Chapter 25: Serious


TL: Scaramochi




I was glad I made it in time. 


Considering the state of the three of them, I didn't make it in time at all, but I spared themselves the worst possible outcome. 


Both Mirialia and Frey were barely breathing.
They would recover if treated soon. 


And Athena was also……. 


''These guys really did a great job.” 


They fought against the demon god and survived. 


Considering the state of these guys, you could tell that they were desperate.
They must have had really put their lives on the line. 


If I could, I would praise them right now. 


But right now, I had to kill this guy right away. 


I pulled Athena back, holding her in my arms, and gently lowered her to the ground, stroking her dirty golden hair gently as if I was working on it. 


“I'll be done soon.
Just give me a minute.” 


“Yeah, I'll wait.” 


I turned on my heel and observed the moaning demon god. 


It seemed that “this” demon god wasn't so bad.
The amount of magic power wasn't that much, and if Athena and the others could deal with it, it was probably a small fry. 


I was sorry to say this, but if it were a normal demon god, the three of them would be no match for him.
They would have been killed the moment they met. 


But if even those guys could fight, then this demon god didn't seem so bad. 


“It'll grow back soon.” 


The demon god, who had been screaming like a child, took on a nonchalant attitude. 


The arm I cut off regenerated at high speed. 


Unlike humans and other races, demons could regenerate their bodies as long as they had magical power. 


But, so what?


“Hey, you son of a b*tch, how dare you bully those kids.
I'm going to make you pay for this.” 


“Eh? What? What's so good about it? You're going to get killed by me, right? You cut off my arm, of course I'm going to kill you!” 


“You're the one who's going to get killed now!” 


“Kill me? I'm going to kill you now! I'm going to kill you, kill, ahahahahahahaha? Isn't that funny, Mom? He's so much weaker and less magical than me, and he's going to kill me! Isn't that hilarious?” 


“Yeah, I got no more magic than you.
I'm not even stronger than you right now.” 


“Haha, don't be so tough, you little fish! You're going to be killed by me now! How shall I kill you? How shall I take care of you?” 


Ha, even a stone demon god couldn't notice, could he? 


As expected, it was a magic tool made by him.
Be proud, the tool you made fooled even the demon god. 


Well, if you didn't believe my words, you would just have to experience it for yourself, wouldn't you? 


I brushed my hair and removed the bracelets from my wrists. 


A moment later, I awakened the vast amount of magical power lying dormant in my body. 


is that? Why do you possess so much magic power? What did you do? What did you do?” 


“Hey, hey, what happened to your weird way of talking earlier? What did I do? All I did was remove the tool that originally sealed the magic power.
I haven't changed at all.” 


ridiculous! It's impossible, a mere human being can't have this much magic power! No, there is no way I can withstand it!” 


The demon god couldn't hide his astonishment at the sight of magical power more powerful than his own. 


Unfortunately, I had it, and I could endure it. 


But even if I tried my best to suppress it, I scared normal people, and if they had low resistance to magic, I could make them faint or something. 


So, this was my full power. 


“I'm going to kill you for all the people you've killed.” 


“F*ck you! There's no way I'm going to lose to you!” 


With that shout, the demon god approached me at a tremendous speed. 


It was fast.
Even though he was just born, he was still a demon god.
His physical ability was a monster. 


It was too bad, though.
Don't think you can beat me in melee combat. 




“You're soft and tough.
It's like a piece of paper.” 


The body of the demon god that had struck the blow was brought down into three pieces. 


The dismembered demon god screamed out in pain. 


But soon, the severed flesh floated in the air, solidified into one, and began to regenerate. 


sh*t, how dare you! Kill, I'm going to kill you! Fire magic firestorm!” 


I was impressed that you weren't surprisingly calm. 


Immediately judging that he was no match for me in blows, the demon god unleashed his advanced magic. 


I swung my sword in a wide arc against the oncoming heat wave. 


The shockwave emitted from the sword drowned out the heatwave. 


The shockwave from the sword drowned out the hot wind and slammed the demon god into the wall. 


you think your magic can defeat me? What the hell kind of magic are you……


“Unfortunately, that wasn't magic.
It's just the wind that happens when you swing a sword very fast and put magic into it.” 


“Oh, you idiot……
how could that possibly defeat my advanced magic? Oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t!  Then, I'll make it disappear this time! I'm going to wipe you out without a trace!” 


The enormous magical power of the demon god was concentrated. 


From the amount of magical power that could be felt, he was planning to use a special grade magic above the higher grade. 


Even I couldn't afford to be relaxed about the special class magic. 




I sat down, took a deep breath, and increased my magical power to the fullest. 


“Gone, full fire magic, full fire!!!!!!!!” 


From both of the demon god's hands, condensed, super-heated heat rays were released. 


I exhaled and at the same time flashed my sword against the heat rays that came flying in, scorching the air and burning the ground. 


The slash wave with super-dense magic power on it slashed vertically through the heat rays as it surged forward. 


There was no rivalry at all. 


In an instant, it reached the demon god, and the slashing wave sliced the demon god's body in half, leaving a large scar on the labyrinth's wall. 


that I, the demon god, can be defeated by a……
human! It's……
strange, hey mama……
It's strange, isn't it?” 


I approached the mumbling demon god, who was mumbling and mumbling without focus, and I looked down at him and told him pitifully. 


“It ain't funny.
It's just that your opponent happened to be me.
It's just bad luck, that's all.” 


don't want to die! Please don't kill me! I was born, but I don't want to die.
I want to play more! I'm going to play hard, hard, hard, like them! I'm gonna kill a lot more! Right, Mom? I don't want to die.
I don't wanna die!” 


“You've killed those people who said that.
Don't worry, I'll kill your friends someday, too.”


“Stop, stop, stop…” 


The demon god's body was cut up beyond repair and his mouth was forcibly closed. 


I didn't want Athena to hear any more of his filthy words. 


I checked his reaction carefully. 


The newly born demon god had indeed died out. 




It had been a while since I fought seriously, but I was glad I managed. 


It was a relief that the opponent was a small fish among the demon gods.
If it had been a higher level demon god, I might have been in trouble on my own. 


I put back on the bracelet to seal the magic and walked over to Athena, who was still in a state of lethargy. 


“It's over!” 


“Ah, ah …..
I see.
I'm already confused, I don't know where to start.
Dale ……
you've been hiding your powers all this time?” 


“Well, there's a bit of a reason.
I'm sorry, but could you please keep quiet about this? If the other guys find out, it's going to be troublesome later on.  Also, please pretend that I'm not the one who defeated the demon god.” 


When I asked her with my hands clasped together, Athena sighed loudly, as if in dismay, and said, 


“All right.
I'll keep this to myself.
But you will tell everyone sometime, right?” 


“Yes, someday.” 


“Okay, then let's get they two back home as soon as possible.
We need to take care of their injuries right away.” 


Athena, you take care of Mirialia.
I'll carry Frey.”




I was glad Athena was one of those people who knew what she was talking about. 


I was going to leave Athena and the others if my powers were ever discovered. 


I just wanted to be a part of their dream for a little while longer. 


“Well, I hope you won't give me a hard time about this kind of claptrap.” 


I smiled at Athena's back as I blurted this out.

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