Chapter 29: From Now On


TL: Scaramochi




“Sh*t, how long do I have to stay here? I'm telling you, I'm fine now.” 


“Shut up.
Shut up and go back to sleep.” 


“What the hell did you say? Ouch…….” 


“I'm sure she's right, Mirialia, you should just sleep it off.
The first thing to do now is to heal your body.” 


Frey and Mirialia managed to survive, although they weren't exactly in one piece. 


Both of them had severe burns, but they were able to survive thanks to the doctor's treatment. 


The reason they survived was because Mirialia was wearing a magic-resistant robe and Frey was a dragoness who was resistant to fire and had a high life force. 


Still, there was no doubt that they were seriously wounded, and both of them were wrapped in bandages all over their bodies. 


They were dressed like mummies, and it was interesting to see them in costume. 


According to the doctor, the burns would heal cleanly and without a trace. 


I was relieved when I heard that.
I was so glad that a damsel of my age didn't get any scars. 


“I'm glad you both look well.
I bought some apples, so I'll peel them for you now.” 




“Heck, don't give me that stuff, give me some meat!” 


Athena comes to the hospital room with apples, and Mirialia is pleased, but Frey clucks her tongue and turns away. 


Athena is having a hard time peeling the apple, so I do it for her, and she feeds it to Mirialia. 


Frey complains that it's none of her business and takes one from the basket and crunches on it with the skin still on. 


I'm so happy to have Athena feed them to me.” 


“I'm telling you, it's just for now.” 




“Hey, why are we still alive? Athena is still alive and kicking.
I heard that the demon god was defeated by a passing adventurer, but I'm not satisfied with that.” 


Frey complains. 


She's right, the demon god I defeated was killed by an adventurer who just happened to be passing by. 


Or rather, I asked Athena to attest to that. 


I didn't want the others to know that I had defeated the demon god. 


After defeating the demon god and returning to town with Frey and Mirialia, we left them in the care of the doctor and went to report to the guild. 


The guild was in a flurry of excitement at the news that a demon god had appeared, and many silver-ranked parties had already gathered with two gold-ranked parties to form a strike team. 


Athena told the adventurers, “The demon god is defeated by only one person.” 


Athena told the adventurers that the demon god had been defeated by a single adventurer. 


When the adventurers heard this information, they were seriously offended. 


“Don't tell me a stupid lie,” said the adventurers.
“How is that possible? There was no way he could defeat the demon god by himself.” 


No one believed Athena's words. 


Well, it was understandable that they didn't believe her. 


I don't know how many adventurers there are in this world who can defeat a demon god single-handedly. 


Only a few platinum-rank adventurers have reached that level. 


And it was bad enough that the source of the information was Athena, the leader of Stardust, which had been on the decline recently. 


They would say she was crazy, or that she was lying to show off. 


Athena told the adventurers to check for themselves whether the information was true or false. 


The adventurers then head for the intermediate labyrinth to check it out. 


As a result, it was determined that the demon god had indeed been defeated by someone. 


There were three reasons for this. 


First, there were still traces of the fierce battle between the demon god and the adventurers in the labyrinth. 


Second, Athena and the others were still alive. 


The adventurers who came to report to the guild knew that Athena and the others were fighting the demon god, because they had let them go. 


So if the demon god is alive, Athena and the others cannot be alive. 


Third, the city is safe. 


The demon gods, who are the rightful owners of destruction, will try to kill humans once they get out of the labyrinth.
If they were alive, they would have destroyed the city by now. 


Based on the above, it was determined that the demon god had been defeated by someone. 


Some of them even suggested that the demon god had never been born in the first place.
However, the discovery of several corpses of adventurers who had been brutally murdered confirmed that a demon god had indeed been born. 


To begin with, no adventurer would lie about the birth of a demon god. 


No adventurer would benefit from reporting the birth of a demon god, because if they were wrong, the country would be affected.
In fact, if they lied, it would be a felony and at worst they would be put to death. 


So Athena's words became true, and she would report as much as she could about the characteristics of the adventurer who had defeated the demon god. 


She said with a smug look on her face that she explained it in such a way that they would never be connected to me, but I got chills down my spine wondering how on earth she explained it. 


After a day like that, Frey and Mirialia woke up too. 


It was funny how they were both soooo surprised that they were alive. 


Well, they probably didn't think they would be saved in that situation. 


Athena replies to Frey's grim look with a soft smile, “It's true, Frey.
I swear on my pride.
Just before I was about to be killed, an adventurer saved me.
quickly, he defeated the demon god.  I still can't get rid of that scene burned into the back of my eyelids.
I'm sorry to be a bit of a moonbat, but it was so cool.” 


Um~ Athena? 


Will you stop saying such embarrassing things in front of her? 


It makes me embarrassed. 


“Oh, you're the one who said that much.
I wish I could have met him.” 


Yes, he's right in front of you. 


“I wish I could have fought with him.” 


Yeah, don't get that kind of brain thinking so soon. 




“What's with you, Mirialia, you seem to have something to say.” 




Mirialia, who was staring at me intently, turns away. 


She probably somehow knew that I was the adventurer who defeated the demon god.
However, she can't say anything because she don't have any proof. 


You are a very tricky elf, aren't you? 


Anyway, I'm happy to hear that everyone is safe and sound. 


What the hell are you talking about like it's all over? Where the hell were you wandering around when we were in trouble? 


“No~, Im sorry to tell you guys this, but I was out drinking in the daytime.” 


“Oh, no! You should let me hit you when my wounds are healed!” 


I told her, while quieting down Frey, who was baring her teeth and snapping at me. 






“You did a great job.” 


“……Huh? I'm not happy to get compliments from you!” 


I then turned to Mirialia, who was lying on her side. 


“Thanks for keeping my word, Mirialia.
I'm glad I left you in charge.” 


“……Don't know.” 


Mirialia quickly pulls the covers over her head. 


I let out a sigh, then turn to Athena one last time. 


“You did good, Athena.” 


“Thank you, Dale.” 


The three of them did really well. 


Even though he was newly born, but he's still demon gods.
The fact that only three of us were able to hold off the demon god is something to be really proud of. 


The experience of fighting the demon god will surely make them stronger. 


Stardust's rapid ascent, despised as a failure, is just beginning. 


“Hey Athena, I'm going to the labyrinth as soon as I recover! I want to make sure I don't forget what it felt like.” 


“Okay, that's what I want too.” 


my Athena is going to turn into a brainiac because of that idiot.” 


“Oh, I hope so.
Hey, you f*cking elf, why did you hide your abilities from me? You didn't tell me you could use advanced magic!” 


“I agree with you as the leader of the party.
Come on, Mirialia, tell me why.
I won't be offended.” 


“I'm afraid of Athena…….” 


you cheerful little brats!)


I was sure of that as I looked at the three noisy, noisy people.

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