”Im leaving this mansion, I will not get married to that loser, father… ”

Shes had enough.

He broke in. ”Then get ready to get kicked out of my house, I don have time for stupid problems and wasting my time with you. ”

”What did you just say? ” She asked.

”You can never be welcomed here, Her father roared at the top of his voice as he slammed the glass on the floor, shattering it into pieces. Moon jerked out of her thoughts in fear, the scenario of what the Alpha wanted to do to her still replayed in her head.

”Get out, Moon, I don want to see your face in my mansion again, either you get married to him or get out of here. He growled and pointed at the glass golden door.

”You want me to be a slave to him, sell my body because of your stupid reputation and your stupid self? ” She said in disbelief and tears began streaming down her face. ”You are chasing away your daughter because of some Alpha.

”Call me that one more time, he dared. ”You are a worthless maggot and a pain in my butt. Hes not just some Alpha, he is the one that will raise this clan above others and you are not helping matters because you are useless. And you will be useless for the rest of your life. ” He snarled. ”Get out of my mansion right this minute. ”

”You want me kicked out. ” Her heart burned by his words, her father was kicking her out.

”Who am I talking to, is there someone else here that I will be talking to, I don blame you, I blame myself for allowing you to dwell, then, I wouldn be facing this issue from you. ”

”So, you want me out of the mansion, because I don want to get married to him. ”

”Yes, thats why Im kicking out, if you don do the needful, you are out. ” He screeched and eyes Moon.

Moon had nowhere to go, she didn even know what the outside world looked like, how was she going to survive, if her family pushed her out, she would be stranded for life.

”Father, please. She knelt down. ”Don do this to me? ” She shook her head.

”Get out, if you are not getting married to the Alpha, so be it and Im not your Alpha. ” He shouted, he was filled with rage, looking at her makes him want to pounce on her.

”Father, please listen to me. ” She pleaded and his eyes just shined so brightly, glaring at Moon as if she was some disgusting piece of shit. ”If you send me away, where do you want me to go, I have nowhere else to go, please and Im sorry for yelling at me, I was just terrified, thats why I reacted the way I did. ” She knew she was in trouble, maybe, just maybe she shouldn have talked to her father like that, this was getting out of hand and this was not the first time he was saying such words to her, could he be serious with her.

”Get out of this house, Alpha Blizzard roared at the top of his voice and pointed at the door.

”You are chasing me out of the mansion, she couldn believe her eyes, her eyes stung with tears, this person was her family, they were doing this to her.

”Yes, you are an ungrateful brat, I just regret the day you were born. ” He yelled. ”You said you wanted to leave, so leave. Your presence stinks all the time and it will be best if you leave this mansion, let this place be free for once in a lifetime and I wouldn have to worry about an Omega, an incomplete child. ” He sneered.

”Why do you hate me so much? What did I ever do to you, you are my father, why are you treating me this way? She cried out.

”Don ever call me your father again, be warned, because I can never be one, you are the most outrageous person I have ever met, I hate you so much, you know that already and I don want to have anything to do with you. You are a useless Omega with no class, what should I be doing with you? The best thing is to marry you off, thats the best thing and to save my reputation. Do you also know the kind of people that mock me every day because of your status? Im always a laughing stock within the clan. Instead of people seeing me, and how much of an Alpha I am, they will be talking about you. Their mates, the powerful leaders all have a child as an Alpha, why is my own so different from them, why is my own different from everyone, ain I an Alpha too? He rumbled and then, her mother came through the door glaring at Moon because of what was happening between them.

”So you want me to get out of your life. She asked again, with tears streaming down her face, she couldn hold it in and then, she looked at her mother who then got up from her seat as soon as she sat down and looked straight into her eyes.

”Moon, it will be better if you leave, she nodded without remorse. ”

”Moth… ”

”My name is Lupita, she quickly interrupted. ”I am not your mother, not ever will I be, your mother. Im the Luna, Alpha Lupita of the Stark Pride pack, thats how I want you to address me, not mother? She glared, anyone who passes by and sees three of them will believe that Moon wasn their daughter.

Moons heart tore into a thousand pieces as she staggered, trying to stand properly on her feet, her head spinning around.

”You…you are into this too, she pointed at her. ”You also want me out of your life.

She knew her mother never had any love for her, she was also with her father in this, everyone was against her.

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