”Parents of Lilly Rose? ” The Dark skinned, blue-eyed doctor asked, looking up from his clipboard with a dull expression. ”Thats us! ” Madison shouted, running towards him with hopeful eyes. ”Please tell me shes all right! ” She pleaded, gripping onto Davids arm and dragging him with her. ”{Sigh} Shes fine but because of how deep the scar was she ended up needing a couple of stitches. Just so you know the scars will be permanent. Also, she will need to start taking medication so that won happen again…or at least it won be as bad. We will start her off at a lower dose and every two weeks bring it up until it starts working fine. But just wait a couple more minutes than you can see her the nurse is going to run some tests then later today shell be able to go home. ” He explained, his tone dull and expression never changing. ”Thank you, thank you, Sir! ” Madison cheered.

But she will need to come back in fourteen days to get the stitches removed ” He instructed. ” ”Thank you, Sir ” ”Its no problem you can call me Doctor Colt. I think we
e going to see each other often anyway. ” ”But anyway, make sure you keep an eye on her ”

The blankets released a comforting warmth as they lay gently on my legs. Its only been 10 minutes since I woke up, but I already wanted to leave, to be in my room alone and safe. I don know why I couldn control that voice in my head telling me to end it all but all I do know is that I need help. I did want to try and thats what people never understood. They always thought that if I did want to, I would have but it wasn that easy although I wish it was. And thats one reason why I decided not to talk, I thought it would be easier and less stressful If I didn .

”Hey, there – you gave me quite a scare! My name is Tomas and will be your nurse for a little bit today until you go home. ” ”I just got to check some things; I hope thats okay! ” With a nod, he continued. ”Have you ever tried to speak? I looked at all your charts and nothing ever comes up about you not being able to, it just says you never do. ” {Thump Thump…} ”Oh no did I startle you? Im sorry! You look pale. ” ”You see Im just really curious, sorry If I have offended you in any way for thats not my intention ” as he spoke, I knew all too well what he was talking about. I could tell he knew I was pretending to not be able to speak. I could speak if I truly wanted to but after that day, I never wanted to again…but I guess I have nothing to lose. It honestly might be easier if I did talk. Letting out an unsettling breath, I begin to speak in a soft, quiet voice. ”Yes, I can talk but I prefer not to ” ”Oh my goodness I knew it! I could just tell! Anyway, thank you! Just let me finish up here and Ill be out of your way. ”

”Thank you, it was nice talking to you! Goodbye! ” He beamed, closing the door behind him as he walks out with a wide grin. Dang, I didn think it meant so much to him…

I felt kind of…happy in a way. I didn know how to explain it, Ive been practicing how to speak in my free time. The first time I talked to myself It sounded horrible, but wow am I proud of myself! {Knock Knock} ”Hi, Im your doctor. You can call me Colt or Docter Colt; I don care. Im just letting you know your guardian is in here and is ready to pick you up. Ill see you again in fourteen days to remove your stitches. You
e also going to be taking some medication but just ask your them they should tell you all about it. ” ”So just wait here for about ten minutes or so, then youll be good to leave. ” He grumbled as he left the room, everything he said almost sounded robotic and of cores not happy whats so ever. This whole thing felt very overwhelming, Im honestly very nervous to see how Madison reacted to the whole thing. Shell probably have me stay downstairs, not letting me stay in my room alone. I still don plan on talking all that much but doing it every so often won hurt, itll help to be normal and actually have friends or to stick up for myself, and not letting someone else do it for me… Like last time. ”LILLY!! ” Madison screamed running full speed into the room, tears streaming down her cheeks as she forced me into a bone crushing hug. ”Do you know how scared I was!? I thought I was going to lose you!!! ” She cried in my arms. ”Sorry ” I said plainly eyes red and dull from the tears of my own moments ago. With a hard push Madison stood up, eyes widen with shock trying to find the right words to say. ”YOU CAN TALK!? ” She gasped. ”Hold on please do it again! You sounded like an actual Angle! ” ” Hunny, I think you should cool off for a moment, its not that big of a deal. We were told before we got her that there was a possibility she could speak. Remember? ” he asked, holding his wife by her shoulder as he spoke in a calm and soothing voice. ”BUT…BUT! ” she whined like a child. ”{Sigh} I think thats enough, come on Lilly lets go home. ” He said letting a small almost unnoticeable smile slip out. ”You don want to miss school tomorrow ”

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