me who is shorter than him.

“I’ve always thought… You tend to slouch too much.
You should straighten your chest and lift your face.”

I straighten my back with a recoil.
Looking down is a habit of mine that I’ve had for a while.

“If you face forward, your field of vision expands, and you can respond to unexpected enemy attacks.”

…E-enemy attacks?

“Having good posture reduces the burden on your shoulders and waist and makes it easier to breathe.
You can also intimidate your enemies by making yourself look bigger.”


I nod to Schwarz-sama’s matter-of-fact statement while feeling confused.

Am I being criticized? Am I really that bad today? Did he not actually want to go out? As soon as he points it out, I feel like I’m about to slump down again.

“Basically, what I’m trying to say is…” He turned his head away and continued, “…I don’t know much about women’s clothes, but since they suit you so well, it’s a waste to keep looking down.”

“Huh?” I looked up at him and noticed that his ears had turned red…my cheeks started to feel hot too.

…Schwarz-sama is a genius at making me feel better.

“Alright, let’s go.”


As I straightened my back, the world seemed brighter than usual.

Walking next to Schwarz-sama, I had to resist the urge to skip.

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