won 100 taels of silver from fighting and Bruiser bet nearly 300 taels of silver on the fights.

Shen Yijia stopped decisively.

Bruiser used the money Shen Yijia gave him as capital to earn twenty taels of silver.
He refused to take money from Shen Yijia again.

Shen Yijia could only give up.
She shook off the stalker and changed back into her female clothes.
She touched the wooden hairpin on her head.
Realizing that she had not bought a gift for her family, she went to buy many things.

In addition to the thin cotton cloth that was to be used to make two sets of clothes for each of the family members, Shen Yijia also specially chose a small navy blue brocade, planning to make a pouch for Song Jingchen later.

She bought a gold hairpin for Madam Li.
She didn’t know which one to choose, so she just chose the heavy one.

She also saw a jade hairpin that would suit Song Jingchen well, so she bought it.

It was a joy to choose these gifts, but when it came to paying…

“My hands hurt.
I wonder if I can pawn these if I run out of money in the future.” she thought.

Bruiser was impressed.
She was indeed his boss.

As her underling, he felt that he could not embarrass himself.
He reluctantly spent one tael of silver to buy a silver hairpin for Widow Wang.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

Fortunately, Brother Hao and Sister Huan were still young.
Shen Yijia thoughtfully bought a notebook for each of them.

It was as if one could hear Brother Hao and Sister Huan saying, “Sister-in-law, we don’t need a gift.”

Finally, she went to the rice shop to buy a few bags of rice.

She spent nearly 15 taels of silver in total, and most of it was spent on Song Jingchen’s jade hairpin.
It cost eight taels of silver.
According to the shopkeeper, it was the treasure of their shop.

Shen Yijia thought to herself that it was expensive to take care of a beautiful husband.


While she was happily shopping, the people who were supposed to tail her returned to the underground arena.
However, they had to suffer.

“Useless things.
How did you lose a person? Do you think I raised you for nothing? This is the second time this happened.” Manager Feng stomped his feet in anger.

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