Was she cursed? Was she always with bad luck that she could never be happy?

”YES, she shrieked, gritting her teeth. ”Your father, no, Alpha Blizzard wanted you out of this mansion, I was the one that told him to give you some time, now, its time for you to leave, we can put this clan in jeopardy, I want the others to take us seriously and not play games with us, since the moment you were born, our lives haven been good. No one respects us anymore, when we want to negotiate with a clan, its always the opposite and every single moment is filled with mockery, so leave. She pointed at the door, turning away from the Moon.

”Father, please listen to me, Im begging you. ” She pleaded, kneeled on the floor and his eyes just shined so brightly, glaring at her as if she was some disgusting piece of shit, guess it was a bad idea to have come here, she knew it, she wasn supposed to be here but she had to come, they were her only family and she has to show her best to them, so, they can be proud of her and be happy but it all shattered when she came to her father after what the Alpha almost did and he just wouldn look at her and want her out of his life instead.

”Father, please don do this, Im your only daughter. She begged.

”And you are not my only child, he taunted. I have another one, who is an Alpha and always brings a smile to my face, thats the one that should be treated specially and not the other way round. He eyes her with disdain.

”Do you think I would want to see my enemy, who ruined my pack? ” He roared. From the moment your mother gave birth to you, I hated you with my bones and I wish you died when she gave birth to you, but you were alive, no matter what happened, you still live.

”Please, father, Im begging you, don leave me, where will I go if you leave me? If you chase me out of the mansion, I have nowhere else to go, please, don do this to me, you people are the only family. I wish I wasn an Omega… ”

”I don care what you wish, just get out of my house, thats what I want you to do.

”You should respect what he says, Moon, you are not welcome here, sister and stop **ing wasting our time, she turned back and saw her younger sister, folding her arms across her chest and smirking at her as she laughed. ”You know, you can survive out there, since you are an Omega. She stepped forward, still smirking and slightly scoffed. ”And, omegas only live on this earth, by being a wealthy mans mistress, by being a prostitute or a slutty bitch, because when you have your heat. Whos going to be there for you, whos going to ** you, till your sexual urges quenches and if you are probably in some kind of dirty luck, trust me, you could be sold by being an Alphas slave or probably getting involved in some kind of deal which could get you killed. Its probably best for you, to get out of the mansion, give us some breathing space, my friends mock me every damn **ing day because of you and your status, saying you should not knock out all of us one day, good thing you are not always coming outside… ”

Hearing her words triggered her anger.

She scorned her guts. ”Just shut the ** up and stop talking, you know nothing about Omegas, she shouted with tears pouring down her cheeks. ”I almost got raped today, was that all you have to say to me. ”

”Does that hurt so bad, she imitated. ”Im telling the truth here and besides, Im not the one that made the rules for omegas like you in the society. The society were the ones that made the rules for omegas because you guys stink, always carrying this scent wherever you guys go and pushing the alphas into a rut and when they get carried away, because of your scent and **** you, snatching someones else lovers and then, you will complain and say, they raped you and start uttering nonsense. She calmly and furiously said.

”Ylva, you have no idea. Whats it like, being an Omega, so don say what you don comprehend and oppress other people because of what they are. Moon stepped in with tears on her face and continued. ”You are an Alpha, a werewolf, you get anything you want and people respect you so much, but that doesn mean you should use that advantage to look down on people. Stop it, Ylva. She strictly cautioned as she cried.

She was tired of this family, when will they ever look on her as someone worth it, she was their flesh and blood but they acted like she isn part of the family, all her life she has never known the word called ”Love ”

”You can tell me what to do, Omega, sis. ” She walked closer to her and stood in front of him, face to face. ”You are a **ing Omega, thats your **ing business, Moon. Im an Alpha and you are right about saying that, I can do whatever the ** I want and I get that a lot. But you, you are nothing and the only way to live and survive its to sell your body to men, who want sex, hot sex, entertainment, pleasure from you and especially when they are ready to pay for your pussy down there or you can go meet that boyfriend of yours, who is just a beta and not even an Alpha. Whats worse, you haven even learned to control your werewolf form yet and you think you will be able to survive out there. He scoffed and laughed sarcastically at Moon.

Moon could do nothing, but clench her hand into a fist.

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