Chapter 7: Children's Fights


TL: Scaramochi




It has been a month since we added Frey to Stardust.


During that time, we had been eager to strengthen our team play in the labyrinth, but we had made no progress at all.


Athena is still getting used to being without the enchant magic, Frey is quick to play individually, and Mirialia finally starts blatantly slacking off.


I was in the battle too, but mostly in support.
I'm taking over the role of what Est was doing.


At my age, it's a bit tedious to do that kind of chore work, but I'm going to do it until the party settles down.


To be honest, I don't need to be in the fight at the moment.


I can handle the monsters in the upper and middle levels of the intermediate level with just Frey.


Frey's strength was beyond my imagination.


She has no technique, and some rough parts are noticeable, but she is so fast and powerful that she doesn't need them.


Well, just because she is a dragon woman, her specs are much higher than our human race.
No, Frey is probably one of the most talented among the dragon tribe.
No wonder she is so strong.


She's only 15 years old, and she's given such a great name as the “Violent Dragon.”


She is still a selfish kid, though.


“Dahhh! Hey Athena, you just tried to cut me down, didn't you!”


“I didn't! I was about to attack and you interrupted me! Don't blame others!”


“You're the one who's to blame! You're saying it's my fault?”


“I told you so.
That's what I'm saying.”


“I'm doing it again.
Dale, don't you want me to stop?”


“Let them do it on their own…….”


Athena and Frey begin to argue.


Ever since Frey joined the group, the two have been quarreling like a couple of kids.


At first, Athena was also reserved, but she finally lost her patience with Frey, who was a fool and would not listen to her no matter how many times she told her to do so.


Since then, the two have often argued like children.


Mirialia, who is looking at the two quarreling with dismay, asks me with a sigh, “Are those two compatible with each other?”


“Aren't those two the worst match? If they keep this up, they're going to ruin the party.”


“Really? I think they'd make a pretty good match.”


“Are you an idiot, Dale? I don't understand how you can think that.”


Well, to a normal person, two people who are always fighting would seem like water and oil.


But, I just don't see it that way.
I think their relationship is more positive than negative.


I haven't seen Athena show that much emotion since I've met her.


That woman was always the calm leader, acting like a solid adult.


She was wrinkling her brow, messing up her hair, which was covered in sweat and dust, and arguing like a child.


She was just trying desperately, desperately to catch up with Frey.


She seems more alive than before, freed from the pressure of being a leader.


Frey's presence brings out Athena's potential.


Things aren't going well right now, but Athena will grow soon.


And Athena is a big part of Frey's life.


I asked one of the current Dragonhead members about Frey when she was a member, and he told me that she was just as self-centered as she is now.


She would look down on those who were lower than her and would complain bitterly about them.


However, since she was a first-rate person in terms of ability, she put down her complaints and put up with them and went along with them.
However, the arrogant and selfish had finally reached her limit, and they kicked her out of the party.


I can only say that I am sorry for all the dragonheads.


I mean, they are great.
I'd even like to praise them for following such an arrogant, selfish horse girl until now.


Frey's selfishness is the worst.


But from a slightly different perspective, she probably felt inadequate.


Because she was too strong, those around her could not keep up with her.
Perhaps she was feeling an itch, or perhaps she was feeling lonely.


It's called loneliness because she is too strong.


I think that the fact that the members of Dragon Head were all over her was also a cause of her strength.


Even though her ability was low, if someone had been harder on Frey, the result might have been a little better.


In that respect, Frey now has Athena.


Even though her ability is inferior, Athena is seriously hitting Frey.


She probably doesn't realize it, but from my point of view, Frey looks happy when she is arguing with Athena.


She must be happy to finally have someone who treats her as an equal.


Athena and Frey.


These two will surely become good rivals.


I was convinced that their mutual awareness of each other would soon make them stronger.


“Mirialia, you better stop slacking off and work hard, or you'll be left behind by those two.”


I told the elf, who was absentmindedly sipping her drink, and she gave me a disgruntled look.


“Mind your own business.
I'll tell you what, I'm still better than you.
But Dale, you've been acting like an old man lately.
It pisses me off.”


you don't just say what people have been thinking about you.


I'm usually upset about it.


I don't want to act like an old man either.


“Besides, you're slacking off too, Dale.”


“It's no use now.
I'm thinking about the party.”


“No, not that way.
Since we started partying together, I've never once seen Dale in his element.”


“I don't know what you're talking about.”


Damn, I knew you knew.


This is why I don't like kids with good instincts.


I'd rather have an innocent kid like Est.


“Hey Dale, you tell her too! I'm about to lose my patience, I'm going to get my hands on you if you keep this up!”


“Aaan! I'm good, go ahead and hit me if you can! I'm not going to let you get away with this!”


Oh, finally, I'm getting the same thing.


I can't believe all of our ladies are such a handful.


It's so tedious.

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