It was silent until the sudden sound of voices came to ear. What is this? could it be…no it couldn . It would be impossible; its been too long. Soon a loud bang was all I could hear, then came…. people? How was this possible was I dreaming? how could they have found me? What do I do should hide? As my breathing became uneven, I sat chained against a brick wall. Soft tears seeped down my face as I was staring at the people in front of me.

Not even knowing what they plan to do to me, I was still happy, that at least someone found me. (Thank you) I have softly spoken in the back of my mind as I drifted out of consciousness letting the darkness consume me.

”Who is she ” ”Shes the- ” ”Shhhh~ look shes waking up! ” Voices clouded my ear as I slowly opened my eyes to a bright gleaming light pressed agent my face. (W-Where a-am I?!) ”Oh, you
e right, someone go get a doctor ” I heard another yell. Lightly panicking scared of whats to come I frantically looked in all directions. Soon a tall man came running in.

”Hey, Im Joe, and Im with the police, would you mind if I ask you a few questions? ” Joe asked breathing Heavily with saddened eyes, but no tears showed. You could tell he wanted answers but didn want to come out to insensitive. I wanted to answer his question but when I tried to speak nothing came out. Not a whisper, not even a sound. I looked at him mentally asking for help but all he returned was a very confused yet unknown expression.

I couldn tell much of what he was thinking about, but I hope he doesn think Im ignoring him. Small little tear droplets fell once I realized I most likely won be able to speak again…ever, what happens to me now?

”Whats wrong?! ” He panicked at the scene in front of him. Not knowing how to respond I formed my fingers to look like an X and gently placed them against my lips to symbolize that I couldn speak. ”Oh, ok that makes more sense now ” He sighed in relief with a light grin placed on his maturely structured appearance.

(Yay, he understood) I thought while showing off a small plastic smile. ”Can you write? ” He questioned with me nodding in response. ”Thank goodness, I was worried for a second ” He laughed while reaching out to look through his bag for something I could write with. ”Is this, ok? ” He asked handing me a pencil and a piece of notebook paper. (Thank you) I mouthed happy I can finally communicate in some way. Now looking down at the paper all I need is to pray he can read my handwriting…its been a while.

After some time, I finally thought I did a decent job I mean I didn write much but still.

Soon I finished and quickly handed it to him hoping he could read my childish handwriting. Then with a soft giggle, he began reading. ”Where am I? Is that what you wrote? ” He asked while looking towards me unsure,

and with a returning nod he began to look happier if that was even possible. ”You
e at a Hospital In New York ” He responded, looking at me smile slowly fading. Im not from here! Why am I so far away from home!? I wanted to cry, to show off all hidden emoti

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