The fact that there were many people in the house, coupled with the possibility of more people in the future, led to them deciding to build a two-in-one residence for guests.
The kitchen and storeroom were in the front courtyard, and the back courtyard would be used as living quarters.

In the end, Song Jingchen and Third Uncle He agreed that it would cost about 150 taels of silver.
Third Uncle He prepared the materials, including 15 copper coins a day for each worker.
Normally, it would be 13 copper coins, but since they didn’t provide lunch, they added two copper coins.

Bruiser was speechless.
He also wanted to build a new house for his family.
“Sister, I’ll build a house next door to yours in the future.”

Shen Yijia rolled her eyes.
“Then do it, what are you telling me this for?” she thought to herself.

Third Uncle He and his men began to build the house.
The people of Xiagou Village were envious.

Their village also had craftsmen and villagers who could do the job.
The salary provided was more than ten copper coins a day, which was a lot for the villagers who worked in the fields all year round.

Song Jingchen bypassed the people from Xiagou Village and gave the job to the people from the neighboring village.
In their opinion, he was a traitor.

However, it was their fault for excommunicating Song Jingchen’s family when they first arrived.
It was impossible to use the family rules to control him now.

After being dragged out and beaten up in the middle of the night, no one dared to say anything openly even if they had objections.
They could only mutter to themselves.

After all, they were not fools and had a hunch that it was Shen Yijia who beat them up.
However, they had no evidence, so they could only swallow this grievance.

Song Tiegen was not too happy about this matter.
This construction project would lead to comparisons being drawn between the two villages.

He felt that Song Jingchen wasn’t giving him any respect.

It was unknown what Auntie Tian had said to Madam Li, but An Dong was among the workers.
Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia had no objections to this.

On the other hand, An Dong was a little uneasy because of what had happened.

Shen Yijia stayed at home for a few days.
Once her period was over, she could not sit still any longer.

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She had only sold her prey to the fat shopkeeper once.

After telling Madam Li that she would not be home for lunch, she led Bruiser up the mountain.

Shen Yijia was originally unwilling to bring him along.
However, when she saw that the firewood at home was about to run out, she thought that she could let Bruiser gather firewood, so she reluctantly agreed to let him follow.

“Sister, are we really not going to the underground fighting pit anymore?” Bruiser felt that it was a pity.
If he went there a few more times, he could build a house for his family too.

Shen Yijia paused and thought about the contents of the book.
Whether it was true or not, she felt that she had to try.

The reason why Song Jingchen couldn’t understand that book was very simple.
It was written in a language from Shen Yijia’s previous life.
She didn’t know why it appeared in this world, but she didn’t intend to investigate further.


She was only concerned about the content inside.
The book said that the spiritual liquid needed to be nourished and upgraded.

And nurturing the body required precious herbs like ginseng, lingzhi, and so on.
Because she didn’t know its potential before, she had always been at the elementary level.

At level two, one drop of spiritual liquid could be condensed every five days, and it could cure all poisons.

At level three, which was the highest level, one drop could be condensed every fifteen days.
It could revive parts of the body that had died and withered away, and reconstruct the meridians.

Shen Yijia guessed that as long as one was still breathing, they could be saved using the spiritual liquid.

As for Song Jingchen’s situation, she should have to wait until she reached level three.

Thus, she had to earn more money.
Currently, she only knew how to earn money quickly by fighting in the underground arena.

Thinking of this, Shen Yijia shook her head.
“Yes, I’ll go tomorrow after delivering the prey.”

“Didn’t you say…” Bruiser didn’t expect Shen Yijia to change her mind so quickly.
He muttered to himself.
Then, he became excited, as if he could see a large amount of money waving at him.

Shen Yijia ignored him and arranged for Bruiser to gather firewood on the spot before heading into the mountains alone.

In the novels she read in the past, there were protagonists who dug up wild ginseng in the mountains and became rich.
Perhaps she could do the same.

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