Shen Yijia opened the door and saw the kids led by Bruiser standing in a row in the courtyard.
Each of them was holding a round piece of soil in their hands, and they were dirty.

Even the usually taciturn Lin Shao was no exception.

Shen Yijia’s eyelids twitched.
She did not think it was delicious and did not want to eat it.

As for why Bruiser was here, it was naturally because he felt that Lin Shao was threatening his status.
He came to look for Shen Yijia every day instead of going to town to fool around.

Bruiser earned money for his family and even bought gifts for them.

Widow Wang was happy to see him spend time with the Song family.

Shen Yijia was so annoyed that she tasked him with taking care of the children.

At first, Bruiser was unhappy.

However, after a few days, they got close and hung out together every day.
Because of this, Shen Yijia regretted her arrangements.

On the other hand, she didn’t need to worry much about Lin Shao, who was younger than Bruiser.

The children surrounded Shen Yijia nonchalantly.

Shen Yijia grit her teeth.
Before Bruiser came, these children were all clean.
Why did they get covered in dirt the moment Bruiser came to visit?

Every time they came back, it was as if they had been rolling in the mud.
They thought that Madam Li would definitely nag at them when she saw them later.

As expected, as soon as Shen Yijia thought of this, Madam Li’s voice sounded.
“Where did you guys go again? All of you are so troublesome.
It’s fine if it’s just you guys, but how can you bring Sister Huan and Miaomiao along to mess around with you…”

In the past, Madam Li would naturally not say such things.
However, she was forced to do so.
These few people had successfully changed Madam Li in just a few days.
Fortunately, she would only say that when faced with these troublesome kids.

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The few of them looked at each other and turned to look at Shen Yijia at the same time.
The message in their eyes was obvious.
They were asking her to save them from Madam Li.

Shen Yijia laughed to herself and took a few steps back from them.
She acted innocent and shrugged.

The few of them sighed in disappointment and lowered their heads.

Madam Li was still mumbling when Lin Shao stood up with a red face.
“Auntie, I’m sorry.
I didn’t look after my younger siblings.”

Bruiser looked at Lin Shao and finally realized his motive.

He had to show off in front of his boss.
He put away his fearless expression and stood in front of Lin Shao.
“Auntie Li, I was the one who brought them to dig out the bird’s nest.
It has nothing to do with them.”

With the two elder brothers saying that, the remaining three younger ones felt that they had to take responsibility.

They quickly stood by Bruiser.

Brother Hao and Sister Huan said, “Mother, I was the one who wanted to play.”

Lin Miaomiao said, “Auntie, I followed them myself.”

Shen Yijia had fed Lin Miaomiao drops of spiritual liquid a few times.
Lin Miaomiao’s body was not much different from a normal child’s now.

Madam Li choked and did not know whether to laugh or cry.
It was as if she was going to do something to them.
She said angrily, “Go take a shower and change your clothes.
It’s cold now.
Aren’t you afraid of freezing?”

Shen Yijia was overjoyed to see them being taught a lesson.
She glanced at Song Jingchen’s figure revealed from the window and found that he was staring at the people in the courtyard in a daze.
She thought for a moment and walked into the room.

The weather had gradually turned cold over the past few days, and Song Jingchen coughed a little.

Shen Yijia did not let him out of the courtyard.

She helped Song Jingchen find a few pieces of wood from the mountain and asked him to stay in the room.

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