Daniel said coldly, clutching one of Azela’s chest as if to burst it.
Pain followed his merciless touch, but Azela couldn’t even crumple her face.

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‘Don’t hurt her’ was the same thing he had said to others for her sake in the past.
The only difference was that it wasn’t ‘Don’t hurt Azela’ but ‘Don’t hurt Sylvia’ now.

“Unlike you, she is a weak and wounded woman.
You’re strong, you’ll be fine without me, but Sylvia, without me, she’s really left alone.”

At Daniel’s cold voice, Azela couldn’t refute anything.
The moment she opened her mouth to answer, she felt like she was about to cry, so all she could do was quietly lower her head.

Then, Daniel, looking at Azela who had not responded to him, looked at her disgustedly and came down from above her.
Azela, who had been lying on the bed, got up and pulled her torn dress.
Daniel pulled something out of his pocket and held it out.
It was a folded paper.

“…… This?”
“Open it.”

Was it a letter from his heart?

Azela unfolded the folded paper with a little bit of anticipation.
And then with a look of despair, she eventually buried her face in the paper.
The paper Daniel handed over was the divorce paper announcing the end of him and her.

“Everything of mine was written.
I would like you to write yours down and hand it over to me.”
“Aahh…… Daniel!”
“I want to spend the rest of my life with Sylvia, Azela.
I’m sure you’ll understand.”

With those short words, Daniel turned coldly and left the bedroom.
She was barely hanging on the edge of the cliff, and he finally pushed her down the cliff.
It felt as if the blood was draining from her body.

“Madam! Ma, Madam! Why are you like that!”

After Daniel left, Irene came in, worried about Azela and ran to her.
She was startled by Azela who was burying her face in the paper.
The divorce paper was soaked in her tears, but she didn’t say anything out of her mouth.
She just silenced her voice and cried alone.

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It was Azela’s last pride, just in case anyone would ever hear it.

Seeing Azela weeping with her dress torn off, finally Irene wrapped her in her arms and wept together.
Her story did not have a happy ending.




Azela, who got up early in the morning and finished eating, was absorbed in her makeup.
Azela, who pressed her index finger on her stinging temple, looked at her reflection in the mirror.
Her eyes were puffy from crying all night without a sigh.
Obviously, no one was going to care, but she didn’t want anyone else to find out that she was crying.

Because it was the last remaining pride.

“Is this enough, madam?”
“No, please make it a little more flashy.”

Like Sylvia if possible.

Azela bit her lips firmly, swallowing the words she couldn’t spit out because of her pride.
She untied her hair, which had always been tied up or held up neatly.
The luscious golden hair reflected in the morning sun wasn’t too bad.

She usually doesn’t put on too much makeup because she doesn’t want her eyes to feel stuffy and heavy, but today was a little different.
She sprinkled powder made from crushed jewels on her eyelids to match the bare, swollen skin, and made her long eyelashes stand out.
Even in her ears, she wore long earrings that narrowed down to her shoulders, where she always wore only neat earrings.

The dress split to reveal her breastbone was awkward but gorgeous.
It was so gorgeous that she thought it couldn’t be more flashy than this.
Just like Sylvia.

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“Ma, Madam.”

Irene stuttered her words and called her cautiously at the sight of Azela’s unusual appearance.
It was a very beautiful appearance, but it felt different from usual.
Azela herself looked down silently without saying a word, knowing that she was aware of it.

As it was reminiscent of someone, Irene almost burst into tears, but she barely endured it and said in a trembling voice.

“Oh, how about going to the garden and enjoying tea after a long time?”
“…… in the garden?”
“Yes, spring has arrived and the flowers have bloomed beautifully.
The garden is filled with the fragrance of flowers and the smell of green grass is fragrant.
Enjoying your favorite tea in the garden will definitely make you feel better.”

Despite Irene’s suggestion, Azela wiggled her fingers and she didn’t readily answer.
What if she went out and she met Daniel or Sylvia?

Where did the confident mistress go, leaving only the appearance of a delicate woman who looked like this?

Irene grabbed her tight chest and knelt down to meet Azela’s gaze.

“Neither the Master nor the woman comes to the garden often.
The two usually read a book together indoors or go out in a carriage.
So there is no need to worry.”
“Yes, and I saw a carriage waiting at the entrance to the mansion.
They are probably going out today, so you won’t be disturbed any more at this time.”

At Irene’s words, Azela thought about it for a long time, then nodded cautiously.
Irene looked at the shrunken shoulders and let out a small sigh.

In her mind, she wanted to advise Azela to abandon that Master and find her own life, but Azela was too tired to find her life now.
There was her love for Daniel, her hatred for him, and her hatred for Sylvia.

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Azela was exhausted from the emotions that rushed in her like waves.
Irene, who had worked hard on her bright expression, raised her body and spoke in a high tone.

“Then I’ll go ahead and prepare it, Madam.”

With only a fluttering heart at the sight of her master, who would be even more beautiful in the sunlight, Irene left the bedroom and hurried to take a light step into her garden.




“Spring has really just arrived.”
“I have planted a lot of flowers that the Madam likes, so next year you will be able to see a more beautiful garden.”

At Irene’s lively voice, Azela sipped her tea with a smile on her face.
It was hard to imagine how much it was worth looking at her master’s smile.
If she could, she was filled with the desire to give Azela these peaceful days every day.
Irene put a smile on her lips, suppressing her emotions that were constantly about to shed tears.

“Oh dear.”

However, even that small wind was shattered by the bright voice they could hear.
The corners of Azela’s lips that had risen up hardened.
Even without raising her head, she knew who the owner of the voice was.
Azela’s hand, who was holding the teacup, trembled unknowingly.

“I came out to enjoy tea time…… I didn’t know you were here?”

It was Sylvia who sat opposite Azela without any hesitation with her bright smile.
Usually, when they see the mistress, they avoid or bow their head, but she didn’t.

She has been like that since the first day she came.
Sylvia was confident, and in another sense, she was blatant and daring with Daniel on her back.

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“Looks like I haven’t seen you in a long time, Countess Todd.
I was worried because I couldn’t see you these days.”
“…… I see.”
“The tea smells very good.
I will ask for the same.”

Besides, she proudly called Azela, hoping to drink tea with her.
Without the slightest guilt or regret.
Sylvia beckoned lightly to Irene, who was standing next to Azela, and hummed with joy.

Irene, wanting to pour the hot tea over her head, gripped the handle of the teapot tightly, but Azela noticed it and gave an eye gesture to not do so, so she had to hold back.

With a rough hand, Irene put the tea down in front of Sylvia, and Sylvia smiled and said, ‘Thank you,’ as if she had been an elegant noblewoman.
She then stretched out in a good mood with her bright face.

Contrary to Azela’s roughening skin, Sylvia’s was getting much smoother than when she first came to the mansion.

“The weather is great today, isn’t it?”
“…… I heard that you cried yesterday.”
“Oh my.”

Sylvia looked startled at Azela’s words and covered my mouth with her hand.
She then asked in a worried tone.

“Did Daniel visit Countess Todd?”

Sylvia was calling him ‘Daniel’ rather than ‘Count Todd’.
It was a name that only Azela could call because he did not allow anyone else to call his name.

‘You gave Sylvia permission.’

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