Chapter 60: Labyrinth Order


TL: Akabane




“Ufufufu, this is fun.
I haven't had such a fun slash fight in a long time.
I'm getting excited.
Please make me happy more and make me excited.
Oh, my body is so hot, I'm going to come!”


“Battle junkie, I'm not enjoying this at all, you son of a b*tch! Go jerk off on your own!!!!”


“Don't be such a wimp, let's have some more fun.”


He ducks a slash from the right and catches a flash from the left with his sword.


As he bends forward, he kicks her in the jaw, but she avoids him by rolling backwards.


“Oh, no!”


The woman not only evades, but throws a summersault kick.


She also had a bladed weapon in her toe.
I was able to avoid her by bending over, but she chopped off my bangs.
Damn, what will you do to me if I get a lame haircut?


It's tiring.”


“Oh my, are you tired already? I want more fun…..!”


“Damn it!”


She approached me with tremendous speed and again unleashed a high-speed slash.
In response, I did my best to block it.


The strength of this crazy woman was far beyond my expectations.


Her physical strength was unbelievable from her slender body, and she had an instantaneous power that was unbelievable.
The level of skill in strengthening her body was ridiculously high.


Her swordsmanship is also at a master's level.
She handles her twin swords skillfully and wields them as if they were her hands and feet.


Not only her swordsmanship, but also her physical skills are beyond the level of ordinary people.
Like her summersault kick, she has a great command of her body.


If only her swordsmanship and physical skills were great, I would have been able to finish the fight much quicker.
There was another factor in the still stalemate.


“This is it!!!!”


“Oh no!”


I overcome the slash that comes at me from behind by moving my sword backwards.
The hand and sword that attacked my back quickly disappear.


Why are the slashes coming from behind me even though the woman is in front of me? It was because of her magic.


The magic is spatial magic, which is said to be extremely difficult to master.


Just before attacks, she transfers her hand to the tip of her sword and makes it appear near me.
In other words, it's like a simple gate.


As you can see from that huge gate, this woman is good at spatial magic.


And she has done the ridiculous thing of using spatial magic in a fight.


Spatial magic, especially opening a magic gate, takes time.
She used it without chanting and in no time in the midst of a rapidly changing fight.


It was a feat that would have been impossible without an exceptional fighting sense and uncommon spatial awareness.
Thanks to this, I'm covered in cuts and scratches.
I managed to miss the vital point, though, so it wasn't a fatal wound.


She is not only a first-rate melee fighter, but she is also one of the strongest mage in the world.


To put it bluntly, she is a monster.
I've never met anyone this strong before, other than a Demon God.
I guess I still don't know much about the world.


(This is no time for jokes.
I seriously need to do something about this!)


It's been quite a while since we fought.


In the meantime, monsters appeared from the gate and were descending the mountain.


And even higher level monsters such as wyverns were starting to appear.
No matter how much you know, it's tough to fight wyverns while dealing with small fry.


The woman suddenly stopped attacking and tilted her head in doubt.


“It's funny, I wonder how this can be avoided.
I was shocked when I lost the first shot, but it hurts when it's surpassed over and over again like this.”


“Ha, I'm just a genius.”


In reality, I'm just being stubborn, though, and I'm getting cut up like crazy.


“Well, if that's the case ……
I'd love to hear your name, sir genius.”


“You know what, if you want to know someone's name, you have to say it your name first.
I'd be very interested to know who you are, too.”


When I asked her that, she laughed and put her hand elegantly on her chest and said her name.


“I am one of the Seven Evil of the Labyrinth Order, Witch.”

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“The Labyrinth Order?”


I'm astonished at the identity of the mysterious woman,Witch.


The Labyrinth Order is, as the name suggests, a group of crazy pagans who worship the labyrinth.


They believe that Labyrinth, not God, created this world.
The existence of magic in the world and the fact that they are able to live are all due to the blessings of the Labyrinth.


The Labyrinth Order is a group of dangerous people with such a crazy idea.


I don't know what their purpose is or what kind of activities they are engaged in.


However, they are involved in troublesome matters at a high rate, so much so that it is said that there is a shadow of the Labyrinth Order in black incidents.


I have had a few run-ins with the Labyrinth Order.
At that time, I was at a low level and didn't know what they were up to, so I didn't pay much attention to them.


But this woman said she was one of the “Seven Evil,” so she must be in the executive class in terms of ability.


“I see.
So, what is this “Seven Evil” of the Labyrinth Order up to in such a small town?”


“I can't tell you that, but since I've told you my name, why don't you tell me yours?”


“That's right.
I'm Dale, a humble adventurer.”


I said my name properly, but “Witch” laughed loudly, as if she knew what was funny.


“You're a lowly adventurer.
……I don't really think someone who fought me and is still alive is a lowly adventurer.
Oh well, let's continue.
Please entertain me more and more.”


“I'm sorry, but I'm done with you.
I'm going to go all out from here.”


“Oh ……
I guess you haven't been giving it your all, huh?”


It's exciting to have fun with sexy sister, but this is no longer the time to say that.


I've heard that the other party is the Labyrinth Order, and that they're a senior level member, so I can't afford to be shy about showing off.


To be honest, I didn't want to use this move until the very end, but I guess I can't say that.


I remove the magic bracelets on both wrists with a click.


At that moment, the enormous amount of magic power that lay dormant in my body was unleashed.
At the same time, my body was subjected to a tremendous load.


“I can't believe this amount of magic power …….
It's comparable to the Lost King-sama…….”


“What do you say? If you want to run away now, I'll let you go.”


“Oh, don't be silly.
It would be a shame not to take a bite of such a tasty looking prey.”


“You're crazy, you know?”


I was hoping that the amount of magic power would scare her away, but it seems that she is not so naive.


Fine then, I'll settle this in an instant.


“Gate Distard!”


A moment later, numerous gates are deployed around me, in front of, behind, and to the left and right of me.


Various weapons, such as swords, spears, and axes, came flying out of those gates at once.


I twisted my body and with a big flash of magic power on my sword.


“Battle Claws!”


Boooooom! A tremendous explosion roars out.


The shockwave I released reaped all the weapons and obliterated the gate.


But I must not let my guard down.
It was a big move, but this was a stepping stone for the next blow, right?


“I know what you're thinking, I can read your thoughts!”




I turned around and fired a slash at the “Witch” who had attacked me from behind through the gate.
I was blocked by the twin swords just in time, but I forcefully reaped it off without caring.


“Damn it ……
not yet!


“No, it's over!”


After being blown away, “Witch” quickly adjusted her stance and was about to counterattack, but by that time, I was already ready for the follow-up attack.


I swung my sword down right at “Witch” from above.


“Supreme Battle Claw!”




A shockwave filled with super-dense magic power drowned out the huge gate behind it, engulfing “Witch.”


The area where the shockwave passed through was obliterated without a trace, and the ground was cleared.


The ground was cleared.
I searched the surrounding area with my detection magic, but found no sign of “Witch”.


After defeating the enemy and destroying the gate, I breathed deeply as I put on the bracelet I had removed.


“I'm tired …….
I had just recovered from the exhaustion of fighting the Demon God, but now my body was rattled again.
Besides, I didn't feel like I was getting a good response..”




She probably would have run away from me.
I didn't feel a response, but that's what my intuition is telling me.


Normally, there is no way she could have escaped from an attack at that range, but she has spatial magic.
She may not be unharmed, but she probably could have escaped.


Well, it's okay, I've eliminated the threat for the time being.


“Let's check on Mirialia and Athena, and then go support Frey for now.”


I whipped my tired body down the mountain, sheathing my sword.


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