Chapter 1: Exile


TL: Akabane


 TL: This story is unique in that it takes the point of view of the banisher and witnesses the success of the person they banished.




“Est, you're out of Stardust.”


Athena, the leader of the party “Stardust,” announces the banishment of her fellow member, Est.


“What ……
I'm supposed to leave Stardust ……
me? Oh no, haha, what a joke ……


Est, who was suddenly sentenced to banishment by Athena, stuttered in disbelief.


It's no wonder he's surprised.
He never thought he would be asked to leave the party.


It was from Athena herself, a childhood friend who had grown up with him since they were small children.


“I'm sorry, but this is no joke, this is a decision made by the entire party.”


“That ……
is a lie.
Hey, Mirialia, is it true?”


Est asks party member Mirialia fearfully.


He wants her to say he's joking.
She wants him to say it's a lie.


But Mirialia answered lazily, not even turning her head toward Est.




“Yeah means …….
Hey Dal, it's a lie, right? It's some kind of joke, right? You're all making fun of me, aren't you?”


Est asked me with a clinging look in her eyes.


I didn't say much, either, but learned myriad and replied shortly.


“I'm sorry, Est, but it's true.”




Est, shocked and his complexion stained with despair, asks me why, as if shouting.


“It's a lie! It can't be true! You've been doing well so far! Stardust has moved up to the silver class and is about to do even better, so why should I be expelled from the party!”


That's a fair question.


No one would agree to be suddenly asked to leave the party.


The reason for banning Est…..


Before I explain that, let me first look back at last night.




I had been invited by Athena, the party leader, to visit a tavern.


I looked around the restaurant and saw that Athena and the member, Milliaria, were already at the table.


I wondered if Est had arrived yet…….


I went over to Athena and called out to her before taking a seat.


“It's rare that you ask me out for a drink.”


“……I have something I wanted to discuss with you.”


“What's this? I thought we could have a good time drinking, but it doesn't seem like it.
Est is not here yet?”


“I didn't invite Est.”


I give a dubious “Heh” in response.


That's unusual, Athena wanting to talk without her childhood friend Est.


With a questioning look on my face, I ask the waitress for a drink.


Drinking the ale she quickly brought me, I urged the dark-faced leader to talk.


“So, what kind of consultation is this?”


“I'm thinking of expelling Est from the party.”




“Dull dirty.
Next time you try that on me, I'm going to roast you whole.”


“Oh, oh ……


I was so surprised by what came out of Athena's mouth that I spilled a mouthful of alcohol on Mirialia.


This guy doesn't joke around much, so the next time I do that, she's going to get seriously roasted whole.


I don't really care about that.


What do they mean they're banning Est from the party?


It's too sudden.


“Give me a reason.
Don't tell me it's a love affair or something.”




“I'm just kidding.”


Athena took one look at me with a deadly glare, so I hurriedly made a light-hearted remark to cover it up.


Well, from my point of view, it's never a joke.


Athena and Est have been childhood friends since they were a little, and from the moment I met them, they seem to have been close and bonded.


Est in particular was easy to understand and seemed to like Athena.


So I wondered if Est finally confessed his feelings to Athena and was crushed.


Otherwise, she and her childhood friend wouldn't have said anything about banishment.


It's not uncommon for parties to break up or dissolve due to romantic disputes between members.


So I assumed that there was some kind of romantic problem between the two of them, but it seems I was wrong.


“Don't just shut up and talk to me.”


“Stardust has finally been promoted to the silver rank.
We don't want to settle for that, we want to aim higher.”


“Yeah, that's right.
Your goal is to become the world's best adventurers, right?”


Our party, Stardust, was made up of Athena, Est, Mirialia, and myself.


At first, Athena and Est started with two people, then they added Mirialia to the group, and finally I joined.


When the four of us were exploring more and more, Athena and Est asked us to officially form a party.


I agreed and so did Milliaria.


We conquered the labyrinths with success, and only recently have we been promoted to the Silver rank.


Stardust's name has become well known and respected in the adventuring community.


But our goal ……
or rather Athena's and Est's goal, is to become the best in the world, so we are not getting carried away and are aiming even high

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