Chapter 9: Regrets


TL: Scaramochi






“Sighs are rare, ain't they? Why, are you depressed?”


“A little……
I was prepared for people to hate me, but it's tough when you actually experience it.”


Back at the party house, Athena was severely depressed as she sat down.


That's right.


If a childhood friend, with whom you have grown up together, looks at you with hatred as if they're avenging their parents' death, it's hard.


Even if it was retribution for the consequences of her banishment.


It's not that Athena hates Est.
On the contrary, she banished him because she wanted to protect his life.


She may be an adult, but Athena is still a 15-year-old kid who has just become an adventurer.
It is natural for her to get hurt.


Athena turned her head down and let out a weak sound.


“I think……
that what I did was wrong.
If I hadn't banished Est……
if I had waited until Est got stronger……
if I hadn't rushed to move up……
I'm sure this wouldn't have happened.”


“I'm not going to say what I would have done if I had waited.
It's not necessarily true that he would have become stronger without banishing.
The party might have been stagnant for a long time.
Worst case scenario, Est might have died.”




“Life is a series of choices.
And when you make a choice, you are bound to have regrets.
What's important is that even if you regret it, you can proudly say you're glad you chose this one.”


Wow, I can smell it in my own mouth.


As I was feeling embarrassed for saying such an uncharacteristically serious sermon, Athena raised the corner of her mouth just a little and said


Dale, you talk like an old man.”


now I realize I smell like an old man myself.
I hate getting old.”


“No, thank you.
I'm glad you're feeling better, I knew I could count on you Dale.
Regrets and choices, or……
Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't regret banishing Est, but I would have made the same choice no matter how many times I went back to that time.
After much thought and consideration, I believed it was for the best.”


Athena's face had regained its brightness.


I knew it, a dark face doesn't suit this woman.
I want her to look straight up.
That's why she's so flamboyant.


“Hey, I'm up.
Athena, get in there as soon as possible.”


why is she coming in when I'm in? It was too small.”


“That's fine, I wanted to sweat it out as soon as possible.”


“No, you, put some clothes on.”


Frey and Mirialia get out of the bath at the same time.


It seems that Frey came in forcefully while Mirialia was in the bath.
She looks pretty limp.
Don't worry.


Mirialia likes women more than men.


I asked Mirialia once before if Frey was not an object of romantic interest, but she said that Frey is not an object of romantic interest because she is a crass woman with a woman's looks and a crass character.


She said with a snort that Athena is the best after all.


I digress, but when Frey came out of the bath, she was not wearing any clothes.


To be precise, she was wearing only pants.


She had nothing on top, so her well-shaped tits and slightly red nipples were in full view.


But I don't know what it is…….
herself is so imposing that I don't find it erotic at all.


Frey counters with a look she doesn't seem to like.


“Just the pants.
You should put your top on too, it's completely visible.
Don't you feel embarrassed?”


“Ha! How can I be embarrassed? I've never considered a man weaker than me to be a man.”


what a manly slut.


The members of Dragonhead must have been in a lot of trouble…….
They must have been exposed to this woman naked all the time.


Or maybe they were enlightened like me.


When I was heaving with manliness, Frey somehow lifted her chest, grinned and asked me something stupid.


“Or what? Are you having a hard-on for my body? I don't want to open my legs, but if you want, you can at least rub my breasts.
You've never rubbed a woman's breasts, have you? You smell like a virgin.”


“You idiot, who's going to have a crush on a titty-smelling little girl like you? And for the record, I'm not a virgin.”


“Oh, really?”




The moment I say this, for some reason Athena reacts.


Me, Mirialia and Frey didn't expect Athena to be surprised, and we ended up going silent.


As the air was getting weird, Athena coughed and said


“Gohon! Well, let's leave it at that, Frey is properly dressed.
We're living together in a party house, you should at least be modest.
Dale is a man too, and mistakes don't always happen.
Well, I'm not saying you can't fall in love……”


In case you haven't noticed, men are……
one word too many, Leader.


Even I get hurt sometimes,…….


“Damn, I get it.
Just put it on, put it on.
I'll do whatever the leader says.”


“Also, don't come in when I'm in there.”


“Huh? You're not the leader, so I don't have to listen to you.”




“I think I'll sweat it out too.
I'm sorry, Dale, but I'll take that first.”


“Go ahead.”


“Hey, old man, don't peek in Athena's bathtub.”


I agree with that.


Don't talk about me like I'm a dirty old man!


What the hell do they think I am?


I mean, come to think of it, there are three women and I'm the only man at the party.


From the outside, I may look like a harem guy who surrounds himself with women, but I'm not.


I'm the one being sexually harassed.


It's hard to be the only guy in a place full of women.


If Est had been here, I'm sure I would have had fun teasing him and making him blush.


I never thought I would miss the pure and innocent Est now.

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