The halls were cold, sending chills down your spine as everyone look your way. It was different now then it was last time. Now I had enemies, ones that could strike.

It was odd how everyone strived to be the same as all the others. No one liked how I was different, the way I look or acted. None of it. I never understood it. Why would you want to be the same? I personally find it more attractive when someones different. It was like fresh air in a season of boredom.

When I reached my locker, it was the same as always putting up something along with grabbing it. But my peace was disturbed when I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. ”Yes? ” I turned giving them my simi full attention, already wanting the conversation to be over. ”Hey, Im Alex, the caption of the Football team. Your Lilly, right? ” He asked while taking in my full appearance. looking at me up and down. He had short fluffy caramel hair and dark brown almond eyes. ”Ya thats me, did you need something? ” I questioned, turning around with my books in hand waiting for a response before heading to class. ”Not really, just wanted to meet you. I know class is about to start so Ill leave you be. See you later? ” He smiled, showing off his pearly whites. ”Sure ” I hesitantly nodded turning away, walking towards English not thinking much of it. ”Dang nice body ” He whispered, when I was only a couple feet away, but I still couldn hear. ”Sorry did you say something? ” ”Nope ” He chuckled. ”Oh, okay? Bye. ” Why are boys so weird? I could have sworn he said something. I thought to myself, while ignoring the lingering eyes that followed. When I got to class, I sat quietly in the back where I always did. ”Okay class, please sit down. Oh Lilly, nice to have you back weve missed you this past couple of days. ” Miss Brown spoke, eyes hovering over her papers that were scattered across her desk. ”Sorry ” I apologized. ”Its no problem. Just make sure to work on your missing work in your free time. All of it should be on the back counter over there. ” She pointed out. ”Thank you ” ”Of course, anyway everyone plese turn to page one hundred and five and start reading until you get to one hundred and twenty, youll have a test on it tomorrow so make sure you actually read it and not just scan over it like I know a lot of you do. ”

{Beep…Beep} The bell screamed signaling to everyone that it was time for lunch. When I got out of the class, I was one of the first in the cafeteria, but since I was one of very few who brought a lunch. I was the first to sit down at my own table. ”Oh, hey look Its Lilly! Come on guys ” Alex shouted as he took a seat right next to mine, in the process wrapping his arm around my shoulders making me shiver in discomfort. His fellow minions swarming around the table like a sheep following their Shepard. ”Oh my, is this the hottie you were talking about Alex? ” {Smack} ”Ouch! Why did you do that?! ” ”I have no idea what you
e talking about Mark ” Alex spoke in a hushed tone sounding very annoyed. ”Anyway, how are you, Lilly? ” He asked, getting too close to me for my liking. ”Ive been good. ” ”Oh, thats wonderful, now I know this is sudden, but would you be interested in going to the movies with me and a few others? ” He asked with a sly grin. Voice laced with determination. ”Yes! You should it would be lots of fun! Come on please! ” Marked begged. You can hear the desperation from his voice. (How annoying) ”Why? I don even know you. ” I stated. ”Oh, come on! Wouldn this be a good time to get to know you? Itll be fun! I can also take you home early if you want! ” Alex offered. ”Fine ” I sighed giving up. Hoping if I said yes, they would go away. ”But I have to be home by 10 the latest ” I strictly told him. ”Deal ” He smiled, getting up from where he sat. ”Thats all I wanted to ask, see you then ” he winked, his smile never fading. ”Finally, he left ” I sighed, leaning back in my chair as I finished eating. When I got done, I quickly got up as I tried to avoid everyone. Because the gaze I felt from the females when their ”Prince Charming ” decided to sit by me, made me uncomfortable and kind of scared to be honest. ”Hey Lilly wait up ” Chloe yelled chasing after me. ”Why weren you at school at all this week? ” She asked, anime tears falling down her face. ”Its a long story Id rather not talk about it, but how was It without me? ” I giggled trying to change the subject. ”It was horrible! Never leave me again ” She pleaded with such sarcasm ”{Giggle} Ill try but I can make any promises ” I laughed. ”Alex and his friend Mark invited to the movies with them later today ” I said with fake enthusiasm as I leaned on her shoulder for mental support. With a loud gasp she stopped walking as her jaw dropped. ”No-way-dang, well Im not to surprise you are the hottest girl in I know thats not a celebrity but still! Just be careful last I heard hes one of the biggest playboys in school. ” She spoke, looking at me dead in the eyes. ”Really? How hes pretty annoying in my opinion. ” ”{Chuckle} Well of cores you think that way, thats your opinion on everyone and everything except me of course ” She laughed.


”Im home ” I hollered when I walked into the house taking off my shoes by the front door. ”Yay you
e home! I did your laundry, Its on your bed. ” She smiled. Walking back into the kitchen. ”Thank you! ” I yelled from down the hall when I got to my room shutting the door when I got in. ”Oh, wow she even folded them ” ”Now what should I wear? ” I asked myself while looking through the pile of freshly cleaned clothes. ”Perfect ”

”Hey Madison, Could I go to the motives with a couple of friends from school? ” I asked when i made it into the kitchen where she was making dinner. ”Yes, as long as you get home before ten, normally it would be eight but since its a weekend Ill let it be ten ” She spoke. ”Thank you! Then Ill get going, see you later! ” I yelled happily. ”Bye! Stay safe! ” ”I will ”

When I got there, I made it inside and immediately spotted him. ”Look you made it! ” He smiled; hands filled with movie snacks. ”I did indeed, where is everyone else? ” I asked, looking around to see no one I knew. ”Oh, about that, they had last minute planes, but I didn want to bring it up until now. I was scared you wouldn come. ” He chuckled ”But look you made It! ” ”Fine, Lets just watch the movie. ” I sighed, as we walk into the movie room.

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