Chapter 51: Meimei (Middle Part)


TL: Akabane




Four years have passed since Aniki left town.


I am now 14 years old and has become an elder.


However, there are only three children younger than me.
My seniors have left the dojo, and many disciples have dwindled.
When I look at the spacious dojo, I feel lonely……


But I don't mind.
I feel sad, but everyone who has left the dojo is still my family.
Sometimes they come back with souvenirs.


I've grown up in the past four years.


I'm became taller.
But my chest are still flat, not as big as sister Aisia's.
……I don't regret it, it's hard to move when you have big breasts……


I also became stronger as a martial artist.


I can't say that I'm a full-fledged martial artist yet, but my body has become stronger, and I've learned how to use magic power and “Jokko” to strengthen my body.


In terms of practical skills such as kumite, I'm the best in the Kikagei-ryu.
I was pleased to think that I might have some talent. But master rebuked me, saying, “You are not good enough yet.”


Next to me, Ryu is the strongest.


Ryu has grown up so much in the past four years.
He has grown taller, and I feel that he has become an adult man instead of a boy.
But he has grown only in appearance, inside him is still a child.


Recently, he has been pestering master, “It's about time you taught me the art of kikagei-ryu.” and master has been turning his back on him.


If that was all, it would have been better, but Ryu started to pick fights with all the other martial artists in town.


“Ryu, that wound ……
have you been fighting in the town again?”


“Shut up, it's none of your business!”


“Ryu is my family! It's only natural to be concerned when one of my family members is injured! Besides, what Ryu is doing is degrading the dignity of the kikagei-ryu.
There are rumors among the townspeople and martial artists.
Master Pai of the Kikagei-ryu can't even raise a good disciple anymore.
……What do you want to do by betraying your master!”


“Shut up! What do you know about me? You're always so carefree and fun to be around.
I think about the future of the Kikage-ryu more than anyone else.
But the old man won't teach me his techniques.
Then I have no choice but to become stronger by myself! Don't you ever leave me alone again!”




I tried his best to persuade Ryu, but Ryu wouldn't listen to me at all.


Realizing that I couldn't go on like this, I consulted with master.


“Hey, Master, can we leave Ryu alone like this?”


“Well, kids of that age are difficult to handle.
It is better to leave him alone for now.”


“Is that okay? If things continue as they are, Ryu will fight all the time.
Besides, I know that master went out of his way to bow down to the townspeople and the martial artist school with whom he had a fight.
Why should the master do that? It's Ryu who is to blame…….”


“If I only have to bow one head to an old man, I'll bow as many as I want.”


I never understood why the master had to clean up Ryu's mess or why he had to protect him.


He should have been more angry and scolded him.
……I felt very uncomfortable that the master let his bad behavior go unchecked.


“Hey Master, why doesn't Master teach the techniques to his students? I'm sure Ryu would be back to normal if he were taught the kikagei-ryu techniques.”


“He don't need techniques or ……
such things.
I treat him as my disciples, but not for the sake of the Kikage-ryu.
I want him to have a spirit that will not fail no matter what happens in the future, and a strong body that will not be killed by the unreasonable world.
You don't need any skills to live, do you? Not everyone who leaves the dojo becomes a martial artist.
Some find a proper job, others get married.
If you want to continue on the path of a martial artist, you can master it alone, or you can find another school.
You are my family, Meimei, and all you have to do is to live strong.”


“Master ……
but then …….”


“Besides, skill is not something that is taught to you by others.
You have to make it up as you go along.
Ryu and Meimei have a good foundation.
The rest is up to you.”


In the end, Master didn't do anything to Ryu after that.


He didn't warn him about fighting, nor did he teach him any techniques.


“The technique is something you make up with your own hands…….?”


After listening to the master, I decided to do something.


The Master doesn't teach anyone the techniques of Kikagei-ryu.


Then, if the Master dies, the existence of the Kikagei-ryu will disappear.
No one would be entrusted with it, no one would inherit it, and it would quietly and simply disappear.


I don't want that.
The Master may think that is fine, but I don't want to see it disappear.


This is just a guess, but I think Ryu doesn't want that either, so he wants his master to teach him techniques.
He loves both Kikagei-ryu and master.


That's why I decided.
I won't let him destroy Kikagei-ryu, I will protect it.


From the day I made my decision, I started training techniques in addition to my regular training.
I would combine everything I had cultivated up to that point and create my own techniques.


It doesn't go well because I'm an idiot, but as the master said, I already have a good foundation.
The foundation was created by the master.


All I have to do now is to refine my skills through trial and error.


“Ryu ……
I'm not always so optimistic either.”




It was soon after that.


At last, Ryu had done the forbidden thing.
He killed a martial artist in a fight!


Why did he do that? ……That idiot!


The only thing that might be forgiven is if it was just a fight, but killing someone is a no-no.


The master, who had been tolerating it until now, seemed to have lost his patience and became angrier than I have ever seen him.


“Ryu …..
do you have anything to say?”




“Well ……
then you are excommunicated and expelled from the Kikagei-ryu.
Never set foot in this dojo again.”


“–? Expulsion? I'll get the hell out of this miserable dojo even if you don't tell me to! I have my own “Hitenryu”!”


Why is that name coming out of Ryu's mouth?


There are bad rumors about the “Hattenryu” among the martial artists.


Just recently, a martial artist named Taoron broke the dojo to another school, took over the land and the disciples, and changed it to a new school.


Moreover, he has been breaking dojos of other schools one after another and taking their money and signboards.


Why is Ryu connected to such a people-breaking style that causes trouble for others?


Something is definitely wrong!


I quickly called out to Ryu, who was about to leave after yelling.


“Wait! Ryu!”


“That's enough, Meimei!”


“But master, I can't go on like this!”


There were no more words.


The Master's face looked sad, as if he was about to start crying.
I had never seen such a pained and sad expression before.


I knew it was no good, I couldn't go on like this.


I chased after Ryu, who had left, and desperately tried to hold him back.


“Ryu! Are you sure you want to do this? Do you really have to betray the master who raised you and your friends until now to seek strength?”


“Ha! Betrayed? That old man was the one who betrayed us in the first place! Then I'm going my own way!”


“Ryu ……”


“That's right Meimei……
you should come to the hatenryu too.
I've never met such a strong person before.
I have just met him for a short time and he has been teaching me the techniques of the hatenryu.
I found the strength I was aiming for in him.
That's why I want you to come over here and join us.
I'll introduce you to Taoron-san.”


“I'm not going! I'm a student of Kikagei-ryu! I'm Master's disciple!”


“Damn it ……
I see.
You may regret it, but you'll never know when you'll be dead in the Kikage-ryu.”


No matter how much I said, it never reached Ryu's heart.


Soon after that, the other disciples also left the Kikagei-ryu.


All of my senior and junior disciples went to the hatenryu.
Ryu must have instigated all of this.


He said it was meaningless to stay in that dojo forever.
If you are a martial artist, it is natural to want to be strong.


Not only did he betray the kikagei-ryu, but he also touched other family members, which is unforgivable.


Besides, everyone is everyone.
It's crazy of you to be lured by sweet words and betray your master.


Now, I am the only disciple of Kikagei-ryu.


But I am fine.
Even if I become the only one, I will protect the Master and the kikagei-ryu.

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