With a cozy plop, I was pleasantly laying on the hospital bed arms spread out like a starfish, to be greeted with complete and utter boredom.

Hours have passed lying in that same position and yet nothing has happened, nor has a single person come to visit.

As time slowly passed the night started to get darker and darker Until the sun was no longer shining its beautiful light.

While waiting for the drowsiness of the night to kick in, I gripped onto the blanket that was placed on me and ripped it off, letting the cold air embrace me while slowly getting out of bed.

I started taking step by step over to the bathroom mirror, hoping my memory of my past looks was different from what I look like now. The last time my eyes glazed on my physique was when I was only nine. My looks must be different, but who truly knows? Thats why I must look for myself. Do I still look like that innocent nine-year-old, or more like an independent woman?

Once I was in full contact of the mirror, I slowly counted to three, not wanting to overwhelm myself.

With my cheeks effortlessly glowing a subtle pink. I let out an unheard gasp of cold air, in complete shock.

My long-charcoaled color hair hovered over my back past my elbows, while my big bright forest green eyes were like sparkling emeralds. Body slender/pail but well curved, natural rosy lips and a small button nose. I was…beautiful.

But with the world we have today, having good looks can be a bad thing sometimes.

While brushing my fingers through my long, knotted hair I started to smile when I thought about my mother, I look just like her from when she was my age, the only thing different was the eyes. Hers were a stunning shade of ocean blue. It made me happy to be able to see her when I look in the mirror.

The way she smiled at the littlest things made me thrive to be just like her, she was strong and loving. There was nothing more I wanted than to make her happy.

While looking in the mirror my eyes were quick to notice dark purple bruises and multiple closed stab wounds along with some small cuts covering my body. Making my body look destroyed and left abandoned. luckily only in places that were easy to hide, as long as I wore long sleeves and pants that is.

{Knock, Knock} ”Hey Lilly why aren you in bed yet its almost midnight? ” The tall, freckled nurse questioned while opening the door enough to fit through. I couldn sleep I wrote, replying to what she asked.

”Oh Dear, do you think a snack would help? I can bring in some Jell-O I know its your favorite! ” She suggested, voice full of sympathy while getting ready to walk out to get Jell-O. With a quick nod, she left the room with a small giggle.

As I rested my head on the uneven pillow Waiting for the wonderful Jell-O a rush of anxiety rushed through me when I thought about the people coming to visit. Who could they be?

I can think of anyone who would want to see me…

”Hey, I got the goods ” She joked while pretending to sneak through the door with a giggle. I let out a soundless chuckle with a bright closed-eye smile, causing the nurses to be satisfied with the joke she made.

Thank you I wrote while reaching out to grab the Jell-O she brought in. ”Its no problem, just let me know If you need anything. ” She spoke in a calming voice as she left the room with a light click from the door.

After finishing the delightful snack, I plopped onto the thick mattress and began falling into a deep dream.


Sun shone on the beautiful sandy beach blinding anyone who looked too deeply. The feeling of the cold water lightly tapping your toes for a slight second before it went back into the ocean.

Nothing could be better, little brother running around yelling for our mother and Fathers attention, as he tries to surf on the water with his mini surfboard. The soft giggles from them when the four-year-old falls off. A wonderful day it was.

”Hey Lilly, could you hand me a green tea from the cooler? ” Father put forward as he looked over at me with a pleading look. ”Ya, here ” I chuckled as I handed it to him with a wide grin. ”Thanks, sweetie ” He smiled back. ”Hey, we should start heading back, its getting dark. ” Mother said looking over to father with a telling look in her eye obviously not wanting to stay any longer. ”Shes right, lets start picking up. ” He sighed not wanting to leave the beautiful beach. ”But I don want to leave! ” Mathew cried out, holding our mothers shirt and yanking it lightly as we walked towards the car. ”{Sigh} Its twenty minutes until your bedtime we need to go home, so please don do this. ” She groaned, walking into the car and putting on her seat belt.

Once everyone was In. The car became silent. the only sound you can hear was of the air bursting through the cracks in the windows.

As I saw Matthew not wearing a seat belt, I was debating on either not saying anything or saying something. But since we are almost home anyway, I decided not to say anything, keeping my mouth shut.

Laying my head agented the window I suddenly had this bad feeling wash over me. A feeling of despair and this unsettling fear. But why? looking out the window on high alert I thought I saw this truck? I wasn sure all I remembered was that it was big.

The harsh sound of metal scraping together soon came like nails on a chalkboard. Without much time to process, the feeling of a thousand knives piercing my flesh as my bones cried out for help happened at what felt like lightning speed as I had no time to process anything.

Soon are car tumbled over making all matters worse.

Scared and confused I looked around to find my family to see if I was just dreaming. But sadly, the feeling of despair I once thought I had can and could not compare to what I just witnessed.

My dear little brother landed headfirst onto the roof of the car bursting his scall, as his crimson red blood started seeping out covering the once gray roof with a shade of red. Mothers heart was impaled with a broken tree branch killing her instantly and Father hit his head on the glass window causing him to go unconscious, slowly dying of blood-loss.

letting out an agonizing scream, one of both pain and sorrow.

I tried to get up and help them but was stopped by the sound of a man laughing.

His voice was laced with Vinum, his chuckles were full of amusement and thrill, one of a true psychopath and sadist. Who was this person? I wanted to ask for help, but everything in my gut told me to stay silent and avoid this man.

Curled up in a tight ball scarlet blood dripping down my petite body and broken limbs. I sat there shivering, closing my eyes hopeless and terrified. Suddenly a harsh grasp could be felt, as the wicked sadist gripped his hand tightly around my arm pulling me out of the car with no hope I would ever be found.

While screaming and trying to pull away, the man said and did nothing as he throws me in the back of his truck slamming the door with a single sinister

”Hello ”


While jumping out of bed pail and startled by my nightmare I looked at my arm where all my past scaring was still visible and lightly traced my finger over the cuts.

until a sudden knock on the door interrupted my train of thought.

”Hey Lilly, there is someone here to see you ” The nurse spoke with an oddly joyful expression placed beneath her freckled face a smile through her thin lips as she walked away.

Surprised I started to think (Who could that possibly be?) Ok thank you I wrote soon erasing what I wrote so I could soon have an unknown conversation with this…I think stranger?

I mean I don know very many people. Before the nurse left the room, I thought it would be wise to ask the question thats been bothering me for this short while. Who Is this person? ” I wrote with pure curiosity shown in my expression.

”Im sorry but I don think Im allowed to tell you, but no need to worry Its no one bad I would considerate its good news ” She smiled while walking away from where she once stood and left the room. (Who could this person be?)

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