Chapter 58: Golden Flower


TL: Akabane






“Why is there a monster something in the whole town?!”


“Somebody help me!”


The town was in a state of screaming.


Suddenly, a large number of monsters arrived and began to attack the townspeople one after another.


These were not the kind of monsters found in the wild, but powerful monsters that appeared in dungeons.


While the townspeople were running away in a panic, martial artists and adventurers who happened to be in town were fighting back.


“What the!!!!”


“What's the matter with the monsters?!”


“You martial artists are not as bad as we think!”


“You're not the only one with a lot of strenght, you know?”


“Gahahahaha, of course not.
I'm eating this after killing monsters.
Don't you dare take advantage of me!”


The martial artist delivers a fist strike to the goblin's abdomen, and the adventurer smashes the red boar in half with his great axe.


The martial artist and adventurer cooperated with each other to slaughter the monster.


This kept the damage to the town to a minimum.


However, they were only able to survive because of the lower-level monsters.


Adventurers are used to fighting monsters, but the martial artists specialize in fighting against people and have no experience fighting monsters.
Low-level monsters no match for them, but they were no match for powerful monsters.


“As long as we, the Haten-ryu, are here, this town is safe Gyaaaaaaah!”


“Hey, your technique isn't working at all! How are you supposed to beat them like this, gahh?!!!!”


“Wait, wait ……
please help me!”


“Hey, you didn't tell me there would be monsters this strong!”




Ogres, high orcs, and minotaurs.


One after another, the martial artists of the Haten-ryu are slaughtered by powerful monsters that belong to the middle ranks in the dungeon.


Witnessing this scene, the faces of martial artists and adventurers who had been fighting bravely became tinged with despair, and their will to fight was uprooted.


“Damn it, why are there ogres and minotaurs in a place like this?!”


“No good.
……I don't think we can win.”


“No, don't come ……
someone help me!”




While martial artists and adventurers were frightened by the presence of powerful monsters, one woman was almost attacked by goblins.


The woman was a female clerk at the teahouse where Dale and his friends had stopped.


The goblin, with a sneer on his face, was about to strike the woman, who was unable to move her legs due to fear, when the goblin, with a sneer on his face, tried to strike her.


— Then, a golden light flashed.






A high-speed slash decapitates the goblin's head.


While brushing off the blood on her sword, she called out to the trembling woman, holding out her hand to her.


“It's all right now.”


“Oh, you are ……
the adventurer from that time…….”


“Yes, it's a pleasure to be remembered.”


Yes, it was Athena who saved the woman's plight.


After leaving Dale and the others, Athena hurried down to the town and slaughtered every monster she could see.


She saved the woman who was about to be attacked by goblins.




“……Minotaur, huh?”


Is it instinct as a monster?


The minotaur, realizing that Athena is a threat to them, comes closer, snorting.


The Minotaur is a huge body of more than two meters, with a strong body that is almost torn off, and a horrifying bull's head.


The minotaur's threat level is in the medium range, but it is a monster that stands out from the rest.
Some of the stronger individuals reach higher ranks.


Moreover, the minotaur in front of her was carrying a one-handed axe.
It would be difficult for Athena alone to defeat a minotaur that even owned a weapon.


(But you can't say that!)


Even if the enemy is a vicious monster, I will use my hands to defeat any monster that attacks me!


Like the young man who saved our village from being attacked by monsters when I was a child ……
like Dale, this time I will save the people.




With a piercing yell, the minotaur rushes forward furiously.


Athena is unable to move.


Athena cannot move because there is a woman behind her who cannot move.
If she makes a bad move, the woman will become collateral damage.


Then, the only way is to defeat them without moving a single step.
That is what I have been training for.


— “Athena, your evasive ability is genius to the point of being godlike.
I think it's better than anyone else's.
But what if there are others stuck behind you? If you evade, they will be attacked.
But what if the enemy is too powerful for your defenses to withstand?”




The minotaur, which has come close to your flesh, swings a one-handed axe at her from directly above.


Even though Athena's thin arms have been reinforced, the sword would be cut in half and her torso would be severed if she were to take it seriously.


(That's why I've been honing this technique!)


— “It is precisely at such times that the technique of flushing becomes necessary.
Deflect the attack and attack when they are out of position.
A good move, don't you think?”




Athena exclaims and unleashes a flash of her full strength.


She matched the speed and timing without missing a beat against the minotaur's slash from the diagonal side.
She controlled the flow of power and passed its trajectory outward.




(It's decide here!!!)


The minotaur was astonished that the attack was parried for no reason.
Not only that, Athena's parry had caused the Minotaur's stance to collapse significantly.


A perfect opportunity.
If she was going to strike, this was the only time to do it.


But with Athena's attack power, it would be impossible to finish off the Minotaur, which had the durability of steel.


“If it the past Athena.”


— “I call the release of anger as “emotion.””


Dale said.


The emotion that empowers people is anger.


And the voluntary release of the emotion of anger, which raises one's power above the maximum, is called 'emotion.


Athena had been working on her emotional training ever since Dale had taught her.
However, it was difficult for Athena, who is usually calm and far away from anger, to release her anger.


Still, she had mastered emotion, though not completely.




Raising her voice in anger, Athena invokes “Emotion.”


The root of her anger is against the monsters rampaging through the town.
She can never forgive these monsters for bringing terror to the people.


With all of her anger, Athena's all-out thrust pierced through the Minotaur's hard muscles and pierced its heart.


Not only that.
The thrust, whose destructive power was increased by emotion, generated a shockwave that punched a large hole in the Minotaur's chest.


“Bu ……
mo ……”


The minotaur, its life cut short, falls on it's back with white eyes.


The martial artists and adventurers who witnessed the vicious monster's defeat looked at Athena with expressions of disbelief.


“Hey, that woman ……
just took down a minotaur all by herself!”


“I can't believe it…….”


“Wait a minute! She's got golden hair and a beautiful face for an adventurer.
……Could it be that “Golden Flower” girl who was rumored in Clarisse?”


“Well, there's no doubt about it! I've seen her once, she was the leader of a party called Stardust! Her name was Athena!”


“Hey, is that woman that famous?”


“Yeah, she's a new adventurer, but she's famous among us adventurers.
She's a very good dodger and she's got the best swordsmanship.”


The adventurers who knew Athena started to make noise.


The adventurers excitedly explained how strong she was when the martial artist, who didn't know Athena, questioned them suspiciously.


Athena, realizing that they are regaining their will to fight now that she has defeated the Minotaur, takes the opportunity to raise her sword.


With magic in her voice, she shouted in a high voice.


“I am Athena, the “Golden Flower” of Stardust! I will defeat powerful monsters.
Adventurers and martial artists, protect the people of the town while dealing with the monsters you can defeat! Right now, my companions are on their way to resolve the situation.
Until then, let us overcome this predicament together!”




Her words were passionate and full of courage.


The hearts that were on the verge of breaking were lit up with heat, and the fighters raised their battle cries in unison.


Hopelessness turned to hope.


“Let's go!”


Her long golden hair is flowing.


Her charisma, the power to lead people, was about to blossom.

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