Chapter 17: I’ve Never Lost a Fight!

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At school…

Tang Bcibei went to the faculty office for her shift after attending two classes.

To make some extra pocket money, she worked part-time as Professor Chen’s assistant.

Professor Chen was in his 70s and was a famous professor in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.
Although he was old, he was strong.
He walked fast and his mind was sharp.
Not only did he practice medicine at a hospital, but he also gave free medical consultations every week.

What impressed her the most was that he taught both undergraduate and graduate classes.
Every year, there were at least a few hundred graduate students who wanted to be his mentee.

She heard that if she took part in Professor Chen’s research projects, she wouldn’t only get paid, but also extra credits.

In order to get a scholarship, Tang Beibei always try to do well in front of her teachers and hoped that her teachers would give her a chance.

“Professor Chen, do you need me to do anything?”

Professor Chen, who was reading with his glasses, looked up at her perfunctorily and then looked back at his book.

“Why are you here if you don’t know what you’re doing? Young lady, you are not here to chat with me.”

Tang Beibei stopped talking and quickly went to find a rag to clean his office.

Most powerful people were a little eccentric.
Professor Chen was highly respected, but he was very strict with his students.
If anyone wasted his time, it was equivalent to murdering him.

Tang Bcibei had been his assistant for more than half a year, but she wasn’t close to him.
The message she had received from him was “less talk, more work”.

She wiped down the office furniture, swept the floor and watered his plants before she took a book to the side and read.

“Young lady, how’s your English?” Professor Chen suddenly asked.

Tang Beibei quickly stood up.
“My English? I guess okay.”

Professor Chen didn’t like such vague answers.
“Did you pass the National College English Test?”

“Yes, I did.”

Professor Chen threw her two documents.
“Translate these documents and give them to me in a week.”

Tang Beibei took the documents.
Although they weren’t heavy, she felt as if a heavy burden had been put on her shoulders.

She quickly stood up straight and replied, “Yes, teacher.
I’ll do my best.”

Professor Chen nodded lazily.
“If you don’t understand anything, ask your seniors.”

“Thank you, Professor!”

Professor Chen removed his glasses and gave her a strange look.
“Don’t thank me too early.
If you can’t do it, please return the documents to me as soon as possible.
I’ve yet to read them.”

“I won’t let you down.
I’ll try my best to translate them.”

It was just translation.
She could always find out if she didn’t understand, Tang Beibei thought.

She had to complete the task given by the professor and do it well.
Maybe the professor would see her potential and recruit her for his next project.

When she sat down to read the documents, her eyes twitched when she saw the title.

It was about the male urinary system… The other document was about improving a man’s sexual prowess… Could she return the documents to Professor Chen now?

She touched her face and felt as if she had been slapped several times.

She wouldn’t dare to return the documents to him.

These were professional articles that contained many medical terms.
Translating them would be quite a challenge for her.

“Your senior, Lu Fan, was able to translate documents when he was working for me in his first year.
Song Kai was already working in the laboratory with me in his second year.
And there’s your senior, Ye Yuzhu, who’s writing research papers with me.
You’re in your second year and you are admitting defeat?” Professor Chen said sarcastically.

Tang Beibei swallowed her hard, gritted her teeth and shook her head.
“No, I’m not admitting defeat.”

Professor Chen snorted and said, “Let me know if you are.
Don’t waste my time.
It will be faster if I ask Ye Yuzhu to do it.”

In Tang Bcibei’s heart, the three seniors her teacher mentioned were all top students.
She couldn’t match up to them, but she couldn’t admit defeat either.

She turned on the other computer in the professor’s office and began to translate.
She jotted down everything that she didn’t understand.
She even missed lunch, but she couldn’t produce a single page.
She was a little depressed, but she had a class in the afternoon and had to run.

After class, she took her school bag, rushed out of the classroom to the computer lab.

She didn’t have a computer, so she had to go to the computer lab to do her translation.

“Ouch, that hurts.”

Tang Beibei was in a hurry when a woman suddenly bumped into her.
She took two steps back and heard the woman’s exclamation.
It was a familiar voice.

It was Rong Chan’er.

Just her luck to meet people she didn’t like.

“Tang Beibei, don’t you have eyes? You don’t just walk into a person! Did you do it on purpose?” The woman standing beside Rong Chan’er shouted angrily.

“I didn’t.
It was her who walked into me.” Tang Beibei rubbed her shoulder and frowned.

“Beibei, I didn’t walk into you.
You walked into me.”

Rong Chan’er said aggrievedly, her damsel in distress look very convincing.

“Great, thief crying out to catch thief.
I don’t want to waste time with you.”

Tang Bcibei sneered and wanted to walk away, but the woman stood in her path.

“You walked into someone and you don’t even apologize.
Do you have any manners? Your mom never taught you?”

Tang Bcibei stopped in her tracks and stared coldly at the woman who spoke.
“I don’t have any manners? What about you? Why does your b*tch mouth smell so bad? Did you eat sh*t?”

“Tang Beibei, you’re the b*tch.
You’re the one who walked into someone, and you are in the right?” The woman was furious.

Rong Chan’er held the angry woman back.
“Linlin, let it go.
She does this all the time.
She never admit her mistakes and even lecture me.
I’m used to it.”

Lu Linlin was furious.
“How can you get used to this? Chan’er, you are too kind and good.
That’s why she bullies you.”

“Tang Beibei is just a relative who boards with your family.
She is living under your roof.
You are the master, why do you have to listen to her? This won’t do.
You are my friend, and I can’t let you suffer.”

“Tang Beibei, you must apologize to Chan’er today.
Stop bullying her or I’ll show you!” Lu Linlin threatened Tang Beibei.
Her haughty attitude made it look as if she was showing mercy to Tang Beibei by asking her to apologize.

Tang Beibei sneered in her heart as she watched Rong Chan’er’s act.

Life was indeed like a play.
People with good acting skills could always turned black into white.

“I didn’t walk into her, so I’m not going to apologize.
Please mind your own business and get out of my way!”

Lu Linlin chuckled in anger.
“Tang Beibei, who are you to be so arrogant with me? You bullied my friend and call me a busybody.
I think you need to be taught a lesson!”

“Who needs to be taught a lesson?”

Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter in the corridor, accompanied by the sound of ball bouncing.

Boing, boing, boing.

The sound of a bouncing ball got closer and two tall men appeared behind Tang Beibei.

The jersey-clad man who was bouncing the ball even hooked his long arm around Tang Bcibei’s shoulder and asked with a smile, “Beibei, I heard that someone wants to teach you a lesson.
Don’t be afraid..
Your senior Song Kai may not know much but I’ve never lost a fight!”

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