r out for his gain. Since she was born, her family adored her but found out she was an Omega, she was cast aside like a plague in their lives. She never expected her family to go to this extent of selling her out, not to talk of sleeping with a man whore who claimed to be an Alpha.

All Alphas are jerks and man suckers and whore, they have no sympathy and only think of themselves.

When she arrived at the mansion, the Black Stone Pack, she was nervous and the Alpha seemed nice to her, she nearly began having this thought about the Alpha being so different from the others, not knowing he was planning on sleeping with her, when he shoved her down the sofa, unbuckling his belt.

”What do you think you are doing? She asked, panicking, shivering in her bones.

”What, having you, of course, baby cakes, don you know what Im about to do to you. ”

”I…I don understand. Whats going on here, my father sent me to help you, not to do this. ” Moon was getting so scared, she was not going to sleep with this Alpha and lose her virginity, no way, this wasn what she planned.

This wasn what she had in mind, this was not her future, but a disaster, her father tricked her.

”Oh, he didn tell you, he smirked. ”You must be bizarre, he mocked, mimicking. ”I was sent here to help you ” Help me for what, don I have millions of people to help me, he laughed. ”Your father sold you to me, in agreement I can taste you first since you are a fresh fruit that hasn been tasted yet, how about that. ”

She stuttered. ”Fre…Fresh fruit, what does that mean? ”

”You are dumber than I thought you were, but this is amazing, it makes the fun sweeter than ever, do you get it, the dumber the sweeter? Your innocence drives me over the cliff, I want you so much. ” He smirked and tried to rip off her clothes, Moon screamed at the top of her lungs. The Alpha wanted to cover her mouth with his hands when Moon raised her knee between his legs and kicked him in the balls.

The Alpha cried out in pain and Moon ran out of there, leaving and not caring if her belongings were there, all that mattered was to run for her dear life.

”So, this was your plan, she glared. ”I hate you.

”Hate me, isn that the only thing you can do in your life, nothing more. ”

”I can believe you are my father, I wish you were not my father. ”

”And I wish you were not my daughter, you were nothing but a mistake. ” He stood up from his seat.

”Call me that all you want, Father, Im not getting married to that loser of an Alpha like him. ”

She was deeply hurt by his words.

”If you don get married to the Alpha this minute, I will kick you out of this mansion. ” He roared. ”I would not let you disgrace me and the pack.

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