me better at eating.

Originally, rather than being messy and scattering food everywhere, he ate quickly and swallowed the food in front of him in no time, but it wasn’t a dirty way of eating.

He started using a spoon to scoop up the soup and began cutting the meat into bite-sized pieces with a knife, and chewed it carefully.

“Recently, you’re taking your time with meals,” I said while having lunch face to face in the headquarters’ cafeteria, and the general blushed as if he remembered something.

“My family member eat very deliciously in small amounts.
When I look at her, I feel like I want to savor and enjoy it too.”


By the way, when the general receives his food, he says “Thank you,” eats a lot, and cleans up his own dishes, so he’s very popular with the cafeteria staff.

Next, what I’m curious about is his job evaluation.

General Gastagyu is primarily a trainer for soldiers.

The attitude towards their profession is different between the heroes who have been at the forefront for over ten years and the young soldiers in the capital who are aiming to become knight barons.
At first, there was only dissatisfaction, but…

“Ugh, training is too hard since that general came!”

“It’s certainly tough, but I’ve gained quite a bit of stamina.
I can run around the outer perimeter of the castle without getting out of breath.”

“His teaching style is practical and good.
The trench digging race was intense.
He even treated the winning team to lunch!”

“I know what you mean.
Thanks to the sandbag stacking competition, we were able to repair the levee before it broke during the heavy rain the other day.”

“But that guy is too strong.
Even if we all come together, we can’t match him.
Our goal is to defeat him by the end of the year!”

…His reputation is getting better and better.

His way of walking, his demeanor, and his way of eating have all changed.

General Gastagyu, who was difficult to approach in the past, was not a bad person to begin with, but has become more approachable day by day.

And the trigger for the change is always the word “family member.”

The servants of the Gastagyu family, who have yet to be seen…

…I wonder what kind of person they are.

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