11 Impotent and Only Six Months to Live

On their way to the library, Lu Fan walked in front while Ruan Qi held Tang Beibei’s arm.
She looked at the tall and noble boy in front of her, all starry-eyed.

“Beibei, if he wasn’t yours, I would definitely chase after him.”

Tang Beibei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Qiqi, don’t talk nonsense.
How can he be mine? I’m already married!”

Ruan Qi snorted.
“The sickly young master of the Jiang family is not valued in the family and probably has nothing to do with the family inheritance.
His marriage is a ploy between brothers.
He’s a cripple who can’t have sex.
When he’s dead, you’ll still be a pure and innocent virgin.”

Ruan Qi looked at Lu Fan, infatuation all over her face.
“Senior Lu Fan is different.
His looks are off the charts.
He’s tall, handsome, noble and refined.
And he treats you special.”

“He’s very concerned about you and even knows about your leave of absence.
He even came over to ask you about it.
He must fancy you.”

Tang Beibei explained helplessly, “We have the same tutor and the tutor just asked him to take care of us.
I only see him as a role model.
I don’t have any other thoughts.”

Ruan Qi replied, “Just because you don’t have any thoughts about him doesn’t mean that he doesn’t fancy you.
Senior Lu Fan has a very bright future.
Beibei, you should treasure it and consider him.”

Tang Beibei smiled as she shook her head.
“It doesn’t matter how good he is, I’m already married and my husband is Jiang Jingchen.”

Ruan Qi consoled Tang Beibei out of the goodness of her heart, “Although Jiang Jingchen is the first young master of the Jiang family, he is disabled, impotent and only have six months to live.
You must think about your future.”

Her future?

Tang Beibei’s heart ached at the thought that Jiang Jingchen had no future.

No, she must think of a way to cure him so he could live on.

She would find books and learn different treatment methods.
If Western medicine didn’t work, she would try Chinese medicine.

She made a list of books that she wanted to find and study.
She saw one of the books on the third shelf, but she couldn’t reach it even when she tiptoed, which annoyed her a little.

Suddenly, she saw an arm reach over her head taking the book out.
She turned around in surprise and saw Lu Fan.

When she turned around, she almost bumped into him.
She stepped back and leaned against the bookshelf.

But the slim gentleman scholar in front of her, who was wearing black-rimmed glasses perhaps because he was reading, did not retreat.

Instead, he took a step forward and placed an arm next to her to support himself.
When he lowered his head, his breath was on the top of her head, making her heart race.

“Beibei, the book you’ve picked is a bit difficult.
If you want to understand more about Chinese medicine, I recommend this other book to you.”

Lu Fan’s clear voice sounded as he took out another book, smiling.

Tang Beibei moved to the side to keep a distance from him.
She looked at the book he was holding.
It was also on her list of books to read.

“Thank you, senior.
I plan to read that book too.”

Lu Fan passed the book to her.
He frowned as he sensed her avoidance.

“Beibei, when you read the book, come and ask me if you have any questions.
I’m happy to discuss with you.”

Tang Beibei took the book, apologized, and moved further away.

“Thank you, senior.
Don’t find me annoying when the time comes.”

Lu Fan smiled and patted her forehead lightly.
“Don’t be lazy and not read the book after borrowing it.
I’ll be waiting for your call.”

Tang Beibei face was serious.
“I will read it carefully and take notes.”

Lu Fan saw her serious expression and wanted to laugh.
She was really a unique girl.

“Now I’m curiou

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