id it and obeyed all their instructions.

Even though she was the firstborn in the family, her parents respected Ylva more than her and disapproved of anything she also requested from them. Her father says that he doesn have time for that and the next time he goes out, he will get it from her, which was always a lie and Moon pretended like she didn notice what he just did.

It has always been that way, why she was growing up, her parents, her younger sister treated her like baggage, she grew up in a home with no love and affection, but with hatred, and always pointing fingers at her

Most times, she wasn even allowed to eat in the same place with them, her parents were always disgusted and never even cared if she was sick or if anything was happening to him. She bet, if she should die today, her parents will rejoice, and not even shed a single tear from their face and at least, she will give them peace and be away from them. And it was time she took charge of her own life.

But, the question was how was she going to do that? Well, she had Darien beside her, who loves her and will support her in everything he does.

While she was standing with her bags, she saw a black car driving towards her, the lights shone brightly on her face as he came closer and stopped in front of him, opened the door and came out of the car and there was Darien, the handsome young man. Who ran towards her and hugged her so tightly and Moon did the same to him, held back her tears and smiled, she was so happy to see him. They both stayed like that for a while, when Darien pulled away from her and held her face with both of his hands.

”Are you okay, my love? He stared at her with worry and concern.

”Im alright, Darien. ” She silently said.

”Are you sure, he asked.

She nodded. Darien looked around her and knew what just happened. ”You were kicked out. He asked.

”Yes, I was and can I stay with you for a while, please.

”You don need to ask me that, you are always welcome to my house, Moon. ” He said.

”Thank you. She laughed and Darien kissed her on the cheek and suddenly furrowed his brow for a moment.

”What is it? She asked with concern, wondering why his expression changed.

”No, its nothing. Lets go home. ” Darien helped her in going home and as soon as he took her to his home, he guided her to the guest room.

”Sleep here, I know you are stressed out, lets talk tomorrow morning. ”

Moon nodded, the next thing she was exhausted and fell asleep. Hours passed, Moon needed some water and walking to the living room yawning, she saw the shock of her life and screamed.

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