Chapter 59: Spirit Magic


TL: Akabane




“Icycle Rain!”




Ice rains down from above, skewering monsters one after another.


Drifting through the sky by wind magic, Mirialia wiped the sweat from her forehead as she listened to the monsters' decisive screams.


I'm tired.
Aren't you finished yet?”


Mirialia exhales a sigh at the endless battle of extermination.


From her appearance, it could be seen that fatigue was accumulating.


It is no wonder that she has been using a wide range of magic continuously since she was entrusted by Dale to stop the monsters.
No matter how much of an order of magnitude of magic power she possessed, fighting without a break was too much for her body to bear.


At this rate, it would only be a matter of time before she ran out of energy and magic.


It wasn't as if she had been exercising her magic without thinking.


She was also being creative in order to minimize the consumption of magic power.


She reduced her mobility by icing the ground.
If she tried to descend an icy slope, she would fall over and her progress would be impeded.


She used earth magic to create pits and trap the monsters as they slid down.
After making them unable to move, she would then use attack magic to round them up.


She responded flexibly on the spot and used various methods to get rid of the monsters.


This was probably the result of playing devil's with Dale.


In the end, I wasn't able to touch Dale until today, but I gained a lot in the process.


I always keep my head on a swivel and choose the best move I can think of from the many options available.
I put myself in the shoes of the person being chased as well as the person I was chasing.


Although it was aggravating, there is no doubt that Mirialia's hand has increased thanks to the devil's play.


No, it is not only her hand that has increased.


Her basic physical strength had also increased significantly due to the devil's play of running around in the mountains.
Even for a mage who basically never moves, physical strength is surprisingly not foolproof.


If she consumes her physical strength, her ability to think will also decrease, and if she has reached the bottom of her physical strength, she will not be able to perform magic even if she has some magic power left.


The fact that she was able to deal with such a large number of monsters was also the result of her physical strength and playing with demons since she began her journey.


“I'm getting by now, but one day I'll reach my limit.
I've missed a few, and it's hard with the powerful monsters that are starting to appear.”


No matter how good a mage Mirialia was, it was impossible for her to handle all of this number of monsters.


It would be extremely difficult to deal with the lower-ranked small fry, let alone the medium-ranked monsters at a distance, all at once.
She was unable to stop some of them and sent them heading for the town.


The battle with no end in sight was making Mirialia impatient.


At this rate, she would run out of magic power and physical strength before she did.
If the spirits had lent their help, she could have saved her magic power, but unfortunately, the spirits were hiding from the evil intentions of the many monsters.


In addition, it was also troublesome that the number of vicious monsters was increasing with each passing hour.


Perhaps Dale has found the cause of the problem, but the fact that the monsters are still appearing suggests that the problem has not yet been solved.


It is possible that they are being disturbed by someone or something.


And it is a tough opponent that Dale would have a hard time dealing with.


But this is Dale.
Whoever it is, he will not lose.


(Ugh ……
Why am I so sure that Dale will win? Gross!)


It was the time when I was fed up with my strong trust in Dale.


I sensed a high concentration of magic power from the sky above and turned around in a hurry.


It was a dragon with large wings flapping, cutting through the wind and approaching at a tremendous speed.




“Why is there a flying dragon wyvern here?!”


It's no wonder that Mirialia, who is rarely surprised, is astonished.


Wyverns are the kind of monsters that appear in advanced labyrinths.


It is a dragon species with short limbs, huge wings, and high mobility.


Although they are inferior to pure dragons, they are still dragons in their own right.


Their scales are harder than steel, and they are highly resistant to magic.
It possesses enormous magical power, and its fire- and wind-attributed attacks are powerful enough to burn everything to ashes.


The wyvern's true strength lies in its mobility.
Wyverns are able to move freely in all directions in the sky, which is unthinkable given their huge size.
It is also called the “King of the Sky” and it is said that no other monster can match it in aerial combat.


The appearance of this literal monster made Mirialia look as if she were biting a bitter bug.


Here comes the wyvern.
The odds are in her favor, but with the amount of energy and magic she has consumed, it is a 50-50 chance that she will be able to pick up a win.


“Icicle Shot!”




She launches a scattershot of ice for small measure, but the wyvern changes it's trajectory and avoids it.


It's movements are still too fast.
Even if I unleash an advanced magic, there is a possibility that it will be evaded.
I can't waste my remaining magic power.
I must create an opportunity to ensure that I can hit it!






The wyvern flaps its wings and unleashes a gust of wind-attributed wind.
It's not as invisible, but it's hard to see, and because it's broad and swift, it's impossible to avoid.


So, Mirialia deploys a magic barrier in front of her to protect herself, but the impact is so heavy that she is almost blown away.


Having managed to outwit the storm, Mirialia launched a counterattack.


“Assassin Wind!”


Several waves of slashes fly in from multiple directions.


The wyverns were flying in the air to escape the slashes of the wind, but the slash waves released by Mirialia tracked them like beasts that catch their prey.


The wind attribute intermediate magic Assassin Wind allows wind slashes to be controlled by the wyvern.
Wyvern is well versed in the wind attribute, but so is Mirialia, who excels in the wind attribute.
If it is a patent magic, it's second to none, even for dragon species.


“First, I'm going to take its wings.”


Mirialia's target was the wyvern's wings.


Once the wings, the key to mobility, were gone, the wyvern would be a rat in the bag.
Worst case scenario, if she could damage the wyvern and reduce its mobility, she could take it down with a tome of advanced magic.


She had thought of such a scheme, but the wyvern was a step beyond her expectations.




“It's burned away my magic with it's breath?!”


The greatest weapon of the dragon species is the breath, a synthesis of strong lungs and enormous magical power.


It generates flames in its lungs and unleashes a wave of magic power that combines flames and wind all at once.
The scorching breath burned away Mirialia's wind magic.


While Mirialia was startled, the wyvern unleashed the storm again.
Mirialia quickly deployed a magic barrier, but it was a bad move.
While Mirialia was unable to move, the wyvern filled her with magic power and released a breath without a pause.


The very same ploy that she had been thinking of was played on her.


“Ice Storm!”


Evasion is not possible in time in this state.


Mirialia fights back with the most advanced magic she possesses.


“Damn it!”


In addition to not being able to knead enough magic, fire and ice are incompatible in terms of attributes.
The blizzard was pushed into the flames and finally defeated.


The damage was mitigated by the magic barrier, but Mirialia, who was hit directly, was burned and fell.


“It hurts ……
and I got burned again.
It really sucks ……
and I don't have any more magic power.”


She swears as the memory of her body being roasted whole by the demon god's magic comes back to her.


The current advanced magic and the wind magic used to kill the impact from the fall had finally drained his magic power to the bottom.


There was no more strength left in Mirialia to fight the wyvern.
The rest would have to be left to someone other than herself.


(Are you sure about that?)


I ask myself.
Is it okay to just give up?


Dale trusted Mirialia and entrusted her with this situation.


Is it right to betray that trust?


Besides, what will happen to the monsters if Mirialia doesn't move? The monsters are still appearing and the wyverns are still alive and well.


They will all hit the town at once.
They are probably still fighting hard to get to Athena.


Above all, if I give up now, I don't know what Frey will say to me later.


I can picture a future where she would make fun of me for being a useless elves.
I don't care if it's Dale or Athena, but I don't want Frey to make fun of me.


“But I have no more methods……”


I'm running out of magic power and my physical strength is so low that I can't even think.
There is nothing to do.


I was impatiently looking for a way out, when I suddenly remembered the story of the training session with Dale.


— “Have you ever heard of meditation?”


— “In very simple terms, it's a way to relax your mind and improve your concentration.
A mage has to be the coolest guy in the party.
No matter what the situation is.
But even if I say that, you will get confused in an emergency.
To avoid this, you need to train yourself to keep a quiet mind and improve your concentration.”


— “Meditation also has the effect of restoring magic power, albeit only slightly.
As an elves, the effect will be even better than for a normal person.
Hm? Let's give it a try and see.”


“This is it, this is the only way!'


Mirialia had a flash of inspiration.


Or rather, why had I forgotten about it until now?


Meditation can restore magic power, albeit slightly.
No, not just a little.
If I could be in tune with the world, I could handle enormous amounts of magic power.


However, there is a risk in tuning in.
I would have to push my concentration to the limit to feel the world, and even if I could synchronize with it, I wouldn't be able to close the lid.
If I failed, my body would be reduced to fragments.


Still, there is no reason not to try.


“Suuuu~~ haaaa~”


Mirialia sat there, closed her eyelids and relaxed her body.
She breathed in and out, remembering her training with Dale.


The next thing she knew, her mind became crystal clear.


She stepped into a state of nothingness.


Then, gradually, my senses became more acute.
I could smell the wind and feel the earth clearly.
Not only that, but I could even sense the magic power overflowing in the world.


“Please, lend me your power.”


Mirialia tuned in and spoke to the world.
Then, magic power poured in from the ground.


Like the roots of a tree absorbing water from the ground, the magic power flowed.


The world responded to Mirialia.
No, it was not only the world that responded, but also the spirits that had been hiding in fear were happily flying around her.


Enormous amounts of magic power flowed in unceasingly.


Thanking them, Mirialia closed the lid and released the synchronization.


Her depleted magic power was restored, and her mind was clear after meditating.
In addition, the spirits are lending their strength.


“Let's go.”


With her physical, magical, and thinking powers restored, Mirialia takes the spirits with her and dances into the sky.


The wyverns, still flying around, noticed her presence and roared.




The wyvern, storing the atmosphere in its lungs, unleashed a searing breath.


Mirialia, in contrast, intercepts it with both hands raised.


“Fairy Breath!”


A storm is created.


The breath of the spirit collided with the breath with a roaring sound, but it was blown away without even a moment's antagonism.
The storm didn't end there, but went straight ahead and struck the wyvern hard.




Exposed to the storm, the wyvern crashed into the mountain with a scream.
I don't know if it's died, but I'm sure that it's fainted.


Having paid the threat, Mirialia opened her mouth as she pointed her hand at the monster coming down from the mountain.


“As long as I'm here, I won't let you go back to Athena.”


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