In the crowd, An Dong lowered his head in shame.
If something happened to him, his family might not survive.
He felt that he had made the right choice.

However, when he saw that petite figure appear, it was as if he felt a slap on his face.

For the first time, Shen Yijia moved with the intent to kill.
She killed someone every strike.
Her speed was so fast that no one had a chance to react.
It was like cutting wheat.
Soon, a large group of people fell.

The remaining people had long wanted to retreat.
They took several steps backward and looked at Shen Yijia, who was walking towards them, in fear.

Shen Yijia did not intend to let them off.
Her face and body were covered in blood.
Her black hair fluttered in the wind, and she was still smiling.
She looked like a demon that had crawled out of hell, but she did not let a single drop fall on the man behind her.

When the last lackey fell, the entrance of the Song family’s residence turned into a slaughterhouse.
The onlookers were so frightened that they fell to the ground without the strength to leave.

All the people he brought with him were killed with a single slash.
Feng Laoliu looked at Shen Yijia, who was walking towards him slowly.

He peed his pants and fell to his knees.
He said incoherently, “Let- let me go.
I won’t- I won’t dare to trouble you again.
I was wrong.
Please don’t kill me.”

Shen Yijia ignored him and said calmly, “I just said that you can choose a way to die.
I meant what I said.”

Feng Laoliu shook his head in a panic.
“No, you can’t kill me.
Otherwise, my master won’t let you off.”

“Who asked you to come and cause trouble here?” A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Shen Yijia stopped in her tracks and looked at Song Jingchen in confusion.

Song Jingchen had already recovered and looked at Shen Yijia with a comforting gaze.

This silly girl clearly didn’t dare to kill anyone before.

At first, he thought that these people were here for Lin Shao and his sister.
It was only when Feng Laoliu asked him to hand her over that he realized that they were not.
These people were here for Shen Yijia.

PLease reading on Myb oxn o ve l.

“It’s… it’s a scholar.
I don’t know him.
I’m holding this…” The word “b*tch” almost slipped out of his mouth.
Feng Laoliu hurriedly corrected himself.
“I was looking for someone in town with her portrait, but I couldn’t find her.
I gave up, but that scholar suddenly found me and said that he knew her.
He asked us to come here to look for her.”

“Why are you looking for her?” Song Jingchen asked.
He had a guess about the scholar Feng Laoliu was talking about.

Feng Laoliu looked at Shen Yijia and stammered, “That day in town, I brought people to tease her and was beaten up by her…”

Song Jingchen frowned at Shen Yijia.
Why hadn’t he heard of this before?

It was only then that Shen Yijia remembered that the ruffian she had met in town was Feng Laoliu.
She did not take this matter to heart at all and had long forgotten about him.
She did not expect that she had almost harmed her entire family.

If she hadn’t made it back on time… When she thought of the consequences, not only did she feel guilty, but she also hated Feng Laoliu.

When he met Shen Yijia’s gaze, Feng Laoliu regretted it.
“There’s someone backing me.
You can’t kill me.
Otherwise, you won’t have an easy time.”

“How dare he be so arrogant after I’d caught him?” Shen Yijia thought, sneering in disdain.
Seeing that Song Jingchen no longer spoke, she approached him with deliberate steps.

“Wait a minute.” Shen Yijia stopped when she heard that.

Feng Laoliu heaved a sigh of relief.

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