dbook from the old lady at the counter. 

I did, but…

“Eugene-san, the student handbook is big.” (Sumire)

He called it a handbook, so I was imagining a small one, but it is as heavy as a hardcover book. 

It is heavy enough to require two hands to carry it. 

I don’t want to carry this around.

“Sumire-san, try saying ‘Close Book’ while holding your student handbook.” (Eugene)

“Uhm…C-Close Book…?” (Sumire)

The next instant, the student handbook disappeared without making a sound. 

“Eeeh?! Eugene-san, my student handbook disappeared!” (Sumire)

“Next, try saying ‘Open Book’.” (Eugene)

“Open Book…?” (Sumire)

This time, the student handbook suddenly appeared on my hand! 

“Wawawa!” (Sumire)

“And so, you can bring it out at any time like that.” (Eugene)


This makes it easy to carry around. 

“The student handbook of the magic academy also serves as your personal ID, and it is an important document that shows your personal information, Status, and skills.
Make sure not to leave it out in the open the whole time and store it with Close Book.” (Eugene)

“G-Got it! …Close Book!” (Sumire)

“Now then, let’s check out the student council room.” (Eugene)

Saying this, Eugene-san headed to a neighboring big 3-story building. 

Is this the building where we will find the student council room? 

“Eugene-san, what’s this building?” (Sumire)

“This is the student council room.” (Eugene)

“…Eh?” (Sumire)


This is not a room, but a whole building though…

“In this academy, club activities are important, and clubs that have accomplishments are given buildings.
The Student Council is a prominent organization even in the academy, so their clubroom is also big.” (Eugene)

“I see~.” (Sumire)

It is true that the clubrooms in our world would be bigger depending on the size of the club too, but…having a whole building for themselves is impressive. 

The scale in isekais is big. 

“You can freely come and go into the 1st floor of the student council’s building.
There’s even consultation windows for people who have worries about club activities and classes.
You have Rin-sensei, so I don’t think you will have any need for that though.” (Eugene)

“I also have you, Eugene.” (Sumire)

That’s true.” (Eugene)

When I said this, Eugene smiled as if a bit embarrassed about that. 

If I have any worries, I am thinking of consulting Eugene-san. 

He is really easy to talk to after all.

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(Does Eugene-san have a girlfriend?) (Sumire)

If he does, she might get angry about me monopolizing him the whole time. 

But there’s no shadow of a woman in the way Eugene-san speaks. 

It would be nice if he doesn’t have one. 

N-No, there’s no deep meaning in that though! 

“Oh my, isn’t that Eugene-kun? That’s rare.” 

A female student spoke to us on the 1st floor of the student council’s building.

Judging from her armband, it seems she is from the student council. 

Are we an inconvenience?” (Eugene)

“No way.
You are always welcome.
By the way, who is the girl there?” 

“Sashiogi Sumire-san.
A transfer student.” (Eugene)

The one rumored to have come from a parallel world?! I am honored to meet you.
I am Teresia of general affairs in the student council.
It is a pleasure!” (Teresia)

“Y-Yeah…I am Sashiogi Sumire.
Nice to meet you.” (Sumire)

Judging from her reaction, my name must have spread quite a great deal inside the academy. 

That’s a bit embarrassing.

“Teresia is in charge of the consultation window that I spoke to you about just now.
If anything troubles you, you can consult with her.” (Eugene)

“Fufufu, come at any time.
I will bring out tasty tea and pastries.” (Teresia)

That’s a bit enticing.

Teresia-san really gives off the feeling of being really easy to speak to.

“Well then, it is about time we go Sumire-san.” (Eugene)

Teresia-san, sorry for the intrusion.” (Sumire)

Eugene-san and I bowed and were about to leave.

But Teresia-san looked like she wanted to say something.

“Eugene-kun, you won’t go meet the President?” (Teresia)

“It would just cause trouble.” (Eugene)

“I…don’t think that’s the case though.” (Teresia)

“Please send my regards.” (Eugene)

Looks like there’s some underlying circumstances. 

It bothers me a bit, but it is hard to ask. 

Maybe I should try asking later. 

At that moment, several male students came in from the entrance. 

Everyone has a good physique and has weapons hanging at their waist. 

They seem like martial artists. 

Wow, it really does feel like an isekai! 

They carry around weapons like normal! 

They seemed to be chatting, but once they noticed us, their expressions changed.

Their eyes grew sharp and they approached us. 

W-What is it?

“Oi, Eugene, what is the one in charge of the menial labor in the Animal Club doing here?” 

“Could it be that you are still following the President around?” 

“You have nothing to do with the President, Eugene!”

“Hey, stop it already.” (Teresia)

Teresia-san stopped the male students that were bothering us. 

“Let’s go, Sumire-san.” (Eugene)

“O-Okay…” (Sumire)

Eugene-san ignored them. 

But the men moved and blocked our way. 

“Oi, don’t ignore us, Eugene.” 

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“Oh, you are bringing along a cute girl.” 

“Hey, you, come play with us instead of him.” 

One of the men tried to put a hand on my shoulder.

(Eh?!) (Sumire)

I winced without being able to do anything. 


But Eugene-san grabbed the arm of that man. 

“Can’t you see she dislikes this? Stop it.” (Eugene)

 “Hah?! What are you playing cool here?! Let go!” 

The man tried to tear himself away from his grasp, but Eugene-san was not budging an inch. 

“D-Damn it! I can’t move it!” 

Eugene-san eventually let go and the man finally moved away. 

“You…are you picking a fight with us?!” 

How does that even work?! 

You are the ones picking a fight! 

But the male students surrounded us. 

“E-Eugene-san…what should we do?” (Sumire)

“How troubling.” (Eugene)

His face when he said this…

(Eh…? He doesn’t seem to be that troubled at all…?) (Sumire)

I noticed instinctively. 

Eugene-san is incredibly calm here. 

He is not worried at all here. 

Then, I don’t need to worry? 

It is actually the male students who were not calm here. 

“Oi, what if he got injured?!” 

The guy at the side of the one who got his arm grabbed threw in a complaint. 

“Want me to cast healing magic on him?” (Eugene)

“That’s not my point!” 

…Could Eugene-san be…an airhead? 

“It is quite noisy out here.
Did something happen? 

At that moment, one tall, slender, and beautiful female student came down from the stairs. 

“President!” (Teresia)

I heard the voice of Teresia-san. 

At the same time as this happened, the men in battle stance immediately take distance from us. 

If I had to, I would describe her as a single sweet and lovely flower. 

Glistening silver hair and lapis lazuli eyes. 

Her way of walking, her posture, her way of speaking all had elegance in them. 

It seems like she is the magic academy’s student council president. 

“Why is there clamor here?” 

The words of that girl made the people bothering Eugene-san fall silent.

They are avoiding eye-contact awkwardly. 

What’s with that attitude?! 

That’s totally different from just a few seconds ago! 

The student council president then directed her gaze at us.

And then, her expression suddenly changed.

She showed a surprised expression for an instant and then a big smile. 

“Eugene?! You came to meet me, right?!” 

Saying this, she jumped into the chest of Eugene-san.


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