Chapter 37: Est.
2 (Part 2)


TL: Scaramochi




[Est's POV]


After defeating a high-level labyrinth master, we visited the guild to report and redeem items. 


When we opened the old door and entered the guild, the eyes of the adventurers were fixed on us.
Their gazes weren't contemptuous and derisive as they had been a few months before, but a mixture of awe and respect. 


“Hey, it's Est!” 


“”Trickster” here you come.
How far have you conquered this time?” 


“Sora and Fuu looked like potatoes when they first came here, but now they're all polished up.” 


Yes, they're both beautiful girls. 


I heard some idiot got drunk and made a pass at those two, but they beat him to a pulp. 


I heard some idiot made a drunken pass at them and got his ass handed to him. 


“Oh, that's you, right? Was that you?” 


I can hear the conversations of the adventurers, even if I don't want to. 


Their voices are usually so loud that I can hear them even if I don't care to.
When I was at Stardust, their voices bothered me, but now I feel better with more praise. 


Sometimes there's a bit of jealousy, though, like how sassy they are with their beautiful girls, Sora and Fuu, with flowers on both hands. 


By the way, I have come to be known by the adventurers as “Trickster”.


It was a title given to a first-rate adventurer who excelled at his or her craft, and when I was given it, I was delighted from the bottom of my heart to know that I had been recognized by the adventurers.
The reason why I was called [Trickster] by the way, was that my magic could produce a wide variety of effects. 


Overhearing the conversation of the adventurers, I went to the reception desk and reported to the receptionist. 


“I stepped through the advanced labyrinth just now.
This is the item of evidence.” 


Saying so, I hand her the item dropped from the Giant Golem.
When the receptionist saw the item, she was astonished to jump up and down. 


“This, this! The Giant Golem's brilliance! This brilliance……
is definitely real.
You did it, Est, congratulations!” 


“Thank you.” 


“Hey, did you hear that? The Trickster finally did it!” 


“Wow! It hasn't even been three months since they created a new party!” 


“Starlight, you're really on a roll, aren't you? Damn, I'm jealous!” 


The adventurers start buzzing when they hear the story of the advanced labyrinth breakthrough leaked out. 


No party had stepped through an advanced level labyrinth in the past few years, so the excitement was tremendous.
Everyone was excited and sent words of praise. 


The receptionist, who had gone to report to the guildmaster, came back and told us that 


“Once again, congratulations on your achievement of stepping through the advanced labyrinth.
In honor of this achievement, we are pleased to promote your Starlight party rank to Golden Rank.  In addition, we are promoting Est's individual rank from Silver to Gold, and Sora and Fu from Bronze to Silver.” 


“That's great, Est! Gold at last!” 


“Yes, congratulations to Sora and Fuu on their promotion to the Silver rank!” 


“Oh no……
we were there because of Est!” 


I share my joy with Sora and Fuu. 


I felt bad for the girls, but my head was full of myself.
I was playing it cool with them, but deep down inside I was dancing. 


I finally did it! I'm finally a gold rank adventurer! 


Just a few days ago I was a dull silver, but now I've become the gold that everyone dreams of! 


I'm happy, I'm happy from the bottom of my heart.
And that too with Starlight, which I created. 


This isn't a dream. 


I got the Gold rank with my own hands! 


“Finally, Starlight has a Gold Rank………
The pussycat who stuck behind Athena has risen to the occasion.” 


Well, I haven't seen Athena lately.” 


“I miss my drinking buddy Dale a little bit.”


“Well, what are they doing? Are they still recuperating from the wounds they got from the demons?” 


“I'm sure they're healing from the stones.
The intermediate labyrinth was sealed off until recently, so they must have moved to some other city.” 


Stardust's story spills out from the adventurers. 


I was a little concerned about them, too.
Stardust has been completely out of sight since the demon god incident. 


As the adventurers said, the intermediate labyrinth was sealed off, so they probably couldn't explore the dungeon.
That said, it would still be too early to challenge the advanced level labyrinths, and there was no point in exploring the beginner level labyrinths, even from a profit standpoint. 


I don't know what they are doing, but they may have moved to a city with a different dungeon. 


It's just a little disappointing.
I didn't get to see Athena's face when she found out that I had broken through the advanced labyrinth and had been promoted to the gold rank. 


“What are you going to do now, Est?” 


“Well, now that you've conquered the advanced labyrinth, shall we go to a different city?” 


“Yes, I think so…….” 


Two people asked me a question, and I reply with hmmm. 


If I were an ordinary adventurer, I would have stayed here for a long time.
I would have earned enough just by exploring the advanced labyrinths.
And since I'm now gold rank, I should be treated reasonably well. 


I don't feel the need to leave the home all the way. 


But my goal is to become the best adventurer in the world. 


I don't intend to continue to be a kingpin in this puny city.
Then the story is simple.
To go higher, to be stronger, to shine brighter, we must keep challenging ourselves. 


“Let's get some rest and then we'll head to Barontark.” 


“The Royal Capital?” 


There are more dungeons in the vicinity of King's Landing and they are more difficult than here.
Let's go there and make the name of Starlight more famous.” 


“Good idea! Let's do that!” 


Sora and Fuu agree to my idea. 


Now we have decided where to go.
Our next goal is to trudge through the dungeons of the royal city of Barontark. 


(Watch me Athena, I'm going to run up to a place you can't reach.)

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