Chapter 30: Let's Take A Trip


TL: Scaramochi




“Damn it!!! Why can't I go to the labyrinth even though I'm cured!” 


Frey is ranting cheerfully today. 


She is from the dragon people, with victorious eyes as sharp as a reptile's, red wings sprouting from her back, and a dragon tail sprouting from around her waist. 


Her appearance is reasonably good. 


Her face is somewhat masculine but well-defined, her skin is healthy, and her crimson hair is short and messily clipped. 


Her body is toned and reasonably well proportioned.
She's still growing, so maybe she'll become a better woman in the future.


Frey is so strong that she is known as the “Violent Dragon,” and was formerly the ace attacker of the Silver-ranked party, Dragonhead. 


Her personal rank is also Silver, but she is a promising fighter with gold-level specs. 


However, her personality is as selfish as a stray horse, and she is unable to adapt to her surroundings, so she was kicked out of the party. 


At that time, Athena calls on her and she joins Stardust. 


Even after joining Stardust, her selfishness was still there, and things didn't go well for a while.
However, at some point, she began to reflect on her behavior and started to cooperate with others. 


She is still a little bit selfish, but she hasn't changed at all.
Well, that's one of the good things about Frey. 


“It doesn't matter.
I want to rest more.” 


Mirialia overflows lazily while lying on the sofa. 


She is a girl from the elf tribe, with ears longer than a human's and skilled in magic. 


According to common knowledge, elves are as beautiful as dolls in appearance.
Not to be left out of that, Mirialia's appearance would be described as beautiful by anyone who sees her. 


She has jewel-like earth-colored eyes, long fresh green hair as smooth as silk, and all the parts of her face are perfectly in place. 


However, she was short, and her body was a child.
Or rather, she was flat.
Well, for elves, who live much longer than humans, Mirialia is still a young child.
She may become a nice-buddy woman in a hundred years or so. 


Yeah, I hope she will be a nice busty lady in a hundred years or so……. 


She has a lot of magic power inside her, and in addition to mastering powerful advanced magic, she has a variety of magic she can use, such as recovery magic.
I have yet to see her work, but I am sure she can handle spirit magic as well. 


She is the strongest among the Stardust members at this point in time. 


However, Mirialia is satisfied with her current situation and doesn't want to get any stronger. 


Perhaps because of her lazy and tedious nature, she didn't try to train herself.
That is a bit of a waste. 


She is still growing.
If she really tries to become stronger, even I can't imagine how great a mage she will become.
But I can see that she would be unfaithful if the outsiders complain about it, so I'm just going to say so. 


“It can't be helped.
The labyrinth is sealed off.” 


It's Athena, the leader of Stardust, who tells Frey, who is about to go berserk, while exhaling a sigh. 


In less than a year as an adventurer, Athena has raised Stardust to the Silver rank, and is so skilled that she has been given the nickname “Golden Flower”.
She is an all-around swordsman with excellent physical ability and magic. 


Athena's appearance is as beautiful as Mirialia's.
She has long golden hair that shines brightly. 


She has long golden hair that shines brightly.
Her skin is as white as snow.
Sleek contours, long eyelashes, and moist lips.
Her clear, sky-blue eyes are powerful. 


Her style is also outstanding.
Her breasts are large, her waist is thin, and her legs are long and thin.
Her body has grown from that of a child to that of an adult, and recently her sex appeal has increased as well. 


To be frank, she could be mistaken for any aristocratic daughter. 


She is the leader of Stardust. 


Until recently, she had been going through some difficulties and her abilities were declining, but she has changed her mind and is growing at a tremendous rate as she strives to keep up with Frey. 


Athena's goal seems to be to become the best adventurer in the world. 


If other adventurers heard this, they might scoff at her and say, “Don't dream,” but in my opinion, she has the potential to reach her goal. 


I believe Athena can become the world's best adventurer someday. 


“Hey, Dale, do something!” 


“Don't be reckless!” 


I sigh and cower my shoulders at Frey's reckless request. 


I'm Dale.
I'm a sprightly 20-year-old nice guy who loves drinking and beautiful women. 


The three of them say I smell like an old man, and it's hard for me to admit that I've been smelling like an old man myself lately. 


But I can't help it, can I? If you're always dealing with younger people, you'll start acting older before you know it. 


I wish Stardust would get an older, nice-buddy sister who can be relied on.
Then I can be pampered as much as I want.
I'm sure I could regress to a toddler if I wanted to. 


“I didn't realize that the influence of the demons would also damage exploration activities…….” 


Athena complains, “Oh dear.” 


Three days have passed since the demon god attacked. 


Frey and Mirialia were also seriously injured from the damage they received from the demon god, but with the help of advanced recovery magic from a medical magie – quite expensive – and three days of rest, they are completely healed. 


If they were normal people, they would have needed more time to heal, but both of them were healed in no time at all, probably because of their high physical specs. 


I am totally envious of them, because I haven't released all my strength in a long time, and my whole body is in shambles. 


What we are talking about now is that the labyrinth has been sealed off and we can't go exploring. 


When a demon god appears, all labyrinths in the vicinity are closed for investigation.
I think it takes about two weeks to a month for the beginner and advanced labyrinths, but for the intermediate labyrinths where the demon god is directly born, we don't know when the blockade will be lifted. 


And Stardust was exclusively active in the intermediate labyrinth. 


But the intermediate labyrinth has been sealed off.
So we couldn't explore the labyrinth for the time being. 


“Nghhhh! I was trying to get a sense of that time! “


“Well ……
surely we can't use the labyrinth.
I'd like to do something to make it stronger and financially…….” 


“That's good, let's all goof off together.” 


I suggest to the girls who are having trouble using the labyrinth, scratching the back of my head. 


“You guys~ are always thinking about the labyrinth, but that's not the only thing you're thinking about.” 


“Ah~n! What are you talking about, old man?” 


“I told you to stop calling me 'Old man'.” 


Athena asks suspiciously what I'm talking about. 


“What do you mean?” 


“An adventurer is a person who goes on adventures in search of the unknown in various places.
But you guys keep thinking about a labyrinth and a labyrinth and a labyrinths.” 




Oh, no, not that.
Did they really forget about it? 


Adventurers are those who travel and search for unexplored regions and treasures.
But these days, adventurers are more interested in exploring labyrinths. 


Well, maybe that is inevitable.
Labyrinths are filled with almost everything adventurers are looking for. 


There are landscapes they have never seen before, materials from monsters, magic stones, ores, and even treasures.
If you want to get rich, exploring a labyrinth that suits your abilities is efficient and quick. 


Nowadays, it is common knowledge that being an adventurer means exploring labyrinths. 


But that alone is a waste of time.
The world is a big place, and there is an infinite number of new worlds out there. 


When I was a kid, I went to many places.
I had a lot of hardships and almost died many times, but even with all that, traveling and adventuring in unknown places was interesting and fun. 


Above all, I gained a lot of experience. 


That's why I want these guys to have that kind of experience.
I want them to know more about the outside world, not just the labyrinth. 


“Have you guys been anywhere else besides this city?” 


I arrived in this city right after I left the village.” 


“”Me too.””


“What, you're all nobori-nobori?” 


Well, we're not all nobori-nobori, are we? This city is big in its own way, but the royal capital is much more prosperous.
Compared to that, the city we are in now is no better than the countryside. 


I mean, have these guys really only been to this city since they left the village? It's too bad. 


“We can't go to the labyrinth for the time being anyway.
Why don't we just go on a trip at this point?” 


might be a good idea.” 


“Yeah~ that's a hassle!” 


Athena is enthusiastic, but Mirialia's response is just as you'd imagine. 


Now, as for Frey, the important thing. 


“But, can't you become strong just by traveling around?” 


“You seem to be bragging like a big shot in the middle of nowhere, but there are a lot of people stronger than you in the outside world.
It's one of the best parts of traveling.” 


“Sha! Let's go, you guys!” 




Athena and Mirialia send jittery glances at the quick flip-flop. 


I knew Frey was a softy.
I'm a little worried about the future because she's so easygoing.
Please don't let some weird lolicon buy you some expensive pots and jars, okay? 


Athena claps her hands and says 


“All right, all right.
Stardust will be traveling for the time being.
I want to experience more things too.
Right, Mirialia?” 


“Well, if Athena's going, I'm going too.” 


So, we, Stardust, decided to suspend our labyrinth activities for the time being and set out on an adventurous journey. 


Our final destination was the royal city of Barontark.

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