with these powers and they want to pass it on to their children and they keep doing this in their generations also.

Every one in four kingdoms has its own elementary power, but not everyone has the same level of power. The Royal Bloods are the most powerful ones in the four Kingdoms and after that those who want to serve their Kingdoms and have the power to achieve the goal to join into Kings Army, they got selected for the King army. Every Royal Blood has a different post to serve their king and the ranks are selected by the King himself.

Blaze Kingdom has Fire type Users, Aqua kingdom has water-type users, Mistral Kingdom has wind or Air type users and Sphere Kingdom users can use Earth power.

The Kings are the most powerful in this world.

But Only one King The great late King Alexander achieved the power of all elementary powers Fire, water, Wind, and Earth, He was the father of the current Blaze Kingdom king Reiden Pheonix and Alexandar also discovered the secret of the ”Flower of all things ” and the flower gave him the power of all things in this world.

But when the Dark Kingdom found out about the Flower of all things he desperately tries to own it from Alexandar.

Now let me talk about Dark King. At first, this world had 5 ancestors and the last ancestors name was Travis, he had the power of darkness and he had some other goals to conquer the world and shallow it into darkness, but when our 4 ancestors, find out about Traviss plan they tried to stop him but Travis manages to escape from them and created the Dark Kingdom called Leviathan.

But our ancestors know if Travis lived then he will cause a lot of travel to four Kingdoms so thats why they wage a war against Travis and in that gods war our ancestor Mira and Adam lost their lives and Aeolus ran away from there because Traviss darkness is very powerful but lord Aiden manages to beat Travis and trapped him in his castle, but Travis gave him a curse that when the moon became blue lord Aiden will die and he also said this is not the end of me I will reincarnate after 500 years and I will claim the four kingdoms.

But Lord Aiden put a barrier on the Dark Kingdom so he can never escape in the future, also he made a prophecy that after 500 years someone will be the one who can defeat Travis and he will bring peace to the world.

But Lord Aiden can survive the blue moon curse and when the blue moon came a plague attacks Blaze Kingdom and in that plague, our lord Aiden died.

But after 500 years, When Mistral Kingdoms king Jon(Octaviouss father) knows about the prophecy of Travis then he betrays the other 3 kingdoms and unlocks the barrier that lord Aiden created and he opened the gate of darkness and frees the devils from the barrier and he also found the vessel of Travis and to revive Travis and he has to use The Flower of all things, then he tries to contact with Travis and Travis answer him that ”He wants the flower of all things and that flower is in Blaze kingdom and he ordered Jon to bring him the flower from king Alexander ”. Travis also gave the power of darkness to Jon and his Son Octavious and they wage war against Blaze Kingdom but they couldn beat Alexander because he had the power of all elementary things after that fight Alexander knows that they will not stop after this, they will keep attacking them, so he destroyed the Flower.

In Alexanders era, everyone thought that he was the Child of prophecy, but he also died with the same plague as lord Aiden and after Alexanders death they thought that Travis cursed Blaze Kingdom again.

But After that great war between Mistral Kingdom and Blaze Kingdom, Mistral Kingdom never again attacks Blaze Kingdom not even once. After the war suddenly a piece of news also out that King Jon is dead and Octavious will take place as King.

After the death of King Alexander his son king, Reiden Pheonix crowned as king and peace remains in all kingdoms.

But everything changed, that day…

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