The news quickly reached the old residence.

Ever since they spent all their money to send Song Maolin to the academy, their entire family could only eat wontons and vegetables every day.
They were green with envy when they heard that Song Jingchen’s family were eating well.
If those outcasts had the spare money, they should have given it to the old Song family instead.

Song Dajiang sat under the eaves and smoked his pipe.
He recalled what Song Maolin had said before he left home.

His eyes lit up.
They just had to wait a bit longer.
Someone would come and deal with that family.
After that, everything would be theirs.

Shen Yijia had been a little angry these past few days because she had been stuck doing embroidery.
In order to give Song Jingchen a surprise, she even hid in Madam Li’s room to embroider.

The problem was that she didn’t know how!

She couldn’t understand why her hands couldn’t cooperate with her and embroider a small pouch.

After countless stabs, Shen Yijia finally couldn’t help but break the needle again.

Madam Li, who was watching from the side, felt pain on her behalf.
She opened her mouth but did not know how to comfort her.
She had never seen someone do embroidery like that.

Sister Huan could embroider a flower now.

However, Sister Huan did not like embroidery either.
She jumped up and down like a frisky monkey all day.

Shen Yijia gritted her teeth and took another needle to thread the thread.
She scratched her head and looked at Madam Li with a red face.
She discussed, “Mother, why don’t I change to another simple embroidery?”

At first, Shen Yijia said that she wanted to embroider a pouch for Song Jingchen and asked Madam Li to teach her, so Madam Li asked her to choose an embroidery style first.

Shen Yijia didn’t hesitate to choose a crane pattern among the embroidery patterns.
She felt that it echoed Song Jingchen’s image in her heart.

Although Madam Li could not figure out why she saw him as a crane, she did not say anything.

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After embroidering for a few days, Shen Yijia felt that the crane was too complicated.
It was only natural, since she had just learned embroidery.

She told Madam Li that she wanted to change her mind, so Madam Li asked her to choose again.

Shen Yijia was frightened by the needles and did not dare to choose something too complicated.
She chose a bamboo tree.

The pattern was simple.
It was just a bamboo stem in the middle with a few forks and leaves.

Shen Yijia felt that she would definitely be able to embroider it well.
Madam Li felt the same way.

Obviously, the two of them thought too highly of Shen Yijia’s skills.

Madam Li did not seem too surprised by Shen Yijia’s words.
She looked at the cloth that had been ruined badly by Shen Yijia and the dense needle holes on it.
She asked tentatively, “What do you want to change it to?”

She really didn’t know what could be simpler than bamboo.

Shen Yijia smiled awkwardly.
“Why don’t we remove the leaves and embroider bamboo?”

Seeing Madam Li’s strange expression, Shen Yijia hurriedly explained, “I want to embroider bamboo that hasn’t fully grown yet.
It hasn’t grown leaves yet.”

Madam Li almost laughed out loud.
Afraid that Shen Yijia would be embarrassed, she covered it up with a handkerchief.

After a long time, she stopped laughing and said, “That’s good.”

She was a little curious about the expression on her son’s face when he received this gift.

This time, Shen Yijia did not make any mistakes.

She cut a new cloth and finished the embroidery within a day.

She asked Madam Li to guide her to make a pouch and put the spices that Lin Shao had given her into it.

Looking at the pouch that took five days to make and left countless holes on her fingers, Shen Yijia almost burst into tears.


It was too difficult for her.
She would never touch needles again.

Shen Yijia stood up and stretched.

She heard Brother Hao call her, “Sister-in-law, look what we brought back for you.”

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