[Frey's POV]


“Wake up, Frey, wake up.” 


shut the f*ck up.” 


I was sound asleep and someone shook me awake. 


I ignored it, saying I was still sleepy so don't wake me up, but someone shook me even harder. 


I was so depressed that when I opened my eyes, Meimei was right next to me. 


“What the hell, it's you.
What in the world is going on?” 


“I'm going to wake up early and go with you to do the morning cleaning.” 


“Cleaning? Why the hell do I have to clean?” 


“The disciple does all the chores related to the dojo, such as cleaning and preparing food.
Frey has become Master's disciple, so it*s natural for her to cleaning.”


well, I ended up becoming a disciple yesterday. 


I slowly get up, letting out a loud sigh.
It was still dark outside and the sun hadn't yet risen.
It's still dark, do you have to start cleaning at this hour? 


“If you don't work, you don't eat.
Come on, let's get going.” 


“Why am I the only one who's going to go? Then wake them up too.” 


Saying that, I point to Athena and Mirialia, who are sleeping on the futon right next to me. 


If they don't work, they don't eat, then they should be made to work too. 


When I said so, Meimei said something silly like, “No, it's just Frey.
Athena and Mirialia are our customers.
I can't do that to them.” 


“Then I'm a customer too!” 


“What are you talking about? Frey is a disciple, not a customer.
Come on, get up and get out of here.” 


She pulls me by the arm and wakes me up forcefully. 


She then put me in the same robe as her and gave me a bucket and a rag to carry.
Why do I have to wear such a lame outfit too? What am I supposed to do with all this stuff? 


As I questioned, Meimei explained to me with a motivated expression on her face. 


“Well, from now on, we're going to polish the dojo from top to bottom.” 


“Huh! Do we have to do that so early in the morning?” 


“That's right.
I have to be grateful for the daily use of the dojo and polish it.
By polishing the dojo, you polish your mind.” 


Saying this, Meimei soaks the rag in the bucket of water and squeezes it tight. 


Hey, seriously, polishing every corner of it……
this dojo is old, but it's pretty big. 


“What are you doing?”


“Damn it ……
I've got it.” 


I throw the rag into the bucket while spitting out a complaint. 


Why the hell do I have to do all these chores? 




“Hey, is this what you want?” 


“It's a little messy, but that's about it for the first time.
Next, I'm going to sweep up the leaves around it.
Here you go.” 


After finishing the dusting, I was given a broom. 


I take it, but in a flash, I slam the broom on the ground. 


“You son of a b*tch! You're still going to make me do this?” 


“Of course not, there's more work to be done.
When we're done, we're going to get ready for breakfast.” 




How much more chores are they going to make me do? I can't keep doing……
for f*ck's sake. 


Pissed off, I turned on my heel and went to go inside.
Then Meimei said to me in a provocative voice, 


“Frey, you're a bit gutless, aren't you?” 




“He's not here now, but even small children have been doing this for a long time.
It's easy to throw it away because it's a hassle.
I thought you had a lot of backbone when we played, but to be honest, I'm disappointed.” 


“Damn it……
just do it, do it!” 


Raising my voice, I pick up the broom I threw away. 


I don't do chores, but it kind of pisses me off to be licked by this girl. 


While I was roughly sweeping up the fallen leaves with an anger I didn't understand, Meimei was looking at me and smiling. 


“Hey, what are you smiling at?” 


“No, it's nothing.
Come to think of it, Frey, you've been doing the magic to strengthen your body since a while ago.” 


Well, I've been doing it because Dale told me it would improve my magic manipulation skills. 


It's become a habit now. 


I activate the enhancement as soon as I wake up in the morning.
I was already doing that unconsciously.
Thanks to this, I have come to somehow understand the flow of magical power through my body, and I am able to continue strengthening throughout the day. 


“You're the best, aren't you? It's important to keep activating the physical reinforcement all the time.
As you can see, brother has a small body and no arm strength, so it's very convenient for him to keep strengthening his body.
Besides, even if you are suddenly attacked by something, you won't get hurt.” 


“How does something attack you……?” 


“In the mountains, there are ferocious animals and sometimes demons.
And even in town, there are sometimes adventurers who judge you by your appearance and get involved with you.” 


I see.
It's true that I, too, have been attacked by animals in the mountains. 


They are so clever at hiding their presence that it's hard to notice them if you're not on the lookout.
The first blow won't hurt me at all, but it might be fatal for a thin body like Meimei's. 


“It's called 'Joko Hagane' to always activate the body enhancement, but it's the most basic of basics for a martial artist, so there's no harm in being able to do it.” 


I'm surprised to hear that. 


Not only Meimei, but it was something that all martial artists should be able to do.
Well, Athena also said that she always does it when she explores, so who can't do it? 


Hmm, wait, huh? Then, those punks of the “Breaking Heavenly Style” aren't martial artists after all.
They didn't seem to be doing it all the time. 


“I'm sorry, I got carried away with my chat.
Frey, let's get this over with and get ready for breakfast.” 




Then we quickly finish cleaning up the fallen leaves and go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. 


As I was peeling vegetables with a knife, Meimei, who was cooking a pot, startled me. 


“I was surprised.
I thought Frey wasn't good at cooking, given her looks and personality, but she's surprisingly adept at it.” 


“Oh, to be honest, that was the case until recently.
Dale told me I should be able to do this too.
I don't really want to do it, though.” 


“Wow, Frey is liked by brother.
I envy you…….” 


Envy? He's just teaching me because he doesn't want to do it himself.
As for training, isn't it just because he can slack off if we get stronger? 


And it's the opposite of saying that he likes me.
If anything, I think he's annoyed with me. 


Well ……
that's because I was acting like a kid from the time we first met until we started playing. 


“Hey, you met that guy a long time ago, right? What was he like?” 


I ask, a little curious, and Meimei's face lights up and she tells me with a bit of a bite. 


“He was so cool! He still looks cool and mature, but I like the old brother better.
He is bright, friendly, kind, and a very dependable older brother.
He used to tell me stories about his adventures and play with me.
And Master liked him so much that he forced him to come to training with him.” 


“Dale is a bright, friendly, kind and very reliable brother……? Don't joke about that.” 


He's a completely different person, isn't he? Who could imagine such a thing looking at him now? 


The Dale I knew was an unattractive, unmotivated slacker with a “kattari” habit who drank alcohol every day in the afternoon. 


He's not at all what Meimei says he is. 


“I'm not kidding, he is a cool and respectable guy.
He has an aura, a charm that attracts people.
I liked Aisia and her sisters, but I think he is the best.
I admire you, too, and I'm trying to become stronger every day.” 


“Oh, come on ……
are you serious?” 


Meimei speaks with nostalgia for the past.
From her expression, it didn't seem like she was joking. 


If that's the case, I can't understand……
how such a cool Dale, as she calls him, turned into such a useless person? What happened in the meantime? 


“Frey, you're holding up.” 


“Oh, oh.” 


I was thinking about it when Meimei scolded me. 


Well, it's okay, it's none of my business what he used to be like.


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