Suddenly, a large group of people came to Xiagou Village.
There were about fifty to sixty of them.

“Isn’t that Feng Laoliu from town?” A villager recognized the leader and peed his pants in fear.

The others were shocked and ran home.

Feng Laoliu ignored them and went straight to the end of the village.
He stopped in front of the Song family’s house.

The wall outside the new house had been built and the courtyard door was wide open.
The people who were finishing up the construction work stopped what they were doing and looked at the group of people in front of them, at a loss of what to do.

Third Uncle He calmed himself down and forced a smile.
“Gentlemen, how can we help you?”

“Get lost.
It’s none of your business.” The lackey beside Feng Laoliu pushed him away impatiently.
Third Uncle He staggered and almost fell.
Fortunately, An Dong quickly caught him.

The lackey glanced at An Dong disdainfully.
“We’re here to settle things with the family that lives here,” he said arrogantly.
“Those who have nothing to do with it better stay out of it.”

Many people heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this and immediately retreated outside the courtyard wall.

An Dong frowned and was about to speak when Auntie Tian, who had heard the commotion and was worried about her son, quickly squeezed through the crowd and pulled him away.

An Dong struggled for a moment and met Auntie Tian’s pleading gaze.
He clenched his fists and finally obeyed his mother.

For a moment, only Third Uncle He was still standing there.
Seeing everyone’s actions, Third Uncle He sighed.
He knew that he could not control this matter alone, so he did not say anything else.

Feng Laoliu was satisfied with these people’s reactions.
He sneered and said, “Go, bring them out.”

More than ten people immediately rushed into the Song family’s house.

Madam Li heard the commotion and came out.
Someone immediately grabbed her arm and she said in surprise, “Who are you? What do you want?”

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“Let me go, let me go! Mother!”

“Mother, save me!”

The three children who were feeding the chickens at the back were not spared either.
They were carried like chickens and thrown in front of Feng Laoliu.

Feng Laoliu looked around and didn’t see the person he was looking for.
However, he found Lin Miaomiao familiar.

Previously, Lin Miaomiao’s body had been sickly and skinny.
However, during this period of time, she had become fair and tender.
Feng Laoliu did not recognize her at first.

However, Lin Miaomiao recognized him.
When they came for her parents, Miaomiao and her brother were hiding in the cabinet.
When she saw Feng Laoliu looking over, she quickly hid behind Sister Huan.

Feng Laoliu thought that it was a normal reaction of a child being frightened and ignored it.

“Are you sure she lives here?” Feng Laoliu looked at the lackey beside him.

The lackey changed his expression and licked his lips as he promised, “I saw her come out of this house yesterday.
There’s no mistake.”

As soon as he said that, he heard a scream.
“Ah! My eyes!”

The two people who had entered the east wing earlier were trembling as they helped each other out step by step.

Feng Laoliu’s pupils constricted when he noticed that there was a short needle in each of their eyes.

The group of thugs looked at the open door and saw a handsome man slowly coming out in a strange chair.

Thinking of how that person said that there was a cripple at home, Feng Laoliu laughed out loud.
“I thought I had found the wrong person.
I’m relieved to see you.”

After laughing, Feng Laoliu glared at Madam Li and grabbed her throat.
He looked at Song Jingchen and said, “Hand over that b*tch, or I’ll kill her.”

“You evil man, let go of my mother.” Brother Hao tried to step forward, but someone pressed him to the ground.

Sister Huan hugged the trembling Lin Miaomiao tightly and looked at Feng Laoliu angrily.

If only Sister-in-law was here.

If only she was as powerful as Sister-in-law.

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