As the creamy pudding melted in my mouth, leaving a smooth and tangy sensation on my tongue, I thought to myself, ‘This is the first time I’ve ever tasted something like this.’

While everything I had tried at the Asterian mansion – which wasn’t much, just a bowl of corn soup and a slice of cake – had been excellent, this pudding was by far the best.

Thiel’s eyes lit up at the taste of something new, and with a chuckle, Lia scooped another spoonful onto her plate.

“It’s a special pudding made by the Asterian chef.
Do you like it?” she asked with a gentle smile.

“It’s delicious,” Thiel replied honestly, prompting Lia to give her another serving with the same kindness and warmth that had put her at ease since she arrived.

After finishing the pudding, Lia helped Thiel change into her pajamas, which were a bit big since they belonged to Olivia, but Lia had asked her to wear them for just one night.

‘Who is Olivia?’ Thiel wondered.
She must be a much bigger girl than her, she thought, since she had to fold the sleeves of the pajamas twice.

Lia tucked Thiel into bed and sat on a small chair beside her, promising to stay until he fell asleep.

As Thiel blinked her eyes, she turned his gaze to Lia’s face, which was hard to see in the dark after she turned off the lights.

“Can I really stay here?” she asked cautiously.

Lia nodded and gently stroked her hand, “Yes, you’ll be able to eat lots of delicious food and do what you like here… you can be happy in this mansion.”

Thiel nodded at Lia’s kind words.
And… she asked, squeezing Lia’s warm fingers.



“Then…, can I continue to stay with Lia too?”

Thiel really liked Lia.
A lot, in fact.

Lia was the kindest person Thiel had ever met, always speaking in a gentle tone to keep Thiel from getting startled.
Whenever their eyes met, Lia would smile brightly at Thiel.
No one at Nestian Castle had ever smiled at Thiel like that before.

So Thiel really liked Lia.
Thiel was almost disappointed when Lia fixed the pillows and tidied up the blanket, getting ready to leave.

‘There were so many people in the Asterian family…’

Thinking about the countless servants Thiel saw during the day, Thiel blinked.

So… does that mean I won’t be able to see Lia again?

A feeling of anxiety suddenly gripped Thiel’s heart, wondering if tomorrow morning someone other than Lia would come in to tidy up the bed.

So Thiel involuntarily grabbed Lia’s finger, but then was startled and quickly let go.


I didn’t have any intention to hold her… Thiel quietly looked up at Lia.

Fortunately, Lia didn’t seem upset by Thiel’s actions.
On the contrary.

“Hehe, our cute little lady.”

She smiled as if she were feeling good and gently wrapped Thiel’s hand.
Thiel’s eyes widened at her unexpected behavior.

Thiel probably didn’t know, but Lia had already known that Thiel liked her quite a bit.

‘How could I not know.’

The little lady who often hid her face, whenever she was anxious or scared, rolled her big eyes and looked for Lia.

And once Lia was in her sight, her face would quickly brighten up and become so cute and lovely.

For the small girl who was afraid that she might disappear at any moment, Lia gently lifted the child onto her lap and ran her fingers through the child’s hair.

As Lia’s hand approached her face, Thiel instinctively closed her eyes tightly, but slowly opened them when she realized nothing was happening.

His messy hair was quickly tidied up under Lia’s touch.

After brushing Thiel’s hair with her hand, Lia opened her mouth and spoke.

“Don’t worry, young miss.
Until a dedicated maid is assigned, I will stay by your side and take care of you.”

“Then, once a dedicated maid is assigned, will you leave me?”

Do I have to say goodbye?

Thiel’s round eyes seemed to say so.
Lia took out a hairpin from her pocket and pinned Thiel’s long bangs to prevent them from poking her eyes.

“Of course, we won’t know until then, but don’t worry too much.
This is a secret, but I applied for the position of your dedicated maid.”


So don’t worry, young miss.
I’ll always be by your side from now on.”

“I’m glad.”

At Lia’s kind words, Thiel relaxed and unconsciously smiled with relief.

Seeing Thiel’s expression, Lia also smiled with delight.

If anyone else had seen this scene, Lia was certain they would have had the same expression as her.

Lia gently laid the little girl in her arms on the bed, covering her with a blanket up to her neck, before tears almost escaped her eyes at the cuteness of the child.

“Don’t worry, little miss, please sleep well.
Should I sing you a lullaby?”

“Oh no, it’s alright! I can sleep by myself!”

Although Thiel secretly hoped that Lia would sing a lullaby, she refrained from showing it, as she didn’t want to give the impression that she was too dependent on her.

Lia smiled brightly after gently stroking Thiel’s head.

“You’re such a brave little girl.
I’ll leave the small lamp on the table and turn off the lights.
If you get scared or need anything, please ring the bell on the table.”


“Also, Lord Cassius ordered to prepare a room for you quickly, so a beautiful room will be ready soon.
This room may be a bit uncomfortable, but…”


Thiel’s eyes widened at Lia’s words.

The ‘Lady Olivia’s’ room was very spacious, not cold at night, and very pretty thanks to its cute decorations.
But how could this room be uncomfortable to live in?

Before Thiel could say anything, Lia lightly patted her on the comforter and whispered to her.

“Please bear with it a little.
I’ll decorate the most beautiful room for you.”

Thanks to Lia’s words, Thiel missed the chance to say that this room was also excellent and could only nod her head.

After Lia left the room, Thiel snuggled deep into the large and cozy comforter.

The comforter was fluffy and warm.


The office of Alpheus Ewald Asterian, head of the Asterian family.

“So, what is it you want to say?”

Alpheus, sitting on the couch, looked at Cassius sitting across from him and urged him on.

Cassius seemed lost in thought for a moment, his eyes blinking slowly, before finally meeting Alpheus’s gaze after his urging.

“Ah, that.”

“Don’t beat around the bush, Cassius.
You know I have little patience.”

At Alpheus’s impatience, Cassius gave him a weary look before nodding his head and opening his mouth.

“What is it that you’re so worked up about?”

“The child has manifested her ability.”

“Okay, so she manifested his ability… what?”

Alpheus’s eyes widened.

Her manifested an ability?

If it was an ability, it’s usually manifested within a year of birth, but she manifested it just now?

“More importantly… she didn’t have any abilities until now?”


Cassius nodded calmly.
Alpheus now had a look on his face as if everything had become clear.

“So that’s why the child was treated that way in Nestian.”

Because she couldn’t manifest her abilities.

Since it’s typical for abilities to manifest within a year of birth, it was certain that Zender didn’t expect the child to manifest an ability so late.

Of course, Alpheus was no different.

“I’ve never heard of a case where someone manifested their ability this late.”

According to records, the latest age for manifesting an ability was four years old.
There were no records of anyone manifesting an ability after the age of four.
So, to manifest an ability at the age of seven…

“But, the child’s ability wasn’t ice or fire.”

At Cassius’s words, Alpheus turned his gaze towards him, as if asking what he meant.

The flames of Asterian and the ice of Nestian.

Since Thiel was the daughter of Lena and Cassius, if she were to manifest an ability, she should have either manifested the ability of flames like her brothers or the ability of ice like Lena.

“You mean it wasn’t ice or fire? Then what on earth was it?”

T/N: Dun Dun Dun what would her ability be.

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