Chapter 42: Breaking The Law


TL: Scaramochi




After Frey and Meimei's game was over, we were taken to the guest room to have tea and snacks. 


While eating the rice crackers, I asked Grandpa Pai about something that had been bothering me since I came to the dojo. 


“Hey, Grandpa, I don't see the shadows of the other disciples, where have they gone?” 




“Well, where did they go?” 


The old man shrugs, but Meimei next to him turns pale.
This must have been something. 


When I was under his care, there must have been about 30 disciples and kids.
It's strange to think that now they are all gone and Meimei is the only disciple. 


But why is he playing dumb and not telling me the reason? 


“Don't play dumb with me, there was so many disciples, they can't have all disappeared without a reason.” 


“Because I don't have to tell you.
It's none of your business.” 


Ryu's fault.” 




That name reminds me of a kid's face. 


I believe Ryu was a boy about the same age as Meimei.
He seemed to have a lot of energy and was very curious.
I remember he often asked me about becoming an adventurer. 


I think he was fascinated by strength and took his training more seriously than others.
Is he the reason why he lost his apprentice? 


“This Meimei, you can't say that to others.” 


“Master, brother is not a stranger.
We ate from the same pot.


“Well ……
you have a stubborn streak in you.
Do as you please.” 


“Then shall we leave?” 


Athena is about to get out of the room, but the old man says, “It's no big deal.
It's just a matter of embarrassing my people.” 


“Whatever you want to talk about, just get on with it.
I'm getting sleepy after eating sweets.” 


“Same here.” 


Frey and Mirialia let out a big sigh of relief.
As for Mirialia, she is already trying to doze off. 


“I know the feeling,” she says.
It's quiet here, and the sunlight is very comfortable.
And the unique smell from the tatami mats makes me feel at ease.
No wonder I feel sleepy. 


“So, what the hell happened?” 


I ask again, and Meimei's expression becomes tense as she explains. 


“About a year ago.
Ryu was always angry with his master because he wouldn't let him learn his techniques for so long.
I don't know if he wanted to vent his anger or what, but he started acting arrogant in town.
It escalated to the point where he would start fights wherever he went.” 


“Wait a minute.
You said he wouldn't teach him a technique, but didn't she just now use the Kikagei-ryu in her match with Frey?” 


“I didn't teach her anything.
That was a technique that Meimei herself developed.” 




I was surprised to hear the old man's story.
I had never thought that Meimei could have developed that skill all by herself.
Isn't this girl a genius? 


Come to think of it, I didn't learn the techniques from grandpa either.
He only taught me a little about martial arts or how to fight, and then I watched and imitated him in my own way. 


I see…Ryu, who seeks……
strength, was resentful of the old man for not teaching him techniques.
So to vent that anger, he went down to town and got frisky with the average person. 


To put it simply, he was a bit of a wreck.
Well, it happens to kids around that age.
Frey was like that until recently. 


I apologized for breaking the subject and urged him to continue. 


“Both Achiki and the Master tried to convince Ryu many times.
They told him not to do such a foolish thing.
But he didn't change his attitude at all and finally committed a crime…….” 


“What kind of crime……?” 


“He got into a fight with a disciple from another school and killed him.” 


Oh, come on, seriously…….
I can forgive him for fighting with kids, but murder would be a bad idea.
Did he become so tainted with evil that he became like that? 


“The master lost his patience with this and excommunicated Ryu from the Kikage Ryu and expelled him.
Then Ryu said this to the Master, “Expelled? I don't need you to tell me to get the hell out of this miserable dojo! I have my own “heavenly style”! “


“So, it's the same here……?” 


Athena muttered, and Meimei was surprised, “Eh?” Meimei was surprised. 


“You know about the 'Heavenly style'?” 


“Yes, a little.
I was having dinner at a teahouse here in town when I got tangled up with some ruffians called the “Breaking Heavenly style”.
Frey here lightly chased them away, though.” 


“They were not so nice.” 


Frey says with a bored look on her face.
But I didn't expect to see the name of the “Breaking Heavenly Style” mentioned here as well.
What a rascal of a school. 


it's a quick story, isn't it? The name of the school was suddenly established about a year ago.
Among them, a man named Taorong, who is a master, is a very good martial artist, and he has been breaking into dojos all over the place.
This is my imagination, but I think that Ryu was also inspired by Taorong.
The technique that killed the disciple of the other school was from the Breaking Heavenly School.” 


“I see what you mean…….
I can see the story now.
I think Ryu was in contact with this Taorong guy before he was banished by grandpa, and he was recruited by him while he was teaching him the techniques.” 


“Maybe so.” 


He must have approached Ryu, who was in the town, sulking, because he couldn't get the old man to teach him the techniques.
He must have been very good at it, and encouraged him to quit the Kikage-ryu and come to the Haten-ryu. 


It must have sounded very sweet to Ryu.
He was going to teach him, a student of another school, a technique that would make him stronger in a short time. 


It's easy to fool a kid who is losing his sense of reason, but Taorong must be a smooth talker. 


Meimei gritted her teeth and opened her mouth, her body trembling with anger. 


“As long as they leave on their own, it's fine.
But Ryu pulled all the disciples of Kikage-ryu except for Achiki into the Breaking Heavenly Style!” 


“You won't get stronger by staying in a dojo like this, and he said that the Breaking Heavenly Style will teach you techniques that will make you stronger right away, and he was joking!” 


“……I see.” 


“Achiki is unforgivable! Ryu and the others were all brought up by their masters.
Not only did he teach us, but he also gave us a place to live, food, and everything else!  There is no way I will allow you to not only betray your master, but also avenge the favors you have given me!” 


Meimei shouts angrily. 


I understand her feelings painfully well.
When I was under his care, many of the disciples in grandpa's school were little kids.
They were all kids who had no relatives.
It was more like a temple than a dojo. 


Meimei, Ryu, and the others were all cheerful, and we were more like family than friends. 


But when they were betrayed by their families with sweet words, it was understandable that Meimei would be angry. 


“May I ask you a question? When the other disciples left, didn't Master Pai keep them back?” 


To Athena's question, the old man replies while sipping his tea in a nonchalant manner. 


“It doesn't matter.
In my dojo, we don't chase those who leave and we don't reject those who come.
If they decides to do so, I will respect that.”


“I see…….” 


If you say so, we can't say anything about it. 


“Ha, that Ryu guy's a real son of a b*tch.” 




“Hey you guys, what's with the face?” 


No, no, no, it's a little better now, but you weren't much different a while ago.
Which one of you was that horsey girl who was always picking fights with anyone and everyone with an “I'm like you” attitude? 


I heard some of the ex-dragonheads in your party say you were out of control. 


Frey looked at us coldly, clicked her tongue and turned away, as if she was being punished. 


Now I know why all those disciples are gone.
Now it's our turn. 


I'm going to ask you to do something for me. 


“Hey, old man, will you take Frey as your disciple for a little while?” 


“Huh? What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden? Why should I do that?” 


“Well, um, I'm not saying it randomly.
I'm saying this because I think you need it right now.” 


“Oh, come on, are you serious?” 


“I'm serious.
So what do you say, old man?” 


“I don't mind.
I told you, I don't take no for an answer.” 


“I love it! I want to train with Frey too!” 


I got the old man's approval, and Meimei is happy too.
I should also mention this. 


“Also, can we stay here for the time being?” 


“No problem.” 


“I'm so happy to be with you again!” 


“Are you serious ……?” 


“When did this happen…..?” 




My original plan was just to check out the dojo, but it's going to be a lot of fun, ain't it?


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