Chapter 4: Est (Part 2)


TL: Scaramochi




[Est's POV]


Having formed Stardust, we were challenging the intermediate level labyrinth.


Our rapid progress did not stop at the intermediate level labyrinth, and we conquered it in just three months.


By that time, Stardust's name was well known among adventurers, and there were good rumors of a promising new star party.


In particular, Athena, the leader of the group, was not only talented but also beautiful in appearance, and was given the nickname “Golden Flower” for her golden hair as she kicked monsters out of the way.


Furthermore, Stardust was promoted from Bronze to Silver rank for her achievement in the intermediate level of the labyrinth.


Stardust is now conquering the labyrinth with flying colors.




Despite such fame, I had become a burden in the party.


Even in the intermediate level labyrinth, I could manage to fight the monsters in the upper levels even though I was not very strong.


But as I progressed through the middle and lower levels, the monsters became stronger and stronger, and my strength was no longer enough.


Inevitably, I became a wooden fool who could only cast grant magic on my companions and watch them fight.


I felt miserable, pathetic, and frustrated.


While my childhood friend Athena was getting stronger and stronger at the rate of running up two flights of stairs, I had not grown since the day I became an adventurer.


I was impatient.


I was a complete liability in the party.
The other adventurers were no different, and they would say things like, “Why is such a useless person a member of the Stardust team?


They're not wrong.


To be honest, I wasn't good enough for Stardust.


But I wasn't going to leave the party myself, and most of all, I didn't want to leave Athena.


So I desperately did what I could.


I volunteered to carry luggage, gather supplies, cook, and prepare potions for the injured in the labyrinth so that they could recover quickly.


It was like being a menial laborer rather than an adventurer, but I wanted to be useful to everyone.


Still, it was somehow working.


Until Stardust took on the challenge of the upper level labyrinth.


The upper level of the labyrinth was so strong that even Athena and her friends were having a hard time.


At that time, a monster slipped past Athena and Dal and attacked me.
I was unable to escape and was seriously injured by the monster's attack.


When I regained consciousness, I was in a hospital room at the guild, with Athena by my side.


When I woke up, Athena shed tears, and although it was inappropriate, I was very happy.


I heard that after I was in a pinch because of the monster, Dal had defeated the monster and got me out of the tight spot.


Athena said, “I didn't know Dale could do so much.” She praised Dale with a disgruntled but somewhat happy expression on her face.


I was jealous of him.


I wanted to become stronger.


I decided to look for a way to become stronger, to find a way to fight, to find something useful for the party.


Just as I was trying to stay positive, Athena spoke these unbelievable words.


“Est, I'm going to ask you to leave Stardust.”


Athena sentenced me to be expelled from the party.


“What ……
I'm supposed to leave Stardust?  Oh no, haha, what a joke,……


“I'm sorry, it's not a joke, this is a decision made by the whole party.”


A decision made by the whole party?


So both Mirialia and Dal agree to kick me out of the party?


I wanted them to say it was some kind of joke, so I asked them, and they agreed with serious faces, which they usually don't do.




Why do I have to be banned!


“That's a lie!  It can't be!  You've been doing well so far!  Stardust has moved up to the silver class, and I'm about to do even better, so why do I have to be expelled from the party?”


When I exclaimed and questioned her, Athena explained the reason in a calm manner.


In summary, she said that I was useless because I couldn't keep up with the battles in the advanced labyrinth.


Ha, ha ha ha……
that's right.


I knew, I knew.


I knew this day would come.


I was scared of when they would tell me that they didn't want me from the party.


But I didn't think they would actually tell me.


I was so sure that Athena, my childhood friend, would never leave me.


“So you're saying I'm off the hook.”




“I see…….
I get it!  I'll get out of this party, I'll get out of here!”


I let my anger get the better of me, and I let loose an angry shout at Athena.


She handed me a small bag containing a large amount of money, but I knocked it away, asking her if she had any money to give me.


“I don't need that kind of money!  And I don't care if you regret banishing me later!”


With these words, I ran out of the party house.




I ran out of the party house and visited the intermediate labyrinth on my way out.


“I'm going to be strong.
I'm going to be strong for sure!”


I can fight alone.
I will be strong even if I am alone.


And I'm going to get back at those people who banished me.


I fought the monsters in anger, but I was easily beaten to a pulp.


But just as I was about to die, I “woke up”.


“Oh, what is this? My whole body is filled with power!  Could this be……
enchant magic?”


My enchant magic could only be applied to others, not to myself.


But now, I was able to cast a enchanting magic on myself.


I don't know why, but the enchant magic is a higher level magic than the previous ones.


I was able to cast [Strengthen Muscle], [Strengthen Protection], [Strengthen Hit], [Strengthen Acceleration], the newly learned [Automatic Recovery], and all the other grant magic on myself.


“Haha, what the heck.
so strong! Isn't it unfair of everyone to have such strong enchant magic applied to me! That's because it makes you stronger!”


I, who had been strengthened by the granting magic, was no match for an intermediate level monster.


The monster that had been threatening me in the shadows was now able to beat me to death to my heart's content.


“Ha ha ha ha ha!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”


I can't stop laughing.


I have become stronger.
Now I would be on par with Athena.
No, maybe even stronger than Athena.


I could be in Stardust now.
I'm sure Athena would recognize me too!!!!”


I, who had not yet……
been in Stardust, or even Athena, would get out of the labyrinth and hurry back to the party house.


I can't wait to tell Athena that I'm stronger!


Together with you, I'm going to become the world's greatest adventurer again!


I returned to the party house with this fantasy in my mind's eye, only to be met with an unbelievable sight.




Incredibly, Dale was pushing Athena down.


Moreover, Athena showed no sign of resistance at all.


On the contrary, her face was flushed and she was staring at Dale with moist eyes.


(What the hell is this ……?)


I had never seen such a “woman”'s expression on her face.


Athena had never shown me a face like that.


Since when?


How long had they been having this relationship?


Recently?  Or was it a long time ago?


you betrayed me!)


I had talked to Dale about my love for Athena.


And Dale supported me.


But what the hell, why is Dale sleeping with Athena?


Athena too!


She said she wasn't interested in love until she became the best in the world, but now she's in love with him!


(I thought Athena was in love with me!)


(You were having an affair with Athena, and you were mocking me?)


I thought you were a reliable brother.


I never thought you would cuckold Athena!


Not wanting to witness the affair that followed, I fled from the scene.


I ran as fast as I could through the night, crying.


“I won't forgive you!  I will never forgive you!  I will definitely go above them and make them regret banishing me!”


Glaring at the stardust shining in the night sky, I vowed revenge.

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