use, got your butt kicked by your pops, and you were forcefully enrolled into this Lykeion Magic Academy, right? How many dozens of times have I heard this already, Eugene?”

“Shut up, Claude.
This is something that wouldn’t ever happen to you as a mighty Hero.
At least let me complain about it.” (Eugene)

I am currently enrolled in the Normal Department of the Lykeion Magic Academy located at the center of the South Continent. 

The Lykeion Magic Academy is the highest academic center of the South Continent. 

The academic level is fearsomely high. 

And the quality of the students too. 

While I was dumbfounded, I got hit by the iron fist of my dad and was thrown into the magic academy. 

There’s barely anyone I know here, so I am having a carefree school life. 

I am really grateful to my dad.

Though I think it was pretty rough. 

The man walking by my side is Claude Percival from the Magic Academy’s Legendary Hero Department. 

He has a 5 Color Ability, and his Job is Hero. 

An elite among elites. 

Compared to that, my Jobs are side-lines like Healer and Barriermancer. 

Those are the only 2 Jobs that I can get in with white mana. 

With this, my lifetime wages will be lower than 1/100th of a Hero, so…that’s such a harsh reality. 

It really makes me wanna cry. 

“Your childhood friend, Princess Airi, right? I heard that she managed to climb all the way to the highest rank of the Empire, a Heaven Knight.” (Claude)

“Tch, that’s right.
She also has a coworker boyfriend…” (Eugene)

Even in a far foreign country like the magic academy, you can still hear rumors about famous people. 

The marriage proposal of the 2nd prince from somewhere apparently didn’t go through. 

But there’s rumors that she is in a romantic relationship with a young elite general of the Empire. 

My childhood friend forgot about me and is doing well with her new boyfriend…or so they say. 

How annoying. 

Maybe Claude noticed my expression, he tried to comfort me with a sympathetic tone.

“But you are the only one I can leave my partner wyvern under the care of without worries, Eugene.
You are helping me out greatly all the time.” (Claude)

“That’s because I am in the Animal Club after all.
It is simply my job.” (Eugene)

Most students in the Magic Academy are in clubs. 

The club activities of the Lykeion Magic Academy are similar to the Confederation Guild. 

In the classes of the academy, you can learn general magic, maneuvering, and knowledge. 

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At the clubs you have the senior-junior hierarchy, and there’s many students that use this to make connections with students of different years. 

The one I am in is the Animal Club. 

Normally, the students can freely choose what club they want to join, but for me, it was assigned to me by the Principal. 

My tuition was exempted in exchange. 

Even with that, it is a club with a lot of troublesome menial work that just doesn’t make the exchange worth it. 

Claude and I arrived in front of a big cage. 

And there’s also a big key with a seal. 

This key is a magic tool for special use. 

“Ooi, partner.” (Claude)

Claude raised his voice. 

A beautiful wyvern with glossy ultramarine scales landed in front of him.


It purred in happiness. 

“Have you been doing well?” (Claude)

Being brushed by Claude, the wyvern cried happily. 

I replenished the feed while they were doing that. 

“I’m done, Claude.” (Eugene)

I spoke to Claude and the wyvern. 


The wyvern also pushed its face near me. 

I pet it gently. 

It has taken a liking to me since the time I healed it with healing magic when it got injured. 

It is normally hard to deal with this wyvern apparently . 

“Partner, tomorrow we are heading out on an expedition.
Let’s fly together.” (Claude)

Claude smiled refreshingly towards his partner. 

What a pretentious guy. 

Also, he is popular. 

Well, that’s a given. 

He is a Hero after all. 

I exited the cage and headed deeper into the site. 

But Claude was following me too for some reason.

“You are already done with your business, right?” (Eugene)

“You will be heading to ‘that cage’ now, right, Eugene? I will come with you.” (Claude)

“…I don’t really mind though.
You are a weird one.” (Eugene)

The Animal Club’s grounds of the Lykeion Magic Academy are vast. 

The Principal loves rare things, has a lot of peculiar magic creatures, and breeds a great amount of them. 

There’s even atrocious magic creatures in the Calamity Designation.

The deeper you go in, the more dangerous the Sealed Area it is. 

The air grows thicker and thicker. 

It is on a level where normal people would find it hard to even breathe. 

There’s no issue for me as a Barriermancer though…

I got worried and looked at my side, and I could see Claude had a pale face. 

That’s why I told you…

“Don’t push yourself, Claude.” (Eugene)

“I-I am still alright…” (Claude)

I match the pace of Claude and walk slowly. 

We eventually arrived at a giant black metallic gate. 

—Taboo Seal: Rank Seven.

Deep inside this place, you will find the most dangerous mythological creatures in the academy. 

A normal person would apparently go mad just by making eye-contact with them. 

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Dirty work that can only be performed by a Barriermancer. 

Looking after them is also the job of the Animal Club. 

No wonder no one wants to do it. 

I can’t go any further than this.” (Claude)

Claude was sweating bullets and completely stopped walking. 

“You managed to get pretty close today.” (Eugene)

“Yeah…the legendary Demon Lord.
I want to see it one day but…I really can’t endure this miasma yet…” (Claude)

“Don’t push yourself.
Later then.” (Eugene)

I opened the heavy seal door. 

The miasma accumulated inside bursted out. 

“Guh…!” (Claude)

Claude fell on his knees.

“Here, [Mind Heal].” (Eugene)

I cast healing magic on him. 

Claude stood up with unsteady feet. 

“Hey, Eugene, I am always wondering this, but why are you okay in this miasma…? Even I can’t endure it as a Hero.” (Claude)

“It is because I am a Barriermancer.
How many times have you asked me now?” (Eugene)

“The Sage in our team that can use barrier magic fainted quite a few ways before the Seal Gate though…” (Claude)

“They lack training.” (Eugene)

“I am still not convinced.” (Claude)

“See ya.” (Eugene)

I waved my hand and closed the gate from the inside. 

“I am sure you are wrong here…” (Claude)

Right before I closed the gate, I heard that mutter of Claude. 

What’s that about being wrong?


Lykeion Magic Academy’s Layer Seal Underground Prison.

The creatures here are all Calamity Designation and Mythological Creatures. 

If even one of them runs away, several cities could easily fall…apparently. 

None have actually escaped, so I don’t know if that’s true. 

As for why such dangerous creatures are here, it is because that’s the hobby of the Principal. 

Sounds just about right for a weirdo. 

There’s several seals stacked on the respective cages, and they won’t open at all unless you go through the proper procedure. 

That said, there’s a demonic space where miasma drifts about and not even the sturdiest seals can contain that miasma -that demonic element. 

If a normal person were to enter, they would be crippled. 

Even Claude, who is a Hero, was in that state. 

There’s no idiot who would sneak in. 

I carefully advance through the several seals that have a ton of troublesome procedures to enter the cage. 

But if I take too much time, that woman will get angry. 

(Let’s hurry…) (Eugene)

I go deeper in with slightly hurried steps. 

The nameplate at the deepest cage has this written on it. 

Fallen Angel Demon Lord, Erinyes. 

I slowly enter the cage overflowing with miasma. 

■Author’s Comment: 

This story takes place in the same world as the previous work: Zero Believer Goddess. 

However, the protagonist, heroines, and other supporting characters won’t be appearing here. 

※They will simply be mentioned by name at most. 

It is made in a way that you can enjoy it without having read the previous one. 

Readers of my previous work, readers of the current one; I would be grateful if both were to enjoy this story. 

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