(I hope I wasn too rude) I thought, wrapping myself in the warming blankets to protect myself from the cold air that hovers over me from all around my exposed skin. As I rested my head upon the thin worn-out pillow, I quickly fell into deep slumber letting the darkness consume me.


It is always the same, the sound of broken bones being crushed with empty beer bottles,

the agonizing pain throughout your body. The way your lungs are grueling for oxygen.

Lying there paralyzed scared to move, your

fingers twisted in ways you never conceptualized. Your throat burning with every silent cry.

The only thoughts that entered your mind were the ones where you regret everything you

did before ending up where you were and at that moment. As you sat there letting the tears

warm your red cheeks the questioning thoughts of Why me entered your mind at that moment. But even then, even now you still couldn find a reason… other than…


With a loud gasp, I jolted out of bed, flashbacks of my horrid past were fresh in my mind as I let out a soundless scream, tears pouring out of my tired eyes like a waterfall, as I so desperately tried to slow down my fast breathing.

My vision quickly grew blurry as my fingers started turning numb.

I wanted everything to stop like a film, I wanted to stop the burning feeling in my chest or the painful scars that I could still feel but couldn see, the ones that covered me like the oxygen I breathe.

and thats what I hated the most in this tragic world. All I ever wanted was for that night to have never occurred.

There was even a part of me that wished for someone else to take my spot in humanity but now I just wish I didn even exist, why am I here? To play in some sick game? To be treated like a wild beast? –

While I try to calm myself down from the annoyance that has risen from within me, I tightly gripped the bed handles, biting down on my bottom lip in pure frustration. Blood dripping down my chin. The taste of metal lingering, unable to go away.

Once I was fully able to breathe and see. I plopped my head onto the pillow hoping I will soon fall asleep but never could, even though time has passed, and it was now three in the morning.

(Welp…there goes my escape from reality) I ponder to myself while staring at the white popcorn ceiling from above. I mean don get me wrong I wanted to go back to my peaceful slumber, but I couldn at the moment the room was far too unfamiliar from the sinister place I grew familiar with.

Once after taking a big drink of water, washing away the Metal flavored crimson liquid. I slapped both sides of my face to get myself to focus on something else…absolutely anything else.

Wanting to hurry and get back to sleep, I decided sleeping on the floor would be the best option. I mean thats what Im used to.

So, I grabbed the only pillow I had and one of my many blankets, I sat on the floor wrapping myself in a ball of comfort, reminded myself of a Scared kitten soon falling asleep, listening to the loud sound of the outside world.


”Hey Lilly wake up, why are you sleeping on the floor? ” someone asked while tapping on my shoulder repeatedly to get my attention. With a silent groan, I turned to look at them in annoyance. ”Get up and lay on the bed, you should know you can sleep on the floor! Especially with those cuts and bruises ” They nagged while trying to pick me up from off the ground.

(Why can they just leave me alone?) I thought to myself as I got off the floor and plopped onto the bed, soon came a deep internal sigh. As I looked out the window letting the nurse do what she needed to do I started drifting my eyes toward the busy people outside wondering what life would be like if I was in their shoes. I missed the warm feeling of summer and the kindness of a loving family. The memories from years ago are still as clear as day,

the good and the bad but theres nothing to do to change the past so I try not to think much of it no matter how much Im tempted. After taking out a piece of paper and pen.

I started to draw, drawing whatever came to mind, which was a sleeping sheep, what can I say I love sheep. If I could pick any animal to keep for the day, it would 100% be a sheep…. or a fluffy cow but it HAS to be fluffy or its a no-go.

”Oh wow, you
e talented! Is that a sheep? Its so realistic! ” With my face turning crimson at the sudden compliment, I wrote Thank ya at the top of the page showing her with a smile on my face. ”Of cores ” The nurse replied while returning the smile.

After some time passed, I started to get bored, and the drawing wasn helping. But At least I finished it, I wonder If they would let me go on a walk around the building, most likely not. *Sigh* While taking it upon myself I got out of bed quietly getting up, I gently took off the weirs that were attached to me.

Once I was done, I started to walk towards the door peeking my head out to see if anyone was close by. I opened the door enough to squeeze through when I spotted no one. When I got done with the task that caused my heart to run hundreds of miles per hour, I started making my way around the building hoping to spot something that piqued my interest in this boring/sad Hospital. With that, I started to see where my feet would take me. I walked through the long halls and down many lefts and rights until I heard a sudden noise that sounded like my favorite TV show from when I was a kid.

As I started to inch closer and closer like a caterpillar reaching for a leaf, to the half-opened door I slowly started to open It even more until I was able to see the smart T.V playing Finding Nemo with a faint silent giggle I walked through the door to see the cutest sight Ive seen Im a while, a sleeping child about from the looks of It I want to say, seven? When I got close enough, I gently placed the sheep drawing I once had in my packet on his night table with a smile as I thought of my once little brother. Leaving the room. Once I got back to mine after my little adventure I was greeted by a panicked nurse.

”Oh, my goodness Lilly?! Where were you, I looked everywhere, don run away like that ever again! ” She yelled while running to me giving me a warm embrace as she picked me up, setting me on the bed. ”I came in here to give you good news, you
e going to have some visitors so don go wandering around like you did today. Ill be back tomorrow to give you clothes and help you finish getting ready ” she said while trying to hide her mother-like smile as she left the room followed by a click from the door.

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