++ Who Could it be? ++

”Hey Lilly, Im just going to leave your outfit on the bed. Let me know when you
e ready and Ill help with your hair ” The nurse hold forth, her voice filled with excitement as she left the room.

Ears soon being filled with exciting cheers from the other side. Once finished I quickly wobbled towards the mirror to see myself wearing a cute bunny turtleneck and tight blue jeans with a pair of white crocks.

”oh, my goodness!! You
e so cute, Im loving the outfit I picked out for you! ” The Nurse squealed as she walked in and tackled me into a hug.

”Now time for hair ” She smirked with a jokingly wicked giggle. As she sat me down on the bed, she sat behind me and started fiddling with my long raven-colored hair.

After some time passed and the torcher was over, she was done. ”Here have a look ” She cheered with sparkles in her eyes, as she gave me the small mirror that was sitting beside her. With a shocked look on my face, I was breathless.

saying she was talented with hair was an understatement.

When I looked I saw a beautiful French braid that went down each side of my hair while meeting in the middle connecting into a beautiful flower-looking bun with little strings of hair loose in the front.

On my Its beautiful, thank you. I wrote quickly showing her with a beaming smile.

One I haven shown to many.

”Aw shucks, you
e making me blush! ” She joked, fanning her hands towards her face, letting out a hoot of laughter.

”Now before we
e late we better get going, ” She mentioned, dragging me out the door.

Each step, sent a wave of anxiety my way. The fear of the unknown made me tremble. I could hear my heartbeat from where I stood. But once I was in front of the door of my nightmares I placed my small trembling hand on the handle as it sent goosebumps up my arms. I took a deep breath slowly letting it out as I prayed this wasn a trap.

The only one I could trust was me, myself & I. No one else.

But when I came face to face with two strangers. I was utterly confused, Why would they want to see me? The two people who stood before me were a woman with Redish Orange hair and light brown eyes.

And a man with light brown hair and dark brown eyes.

They look like nice people but once again…why would they want to see me? Now thats something I would like to know… ”Hey, Sweetie! My name Is Madison. Its nice to meet you! ” The woman twinkled while looking down at me.

From the looks of It, I would like to say, shes 56 and the man is 510. Compared to me only being 52 they
e pretty tall. ”And Im David ” The man introduced with almost no emotion, but you could tell he meant well.

Hello, the names Lilly. I wrote not knowing what else to say to the strangers who randomly decided to appear.

”Thats such a pretty name, Do you perhaps know why we
e here? Madison asked, looking over to me with her hands behind her back, smiling from ear to ear.

No, I wasn told anything except that you wanted to see me ”Oh Is that so welp I guess Im going to get the honor of doing it myself ” She smiled.

e here to adopt you! And would like to bring you home with us! ” She sang waving her hands in the air with a shining smile, while the man looks at her with a small almost unnoticeable grin on his face as he chuckles to himself.

(What, what do they mean take me home?!)

My heart dropped at the words that fell. Are they trying to replace my family? Why can they just let me live on my own and let me be? Im 15 almost an adult…Well kind of but thats beside the point.

”Hey, are you ok? ” Someone asked, tapping on my shoulder with a voice laced with sympathy.

At first, I was confused about why they would ask that, but when I felt the wet tears slip from my eyes down my chin I understand.

I was crying.

But why? I was doing so well at hiding it until now. Was It because of the mentioning of my family? Most likely. I guess I need to work on it more. Remember Lilly always be ”Happy ” no one should know.

”Hey, Lilly can you hear me? ” They asked again, this time raising their voice a tad bit.

I didn know how to feel. Would this mean I would have to give up my other family and pretend to live happily ever after with some stranger? Oh, Hecks no. My family will be the only family I will ever love.

”We won be replacing your family if thats what you
e thinking, ” Madison spoke up interrupting my thoughts.

I don have anywhere else to go so leaving with a nice couple would be the best option

”I wouldn dream of doing that, We just want to raise you and bless you with a good life. will you let us do that? ” Madison asked with a sad smile. You can tell she sadness behind the smile was genuine.

(Fine but Im not calling you mother. And Im only staying until Im 18.) I Stated turning away and leaving the room with a loud bang from the door.

”Wait up Lilly! ” Joe yelled chasing after me.

Time skip


”Ok I think thats enough, look you
e practically squeezing the life out of her. ” Joe joked with a wide grin smeared across his dark skin.

”Oh, sorry ” She jumped face red from embarrassment. While giving him a light nod showing my thanks I Sat up from the bed and started walking towards the door giving them a look saying Im ready.

”Oh wow look at you all brave ” Joe laughed while grabbing my packed bag from the corner of the room. As I rolled my eyes at his words.

This Is going to be a long day

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