”This Is your new place make yourself at home, ” she said letting out a joyful simper, unlocking the door in a matter of seconds. Thanks ”This Is your room and the door to your right is the bathroom. Let me know If you need anything, Ill leave you to unpack, also Ill call you down for dinner when Its ready ” She announces, walking towards the kitchen.

With a heavy sigh, I plopped down onto the Memory foam mattress, looking around the unpretentious room. It had lovely light brown walls and new modern furniture an empty desk in the corner and a T.V on the wall together with a twin-size bed.

The room was perfect, I would have never thought I would see another person that would care about me this much after the kidnapping. She reminds me of my Aunt in some ways bubbly and outgoing. You can tell how much effort it took to make the room this nice. I wonder if it was already like this before they decided I adopt me?

After unpacking, putting all my clothes in the empty closet. I soon remember what tomorrow was, my first day of High School, 10th grade.

I about couldn believe it. The last time I was there was when I was nine. I hope I do good; Ill be needing to take a couple of extra classes. but Ill get through it. Just the thought of going back makes my heart race. ”Lilly Its time to eat ” Madison whooped from down the hall. With a sigh, walking toward the noise the smell was memorizing.

”I made Garlic pasta with baked potatoes ” She huffed as she pulled the tray out of the oven. It looked amazing, and the smell was heavenly without a doubt shes a wonderful cook. ”Stop eyeing the food and come sit down ”

She giggled, placing two plates of food on the marble table. ”Daniel was supposed to be here for dinner but he was called and had to go back to work, so Itll be just the two of us ” She spoke as she sat down. Thats fine, but thank you for the food

I wrote, giving her a light smile as I took a bite. ”So how do you like your room so far? If you don like anything, feel free to let me know ” Don worry I like it so far, thank you though

with that, the rest of the night was filled with comfortable silents. With some little yes or no questions. After dinner, I got ready for bed and easily fell asleep. With the soft feeling of the memory-form bed, it was hard not to. The only sound that could be heard as I drifted out of consciousness was the beating sound of my heartbeat. As I thought about the day tomorrow brings.


The feeling of the cold frosty air harshly biting my skin as I open my eyes in confusion until I realized what had happened…I was kidnaped. My head was pounding, and my sight was blurry but one thing I could make out from a mile away was the sight of scarlet blood covering my slender body from head to toe. The sound of my rapid heartbeat made a pain in my chest as my throat was just as dry as sandpaper. I wanted to run and escape but my legs wouldn move they felt like boulders keeping me where I sat, the seller was as cold as ice and as sinister as a haunted house nothing there was welcoming not even the little critters that come to say hello. ”Oh, look at this you
e awake, I thought I hit you a little too hard there ” He laughed inching closer and closer. Like a spider reaching for its prey.

”What do you want? Why are you doing this to me!? What did they ever do to you? ” I screamed, tears falling down my cheeks, enough to create a puddle. A puddle of sorrow and wretchedness. ”Oh? He didn warn you guys? ” He took hold of her wrists effortlessly as he dragged the cold sharp knife along her neck with a sinister smile. ”What are you talking about? ” I was so confused no one told me anything, whats he talking about?

”So, he didn tell you? Well, thats too bad, he had a chance to let you guys all live but, well you see all he had to do was let me go but he thought his job of being an F.B.I agent was more important. ” He sneered, pressing the knife closer to my throat causing a line of crimson liquid to spill. The blood was warm, probably the only warmth I would feel in a while. But the deeper he got the louder the blood-curdling screams grew.

~Someone, please help.~


Sun gleamed through the window as the sound of an annoying beeping alarm woke me up from my sleep.

Once the alarm from the other room was turned off, I rolled over to look at the widow with a wondering look in my emerald eyes. I didn like meeting new people, but I knew it had to be done. School from what I remember was a horrible place, filled with rude and self-centered people. Very rarely you would meet a kind person.

”Hey Lilly, its time for you to get up dear, you have school in less than an hour If you don want to miss the bus, I sat a pair of clothes and started the shower for you when you
e ready ”

She yelled seeming…Joyful? (With that expression Im guessing Shes enjoying this) I sighed.

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