Chapter 18: Rong Chan’er, Aren’t You Going to Apologize?

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Tang Beibei felt a little uncomfortable with Song Kai’s arm around her shoulders and moved his arm away.

“I’m not afraid, senior Song Kai.”

The man’s arm was removed, but he didn’t mind.
He put his elbow on Tang Beibei’s shoulder.
He was tall and could do this easily.

The man’s voice was bright and clear as he teased the man beside him.
“Junior Lu, does your heart ache when our junior Tang Beibei is being bullied?”

The junior Song Kai was referring to was Lu Fan.

Lu fan looked at Lu Linlin and Rong Chan’er.
“What happened here? Why are you three arguing here?”

Rong Chan’er glanced at Lu fan.
He was wearing a casual short-sleeved shirt and black long pants that accentuated his long legs.

This man was as elegant as a swan and his voice was gentle.
It was rare for him to talk to her.
Her heart raced and her face was a little red.

She explained in a gentle voice, “It’s nothing, senior Lu Fan.
We were just chatting with Beibei.
Right, Linlin?”

When Lu Linlin saw the tall and strong Song Kai standing beside Tang Beibei with his arm around Tang Beibei’s shoulders so affectionately, she was so jealous that her face turned sour.

How dare this b*tch Tang Beibei snatch her man away from her? She was simply courting death!

“Chan’er, stop putting yourself down.
We were simply exposing Tang Beibei’s true nature.
Cousin, it was Tang Beibei who walked into Chan’er and refused to apologize.
She’s a foundling living with the Rongs.
The Rong family raised her, but she still bullied Chan’er behind their backs.
It’s so infuriating!”

Lu fan was Lu Linlin’s cousin.

Lu fan and Song Kai both frowned, annoyed by Lu Linlin’s voice.

Tang Beibei felt angry and sad when she heard Lu Linlin call her a foundling.

She wasn’t a foundling.
She had parents but they didn’t acknowledge her.

She suppressed her anger and repeated herself, “I didn’t walk into Rong Chan’er.
You, on the other hand, accused me of bullying Rong Chan’er.
What evidence to you have? Lu Linlin, if you don’t have any evidence, please shut up!”

“Tang Beibei, you’re still quibbling.
I saw it with my own eyes.
You walked into Chan’er!”

Lu Linlin glared and Tang Beibei and said to Lu fan, “Cousin, brother Song Kai, this woman is a two-faced b*tch.
Don’t be fooled by her.”

Lu fan frowned and reminded her in a gentle tone, “Don’t accuse someone without evidence.
Rong Chan’er said that you were just chatting, and she didn’t mind.
Why are you so worked up?”

Boing, boing, boing!

The sound of basketball bouncing was heard again.
Song Kai said lazily, “Why are we wasting time arguing? Isn’t there a surveillance camera here? We’ll know exactly who walked into who if we check the surveillance footage.”

“Okay, let’s check the surveillance footage.
I’ll let you see Tang Beibei’s ugly side!” Lu Linlin said.

Rong Chan’er panicked when she heard them talking about the surveillance footage.

She was the one who purposely walked into Tang Beibei.
Lu Linlin was looking at her phone then, so she didn’t see it.
Lu Linlin hated viciousness, so she would definitely come forward and teach Tang Beibei a lesson if Rong Chan’er had been wronged.

Lu Linlin was Lu fan’s cousin, and she had the Lu family behind her.
It would be easy for her to teach Tang Beibei a lesson in school.

However, she didn’t expect Song Kai and Lu fan to show up and even check the surveillance footage.
She needed to find a way to salvage the situation.

“Linlin, don’t take the trouble and waste our seniors’ time.
Aren’t we going for bubble tea? My treat.
Let’s go.”

Lu Linlin finally had a chance to expose Tang Beibei’s ugly side so Song Kai would stay away from her.
How could she let go of the chance?

“We’ll drink bubble tea later.
Let’s check the surveillance footage first.
It was Tang Beibei who walked into you, and she should apologize.
Chan’er, don’t be too soft-hearted and be so kind to her.
God knows how she will bully you next time?”

Rong Chan’er’s face turned pale.
She was trying to find another excuse when she heard Tang Beibei say, “Let’s go check.
Let’s make a deal first.
After you find out the truth, you must bow at a 90-degree angle and apologize to me.
Then, you must write a 1000-word reflection.
And you will stay away from me in future.”

“Hmph, I’m still waiting for you to kneel and apologize to Chan’er.
You should also stay away from my cousin and brother Song Kai!”

“Seniors Lu Fan and Song Kai will be our witnesses.
Don’t regret it when the time comes!” Tang Beibei sneered.

Song Kai raised both hands in agreement.
“I have faith in Tang Beibei’s character.
Let’s go check the surveillance footage!”

Lu fan glanced at Rong Chan’er and sighed helplessly before he caught up with Song Kai.

Rong Chan’er was stung by his gaze.
She wanted to say something but she couldn’t change Lu Linlin’s mind.
She was so angry that she wanted to stomp her feet.

Lu Linlin, who was walking in front, turned to look at Rong Chan’er.
Rong Chan’er thought that Lu Linlin had gotten her hint and was overjoyed.

“Chan’er, walk faster.”


• •

Rong Chan’er was on the verge of tears.

Lu Linlin was such a useless idiot.
Why didn’t she get her hint?

When they were near the security office, Rong Chan’er thought that she should find an excuse to leave, so she ran up to Lu fan and said, “Linlin, senior Lu Fan, this is a small matter.
If Tang Beibei is upset, I will just apologize to her.
Let’s not trouble the teachers.”

She acted all magnanimous, as if it didn’t matter if she suffered a little.

Lu Fan said, “Even if this is a small matter, it’ll be good for all of you if we get to the bottom of it.”

Lu Linlin nodded and tried to persuade Rong Chan’er, “Chan’er, you shouldn’t have to suffer.
This wasn’t your fault to begin with.
She’s the one who should apologize.
The security office is just in front.
It’ll only take a few minutes.”


Rong Chan’er stared at Lu Linlin, afraid that the slap later would hurt too much.

Lu fan spoke to the staff when they reached the security office and the surveillance video from the corridor was retrieved.

When the video was replayed, they saw Tang Beibei carrying a school bag and two women walking towards her.

One of the women suddenly sped up and walked into Tang Beibei.
Tang Beibei took two steps back, but she cried out in pain first.

Lu Linlin, who was looking at her phone at that time, didn’t even see it with her own eyes.
She just blamed Tang Beibei.

It was clear as light who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

Lu Linlin looked at Song Kai awkwardly and glared at Rong Chan’er in annoyance.
Why didn’t she make herself clear?

Rong Chan’er put on an innocent expression and explained, “Linlin, you know that I’m a little short-sighted.
I didn’t see her at the time, so I walked into her.
I said that I don’t need her to apologize, but you insisted.”

What she meant was that Lu Linlin was a busybody and wanted to make a scene.

“You mean I kicked up a fuss?”

Losing face in front of Song Kai made Lu Linlin so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

Rong Chan’er burst into tears.
She was upset and aggrieved.
“No, Linlin.
How can you wrong me? I didn’t mean that.”

Tang Beibei did not want to see Rong Chan’er pretend anymore.
She just reminded them impatiently, “We made a bet and I won.
Rong Chan’er, you must apologize!”

“Junior Lu Fan and I are witnesses,” Song Kai added.
“Lu Linlin, you won’t go back on your word, right?”

Lu Linlin felt like her heart was about to be crushed when she heard the guy she liked helping another woman punish her.

Lu Fan saw Lu Linlin standing still, so he pushed up his glasses and said, “Linlin, you should admit your mistake.
You should apologize.”

Lu Linlin was furious.
“Lu Fan, I’m your cousin.
Why are taking her side?”

“Linlin, you made a mistake.
Just because we are cousins doesn’t mean that you can erase your mistake.” Lu Fan reminded.

Lu Linlin glared at Tang Beibei angrily and refused to apologize.

Tang Beibei was not angry..
She looked at Rong Chan’er and said, “Rong Chan’er, aren’t you going to apologize?”

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